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Family Friday: Parent-Teacher Conferences

This is the first year both of our kids have been in school. So, it’s the first year we’ve had to go to more than one parent-teacher conference. The boy is only in preschool, so it’s not like there’s a report card or anything to go over. For him, it’s going over his growth and development in different areas, like physical, knowledge & skills, social/emotional, and communication.

He can:

  • pedal a tricycle(although they’ve said he also likes to ride the two-wheelers…with no training wheels)
  • begins to perform self-care tasks(which he mostly does on his own at home)
  • follows basic safety rules with reminders
  • zips own coat

He knows how to:

  • count 1-9(I’ve heard him go to at least 12)
  • participate in measuring activities
  • recognizes some shapes(triangle, star, and circle)

As far as social-emotional:

  • shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner
  • manages transitions


  • follows rules for conversation
  • follows 2-step directions

Comparing that to his sister: who just started pedaling her bike this summer, but could count to 100 before she turned 5, was reading chapter books by the time she turned 6, didn’t carry on conversations until she was 5 or 6, but has always loved learning, although she’s never handled transitions well.

Last night, we went in for her conference. Pretty much the first thing the teacher tells us is that she’s perfect. So, why are we having this meeting again? First she went over her DIBELs testing they did back in September. For Phoneme segmentation(breaking up words), she actually scored low. But, now that the teacher knows her better, she isn’t worried about that. They have 1 minute to sound out as many words as they can. Well, she does pretty much everything slow. The goal is 40, and she got 34. But, then there was the nonsense word fluency test, which there’s correct letter sounds(CLS) & whole word read(WWR). For the CLS, she scored 96/27. For the WWR, she scored 29/1. Yes, they only had to read 1 whole word, and she read 29 in a minute.

For their report cards, the level scale(percentage) is either measured as advanced, proficient, basic, or below basic(satisfactory or unsatisfactory for things like gym, music, art, etc…). She is advanced in Word study(basically spelling) and math, but only scored proficient in reading. Her teacher said it was probably just a test where she missed something. Because this girl can certainly read.

Then, she showed us a story she wrote. She wrote this thing all by herself, with no help spelling or anything. I took pictures to share it here. She is 7. This is the girl who barely spoke until she was almost 4.

IMG_0264 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0267

She takes after me in pretty much every way. She’s quiet in class, the teacher said it’s like she’s there just sucking everything in. She keeps mostly to herself, again a lot like me. She loves to read and write, she’s very smart. Doesn’t get into any trouble. Yeah, this all sounded very familiar. 🙂

Writing Wednesday: 1st Day of School & ROW80 Check-In

We are finally getting back to our typical routine. Well, kind of. I set my alarm for a little earlier because I knew what time I had to get the girl up, instead of letting her wake up on her own(Which, honestly, there’s usually little difference between the two). I know I woke up when it went off. I remember it going off and realizing my husband was in the bathroom. So, I started to go through the notifications on my phone while I waited for him to get out. And next thing I know, the girl is standing beside the bed. Thought she was really excited to be up so early. No, it was almost 6. Guess staying up until almost midnight reading and setting the alarm for 4 wasn’t such a great plan. And the boy was up not much later than that.

Ready for her first day of Kindergarten

Ready for her first day of Kindergarten

We were ready and out the door by 7. Bus was at our driveway right about 7:10. She’s ridden the same bus the last two years for k-4. The first year it came around 7:07. Last year, it seemed to be closer to 7:15.

Getting on the bus

Getting on the bus

Then, the boy and I came back to the house, got some things done, and we played most of the morning(between me switching laundry around, of course). Played with trucks, Mega Blocks, dinosaurs, tools, and his train. The train tracks with this train have a couple different colors for the pieces. So, I used them to try to get him to say his colors. He has yellow down perfectly(except none of the tracks were yellow).

Oh yeah, and Mr. Potato Head. I forgot about Mr. Potato Head. Unlike his sister, he doesn’t have a problem putting the pieces in the “wrong” spots. She always used to yell at me if I did that. “It doesn’t go there! It goes here.”


Of course, the boy does not want to take a nap today. But, he’s staying in his room okay(except for coming out saying he has to use the potty when he went right before naptime). Less than an hour now until the girl’s bus brings her home. Can’t wait to hear how her first day went(Should actually be getting on the bus in the next few minutes). As for how my week is going:

  • The Choice: Write 1250 words – 601/1250. Almost halfway there. Words haven’t been crazy this week. But, that’s okay. And I can still get the other 649 in the next 2 days, I’m sure. Or Saturday if I have to.
  • Slow Revenge: Read over CP’s notes and compile in Scrivener(once I get them) – nothing yet
  • Chasing the Ghost: Write the 2 antagonists’ back stories – finished both of these. One Monday and the other yesterday. So, now I can move on to some other plotting.
  • Read: City of Ashes(Cassandra Clare) & Unbroken(Melody Grace) – Finished City of Ashes Monday night. Downloaded and started City of Glass the same night. And finished it about 11:30 last night. Going to wait before I start the next ones. I started reading Unbroken this morning.
  • Read: Story Physics – Chapters 6-10 – I’ve finished Chapter 7, so right on track for this.
  • Knit: Soft Ribs Sweater – Finish – I have the body finished except for seaming the sides. I seamed the shoulders together yesterday with a three needle bind-off. Yeah, I forgot how much I hate that technique. I’ve only used it once or twice before. I need to do the sleeves, button loops, and collar then seam everything. I might still finish this week.

Family Friday: School Meeting

I had a meeting at Hayleigh’s school this morning. It was me, one of her teachers, the school psychologist,  the speech/language therapist(the one through the school, not the one we’ve worked with since she turned 3), and the occupational therapist that’s been working with her through the school year. The physical therapist couldn’t make it though. The meeting went well. They went over all of the evaluation reports. And she scored above average(and even well above average) for all of the academic type stuff. And even with her fine motor skills, she’s made gains of about 20+ months(since the last time she was evaluated 10 months ago). she’s made smaller gains with her gross motor skills but is still improving. They even said that if we send her on to Kindergarten, they could just get her eligible for services. With just her scores, she wouldn’t be, but by using “clinical judgment”, they could still get services for her.

But, we really think(and her teachers and the therapists agree) that if she stays in K-4 for another year, she’ll be even stronger going into Kindergarten. And we’re afraid that by sending her on, she’ll struggle and we’ll have to end up holding her back anyway. So, we feel it would be better to keep her back now instead of waiting. And really, she only misses the age cutoff by about 3 weeks. So, she is one of the youngest kids in her class. So, she’ll actually be closer in age to the ones coming into K-4 next year.

They did suggest trying to get her into the Early Connections program, which is right across the street from the school. So, I called them after the meeting, but since she’s all ready enrolled at the school, she can’t get into the state’s “Pre-K Counts” program. So, she would be in their child care program and on one paycheck, that just isn’t in our budget right now.


Family Friday: Happy Easter and 3rd Quarter Progress Report

I hope everyone that celebrates had a wonderful Easter last weekend. Ours was pretty good. We ended up not coloring eggs this year. We didn’t have any in the house at the end of the week and didn’t feel like running to the store for just eggs. Neither of the kids seemed to know the difference and the Easter bunny was going to be hiding plastic eggs around the house anyway(so he didn’t have to worry about the early rising kids in the house waking up before he got here;)), so I didn’t worry about it too much.

We had to put out a snack of carrots and water(since Hayleigh thought he would need a drink to go with his snack). And he left the Easter baskets sitting right out on their coloring table. Sunday morning, Hayleigh comes running into our room, “Mommy, come see what’s on the coloring table. What the Easter bunny brought me.” It was so cute seeing how excited she was.

Easter baskets for the kids

The Easter bunny was pretty nice about hiding the eggs as well. Most were “hidden” in plain sight. Must have been thinking about Nathan when they were hidden. Although he was more interested in opening the first one he found and seeing what was in it than finding any other eggs.

Checking out his Easter basket

Carrying an egg around

Showing off her new sunglasses

Sunday afternoon we went to Cory’s aunt’s for Easter dinner. Ham, scalloped potatoes, corn, carrots, and strawberry pretzel dessert(YUM!). And an egg hunt for the kids a little later. It was a good time.

All dressed up for Easter

Finding some eggs

Standing in front of a large inflatable Easter Bunny


Last Tuesday, before starting their Easter break, Hayleigh brought home her third quarter report card. The only thing she “needs improvement” with, other than interacting with others, is recognizing words that rhyme, producing rhyming words, and writing her name with proper formation, all of which has improved over the last month or so.

Academically, she’s doing great though. She can identify all 8 colors, 6 out of 6 shapes, recognizes 11/11 numbers and can point and count at least 15 objects. And she counts up to 100 even though the end of the year goal is only 20.

She identifies 52/52 letters and recognizes 25 out of 26 letter sounds. She also recognizes name in print, can sing ABC song, Repeats rhymes/poems, can hear and combine letter sounds, and can count the number of syllables in a word(she is always having us clap the parts of words at home).

Family Friday: First Weeks of School

It’s really hard to believe that my little girl has been going to school for a month now. And she is still so excited every morning to get on the bus. Usually I don’t even have to wake her up in the morning, she’s all ready up by six a.m. If she’s not, I go in at 6:15, and she gets right up. Most mornings, she’s so excited she runs down to the end of the driveway to wait for the bus. She’s told us a few of the names of the kids in her class, mainly by telling us what letter their name starts with(O is for Olivia, N for Natalie). But, when we ask if they’re her friends, she tells us no. So, I’m not sure if she’s actually playing with the other kids or not. She brought home her first homework last week which was to practice drawing long and short vertical lines. She did a good job with the long ones, but didn’t seem to get the concept of the short ones. I’m just really glad that she’s enjoying school so much and hope that will continue for the next 14(ish) years.

waiting for the bus

getting on the bus

One of her first projects - a big scary monster, as she told me as soon as she got off the bus.

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