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Photo Friday: Christmas Is Coming

So, I finally decided to get our Christmas tree out on Monday so we could decorate. We’ve had the same tree for the last 8 years. Our first Christmas together we went and bought a fiber optic tree, so we wouldn’t have to mess with lights. The biggest pain is getting it in and out of the closet. Currently, the box is in the boy’s closet. As well as all the bags and boxes of clothes the kids have outgrown. Yeah, I really need to do something about all of those. Especially since the tote with all the ornaments(since my MIL gets the kids and my husband at least 2 new ones every year) was under all those boxes and bags. After I got the tree set up, I let the kids mostly decorate it themselves.



The boy even put some of the hooks on himself.


I put the John Deere balls on the tree and the angels around the top of the tree(the one in the front is for my FiL)


And, of course, our tree topper:


Then, Wednesday night, we had the kids’ Christmas party at the fire station. The boy was very unsure when Santa came in but ended up giving him knuckles and ringing his bell.

IMG_0317 IMG_0319 IMG_0320 IMG_0321

But, he only wanted to sit on Mrs. Clause’s lap.


Still, he was pretty happy with his new monster trucks, and the girl her tea set.

IMG_0324 IMG_0326

I wasn’t really in the Christmas decorating spirit, but the kids wanted the tree up. So, I put on some Trans-Siberian Orchestra and got it done. What about you? Do you do much decorating? What are your decorating traditions? What’s on top of your tree?

Spoiling Santa

No, I don’t plan on spoiling Santa for my children any time soon. They are growing up fast enough as it is. I’m starting to think it will be spoiled for my son, that he will do it himself, sooner than I would like though.

I mentioned that last Wednesday we had the Christmas party at the fire station for the kids. Nathan was a little hesitant about going up to Santa then. But, he did go up on his own and sat on Santa’s lap. He seemed fine. Well, on Sunday we had another party, this time at the Moose. He was all ready to see Santa again. The kids’ names were called and we headed up to where Santa was sitting at the front of the room.20131215_145207

But, when we got up there, he just stopped. He suddenly wasn’t so sure. He looked at Santa, like he was thinking, “You’re not the same guy I just saw the other day.” He did finally go up and sit with him, but he seemed uneasy about it.

Not quite sure about this Santa.

Not quite sure about this Santa.

At three, I really wasn’t expecting him to be that observant. His sister, who is six, still seems to be oblivious to the fact that the Santas are different. We’ve never taken them to the Santa at the mall, and she avoided the one at Kraynak’s last year when we went. I guess this is just one more of those glimpses into how different these two kids are. They did both like their gifts though.

Cash register

Another monster truck
Another monster truck

Family Friday: Writing Santa Letters

Santa needs to get his act together this year. Kids have written their letters, but he hasn’t started on them yet. Better get to it soon.

Hayleigh's letter to Santa. Hopefully he can decipher 5-year-old.

Hayleigh’s letter to Santa. Hopefully he can decipher 5-year-old.











I think this is this first year Hayleigh has actually written her own letter to Santa. Even last year, she told me what she wanted and I wrote it down for her. This year, I just had to help her spell some of the words. And in case you can’t read the 5-year-old scribble, she wants:

Tigger, princess shoes, alarm clock(olarm clok in Hayleigh spelling, even though I spelled it out for her), Minnie Bowtique,  and princess dresses. And since then, she’s added kite and dream Lite to the bottom of it.

"writing" his letter to santa.

“writing” his letter to santa.









I wrote Dear Santa on the paper for Nathan, and he “wrote” his letter. Or rather colored on the rest of the paper.

And just because he’s such a cute little goofball:

He thinks stockings are socks

He thinks stockings are socks

Family Friday: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

In our family, Christmas celebration begin before December even gets here. For the past couple years, we’ve had our first one the weekend after Thanksgiving since that’s when my brother-in-law has been home. This year, we went down to my sister-in-law’s for brunch and to do our gift exchange. We live close enough that we figured we might as well walk down even with the diaper bag, bags of presents, and crock pot. What we weren’t thinking about though, was the gifts we’d have to bring home. It was a good time with family and the kids made out pretty good. Hayleigh got a princess piano, princess puzzle, and a couple Beauty & the Beast playsets(not sure where this sudden interest in princess & pink has come from. She used to be my little tomboy). Nathaniel got some different Tonka sets as well as a “Tow Mater” push toy that can blow bubbles(which will wait until the spring when we can take it outside).

playing with the horse from one of her playsets

pushing mater around

carrying around his semi and trailer

On Wednesday, we finally got the Christmas tree put up. Would have put it up right after Thanksgiving, but I’m a bit of a slacker I guess. Once Nathaniel went down for his afternoon nap, Hayleigh & I put her ornaments up on it. Thursday morning while she was at school, I helped Nathaniel hang up one of his. Then, he started trying to pull all of the other ones off the tree, so I figured I’d finish up with the ornaments. I usually set out a bunch of other decorations, but did not feel the urge to get them all out just to put them away in another month. So, we’ll probably just have the tree and our stockings up this year. We put the tree behind a fence so Nathaniel could not get to it. But, over the last few days we’ve realized it’s Hayleigh we needed to worry about. She can’t seem to keep her hands off the ornaments. And she nearly threw a fit when she got home from school and saw the lights weren’t on. We had to explain that no it’s not broken, we just haven’t plugged it in, we were going to when it started to get dark. So, at 4:45, when it started to get dark, she informed us it was time to plug the tree in. She got home from school today and asked if there were presents under the tree yet, and I had to explain to her again that it’s not quite Christmas yet. This could be a long 3+weeks.

Hanging the first ornament on the year

checking out the tree

Checking out his ornament

After lunch today, I had the kids write their letters to Santa. Nathaniel was much more interested in eating the crayon. And Hayleigh tried to take up half a sheet of construction paper with one word. When she “signed” her name to the letter, she wrote the H then just made lines for the rest of the letters.

writing to Santa for the first time

Maybe this crayon will taste good.

Hayleigh's letter to Santa. She wants a game, a puzzle, and a book.

Our next Christmas celebration is next weekend. We’ll have my niece’s 3rd birthday party at my sister’s and after that, we’ll do our Christmas with my dad and stepmom. Just hoping the weather will hold for the drive there. We haven’t gotten much snow yet(unusual for around here) so hoping we don’t suddenly get dumped on.

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