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RoW80 Round 2 Wrap-Up

Today is the official end of Round 2 of the A Round of Words in 80 days challenge. I’ve been participating in this challenge for a few years now(actually I just looked back and my first post was written on July 3, 2011, so almost exactly 6 years now). I only had 4 goals back then for the round. Wow, things have changed. πŸ˜‰



  • Heart of Christmas(BC Security #3.5) – finish outlining
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4/Flames #7(?)) – Outline
  • Jayla’s Story(Gilbert, Co #7) – Outline – I’m about halfway through the Story Toolkit on this one. I’m hoping to finish it next week. And then I can start writing in July.
  • High on Your Love(Kurztown #6) – Outline – About halfway through the Story Toolkit on this, too. I’ll be working on it more tomorrow. If I don’t finish then, I shouldn’t have a problem meeting this goal by the end of the month.


  • Playing with Fire – finish 1st draft
  • Not Meant to Be – finish 1st draft
  • By the Gun – finish 1st draft(I set this one aside a while ago, but hoping I can pick it back up) – not even close, though I have picked it back up and added almost 9500 words to it.
  • Side Projects – add 12000 words between all projects. – 30340/12000 words. I’d managed this partway into May.

I also started writing on Heart of Christmas(9088) & Still Burning(7851).


  • Stained Blood – Polish and send back to CP and to beta(if anyone else wants to read, let me know) – Done, Done, and I’ve gotten through Chapter 1 back from beta(CP sent me an email with thoughts but no actual changes)
  • Snow White Twist – Polish and sent to readers. Hopefully submit before the end of the round – Done & Done and have it back from both. One final polishing round & I plan to submit. Hopefully this weekend.
  • Dance with the Devil – Revise and start posting to Wattpad – Done and in progress.
  • Flames of Renewal – Apply CP edits – still waiting to get this back.
  • In the Moonlight – Revise – I’ve gone through the first round of revisions and added 4823 words to it. Plan to start read through and more revisions in July then it will be ready to send to CP.
  • Demons Rising – Revise – Nothing here. Think I’ll send as-is to CP. There’s a lot going on in this one, and I’m afraid it’s too much. But, I don’t know what thread to cut because they all continue through the next books in the series, too.


  • A-Z posts: Draft 13 posts, edit & format 18 posts, post 25 posts – got all these done with at least a few days to spare.
  • Story a Day: Write 31 stories – Got all these written. Really enjoyed it, too.


  • Listen: 12 books – 16/12
  • Read: 90 books – 86/90 – Unless I count the individual stories in the Hiding Behind the Couch box set, which would put me up to 90. I should also have at least 2 more books read by the end of the week.


  • Knit: 3 projects – 1/3
  • Crochet: 3 projects -1/3
  • Loom: 3 projects – 0/3

It was a pretty good round overall. There’s a lot of blue there, and a good bit of green. Some red, but that’s not too bad. I’ll be figuring out the next round(and July’s) goals out next week, but until then I’ll keep writing and editing and plotting.

RoW80 Round 2 Wrap-Up

I posted my usual mid-week check-in yesterday, but I saved my end of round wrap-up for today. I’ll account for the rest of this week’s progress on Sunday as usual, even though we’re technically on break. Come on, if you’ve followed me for long, you know I don’t do much when it comes to taking breaks. Just doesn’t work well for me.

So, I’ll dive right into how I did on this round’s goals:


  • Break on Me(Kurztown #4) – Outline – this is done.
  • Carlos & Tereza(Gilbert #5) – Outline – also done.
  • Cam & Gio(Flames #5.25) – Brainstorm – and this too. Also have most of outlining done. Should finish it before the end of the month.

I ended up with 15489 words in plotting for the round.


  • Paint Me a Picture – 1st draft – just finished this last week. Ended up with over 36,000 words for this one.
  • Ready When You Are – 1st draft – just finished this yesterday. Came in shorter than I’d expectedΒ at over 52,000 words. I’m sure I’ll add more during revisions, though.
  • By the Gun – get to 86k(unless I shelve it) – ended up shelving this after writing another 135 words on it. Not sure I’ll take it back out.
  • Protecting the Heart – get to 76k – No. I’m at 39290 right now. I’ll be continuing with this next round.
  • Break on Me – get to 40k – Only got to 20393 words. Continuing with this next round.
  • Carlos & Tereza – get to 20k(if Carlos remains so insistent, though, this will probably be higher) – YES! 30096 words right now.

In all, I drafted: 156,370 words between 7 different projects.


  • Healing the Heart – finish CP edits & Polish for beta readers(if anyone’s interested in reading the follow-up to Duty to Protect, let me know) – still waiting to hear back about something on this from my CP, so it’s on hold for now.
  • Stained by Ashes – Beta edits once I have it back from 2nd beta – these are still coming in from 2nd beta.
  • Stained Blood – CP edits once I have it back – haven’t gotten this back yet.


  • Listen:Β 3 audiobooks(was going to be 4 but I finished Map of Fates Friday) – HA! I’ve listen to 20 books. Have definitely met my yearly goal.
  • Read: 77 books – Only 68 books unless I missed putting some down on my list. May still meet this by the end of the month, though.
  • Read: 3 craft/research books – just about through the third of these.


  • Knit: 3 projects – 1 project
  • Crochet: 4 projects – 2 projects
  • Knit: 3 projects – 1 project

Mostly blue and green for the round, with only a couple red(and one of those is kind of out of my hands for the moment). So, a pretty good round all in all. I’ll have goals for next round up early next month.

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