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Story a Day: Day 21 – “News”

Today’s Story a Day prompt was to write a story as a news report. I kind of broke from that at the end. This takes place during the short story I’m writing this month to post on patreon. I’m not sure if this part will make it into that or not. We’ll see.


“I’m here at 664 Hillthorpe Street. Earlier tonight three fire companies were called out for a fully involved residential structure. The firefighters are still extinguishing the flames, but five juveniles were taken to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation.”
“Were there any other victims?”
“No, Tom. I spoke to Chief Sollmann. It looks like the fire started with some faulty wiring downstairs. One of the juveniles said he was in charge of his siblings tonight while the parents were out for dinner. They are being contacted now.”
“What’s the status of the children?”
“Four are listed in stable condition. One…one was announced as dead on arrival.”
The head anchor came back fully on the screen. “We’ll have more information as it comes to us.”
The news switched to another story, but Rian could only keep staring at the screen. “I have to go, Tammy.”
“What is it? I thought your curfew wasn’t until midnight.”
“That was my house,” he said, waving at the television that was now showing the weather forecast. “I have to go. They said…they…”
Her arms went around him. “It’s okay. I’ll drive. They’ll all be at the hospital. Let’s go.”

Just Jot It January: Day 25 – “Prediction”

“I’m going to make a prediction.”

“Do I really want to hear this?” Connor asked.

“Well, my last prediction proved wrong. We did not, in fact, have to bury Callum before he turned thirty-three.”

“Hey,” Callum said, looking hurt. “We’ve still got a few months left.” And he grinned. Because he certainly wasn’t going anywhere now. Except to walk down the aisle to marry the only woman he’d ever loved.

Their oldest brother, Rian, leaned into the group. “You’ve got to see, baby brother,” he said to Connor, “you’re the last of us left. It can only be about you.”

“We’re all married now, or will be within the next hour,” Rian added, nudging Callum. “The rest of us have procreated at least once.”

“You’re such a dork,” Adrian said with a snort. “Procreate? Who says shit like that?”

“Science teachers,” Kayla said as she stepped into the room and went to Adrian. He took their month-old daughter from her arms. “And scientists. You should hear the way Silas talks sometimes.”

“Well, your brother’s boyfriend is a dork, too,” Adrian said. Then, he nuzzled his daughter’s cheek. “Yes, Uncle Silas is a dork, isn’t he?” Her fingers closed around some of his hair and yanked, and he winced.

Kayla laughed and took Doreen back from him. “That’s what you get for badmouthing her favorite uncle.”

“Favorite?” Callum asked. “How can she have a favorite already? Especially when there are so many of us to choose from.”

Connor just stood back and watched as the banter continued. He was used to being here, watching everyone else. And usually he didn’t mind it. Why was this different then? He shrugged off the feeling and looked at the bright side. At least Adrian seemed to have forgotten whatever he was going to predict.


Today’s Just Jot It January prompt was “prediction” brought to us by Dar. That one turned out longer than I thought it would be considering I had no idea what I was going to write when I first started. If you followed my Just Jot It posts last year, you may remember Silas from them. I used a lot of those while writing Playing with Fire back in April(funny, since I’m planning to work on Connor’s story during April this year).

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