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Writing Wednesday: One More Week

Okay, technically less than a week. Kids go back to school next Tuesday. Nope, not doing a little dance of anticipation AT ALL. Also, I’m a terrible liar. 😉 This year, both kids will be in school all day. people keep asking me, “What are you going to do with yourself. Won’t you be bored?” And I just have to look at them and go, “do you know me at all?” I crave the silence of an empty house. We have the boy’s Kindergarten orientation on Thursday, two birthday parties this weekend(one of them being the boy’s instead of doing it over Labor Day weekend), then back to school on Tuesday.

Goals have been going pretty well this week, but I’ll get to that in a little bit. First, it’s Wednesday! Which means it’s WiPPet time! Sharing from Shed Some Light this week, since it’s what I’m working on(just met my weekly goal on it, so tomorrow I’ll be moving on to Closing Time – I’ve missed Gio and Cam. Maybe next week we’ll get some of them). For today, I have 7 paragraphs(8+2+4-1-6). In case you don’t remember, Tereza and Toby have just recently learned they’re half-siblings, but they’ve known each other longer than that.

He scowled for a moment then nodded. “All right, I understand. But, you really should get out of here. It’s not a safe place.”

That rankled. It was fine for him to be here, but not her. Of course. She was a woman so she couldn’t take care of herself. Like she hadn’t practically grown up on the streets. “I can-”

“Take care of yourself. Yes, I know. You told me that plenty when we were kids, too. But, this is different. Just trust me. It isn’t safe for you here right now.”

She heard something else under his words now. “What’s that supposed to mean? Was I threatened?”

“Just go, Tereza. Please. I want you to have a chance to sit down and talk to Mom.”

He may not have technically answered her question, but she had an answer anyway. “Who? Toby, who is threatening me?”

He shook his head. “Just something I heard down through the line. Please go home, Tereza. I have an appointment to keep right now, but I’ll see you later.”

Just what has Toby heard? Is Tereza in some kind of trouble? Where’s Carlos? I *might* answer some of that if I share more snippets from this. Getting close to the end, though, so we’ll see.

As for how my week’s going so far:

  • Write 5000 words on any of 4 projects – 3224 words so far this week. And only on Shed Some Light. But, I’m just about at the climax, so I should be getting to the end soon. – “Oh, right. Like I believe you actually walk the straight and narrow these days. How boring would that be?”
  • Stained by Ashes – finish beta edits – getting there. Added 2 new scenes(well, more like 1.5 since 1 was just adding to what was there). And adding 1 more to the resolution. I’ve added 2530 words to this so far. – “You called me Adam,” he finally said. He couldn’t remember that name ever crossing his uncle’s lips before.
  • Healing the Heart – Polish – nothing yet here. Will get to it when I finish these edits on SbA.
  • Guarding the Heart – layer in world building details – Nope, nope, nope
  • Defending the Heart – write Spenser’s back story, start plot summaries – Done & Done. Spenser’s story was shorter than the others. Entitled little so & so. And I started working on the Character Arc outlines. May finish plotting this week. – Years ago, Xavier broke Piers’ heart, and he swore he’d never be anyone’s secret again, but when Xavier is threatened, he realizes the one who broke it may be the only one who can put his heart back together again. *you may have seen me mention my run-on sentence summary on twitter yesterday. This is it.
  • Side projects – add 2000 words – 1262 words so far this week. Met my goal for Dance with the Devil and got about 1/3 of the way there for Snow White Twist.
    • Dance with the Devil – 934 words – How had he known I’d be out here already? Oh, right. He knew my tendency to run away.
    • Snow White Twist – 328 words – Safe. She had to think about keeping all of them safe. Even if what she wanted to do was find a spell that would rip that witch’s heart right out.
  • Submit Midas’ Daughter – not yet
  • Read: Writing Vivid Characters – 90% – I’m at 83% right now
  • Read: The Broken Hearts’ Society of Suite 17C(LeighAnn Kopans), Hope Smolders(Jaci Burton), Far Too Tempting(Lauren Blakely), Daring Miss Danvers(Vivienne Lorret), Grimm Consequences(Kate Serine), Snake Heart(Lindsay Buroker), & Radio Silence(Alyssa Cole) – I finished The Broken Hearts’ Society(LOVED), Hope Smolders(enjoyed), and Far Too Tempting(Mixed. I enjoyed the romance, but the female lead’s husband left her for another man, and it was all “oh, he’s gay now” or “he lied all this time” not one character was like “well, maybe he’s bi” and I’m shouting “bisexual isn’t a dirty word” at the book. So, yeah. That really bothered me). Will be starting Daring Miss Danvers sometime today.

Mixed bag of progress. Still, hoping to be closer to all done by Sunday’s check-in.

Writing Wednesday: Adjusting Again

I’ve been working on a time goal for the last few weeks. And it’s worked for the most part. But, I’ve started to sit there during the time I should be writing, just staring at the screen. So, my word counts for the hour I spend working on each project are coming in a lot lower than usual. So, I’ve decided to go back to a word count goal. I’m still working on each of my projects every day. Going for a combined total of 3000 words a day. I start out with that spread evenly across each of the projects(so 600 words/project). Then, as I write, I adjust, since it’s likely I won’t write that exact amount. Yesterday I wrote over 1100 words each on 2 different projects because the words were rolling on both. I’ve been working on them in order of which is closest to being done. But, I think I may switch that around for next week, so I have the higher word goal on the ones that are further behind. And I’ll adjust the day’s count if I write more or less for the day. Like Monday(before I started this plan), I only wrote about 2400 words. So, yesterday’s total goal was about 3600 words(I actually wrote almost 4k on these projects). I’ve only done this for one day, so we’ll see if it continues to work.

Those are my word goals from yesterday, not actual word counts

Those are my word goals from yesterday, not actual word counts

For now, it’s WiPPet Wednesday time, which means time for another snippet from one of these projects. Sharing from Shed Some Light since that’s what I’m working on as I type this up. I have 9 paragraphs(2+7) from some of what I wrote yesterday.

Her shoulders fell at that, and she dropped her head back to his chest. “Please don’t do this,” she said. “It’s not up to you to stop him. I need you here. I need you with me.”

He took a step back from her at that. “You’ve never needed me, Reza. You’ve made that perfectly clear over the years.”

He wanted to take the words back as soon as he’d said them. He didn’t know what he would have done the past few days without her. How he would have survived. And maybe that made this old wound ache even more. He needed her, but did she really need him? Or would all he ever do be to drag her down? He couldn’t stand to think it.

Tereza took a quick step back from him, and he could see the pain in her eyes. “You know that isn’t true, Carlos. You chose to stay away as much as I did. I made a promise, and I felt I had to keep it.”

“A promise to who?”

“It doesn’t matter. If you can even say that to me, you obviously don’t know me very well. So, I guess maybe I should just go.”


He didn’t know what else to say, though, and she was grabbing her coat from the hook beside his door then reaching for her purse. Then, she turned back. “You may be an idiot, Carlos, but I still love you. Which is the only reason I would have broken my promise now. I guess it didn’t mean anything, though.”

He couldn’t do anything but say her name again. Why didn’t he tell her he was sorry, that he hadn’t meant it, any of it? But, no, he just stood there like an idiot.

What promise did Tereza make? To who? What does this mean for them now?

Now, on to my progress so far this week:

  • Write 14045 words between 5 projects – 7553 words. A little more than halfway and not done for the day yet.
    • Protecting the Heart – 2131 words – This is now at 75% complete, which means I can start brainstorming the next one, Piers & Xavier’s story. Woohoo!
    • Closing Time – 1303 words
    • Shed Some Light – 2235 words
    • Break on Me – 1017 words
    • In the Moonlight – 1065 words
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta Notes as I receive them back – nothing yet
  • Dance with the Devil – 910 words – 356 words
  • Snow White Twist – 990 words – 273 words
  • Come Back Down: Search & Destroy – weekend project
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – Finish – at 92%
  • Listen: Dead Weight(TR Ragan) & Nothing Like Love(Abigal Strom) – finished Dead Weight(really enjoyed) and a little more than halfway through Nothing Like Love(liking it).
  • Read: Strong Signal(Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell), Anything More than Now(Rebecca Paula), Better When It Hurts(Skye Warren), Fight For Me(Sharon Page), The Girl at Midnight(Melissa Grey), Down & Dirty(Liliana Hart), & Saddles & Sin(Jessie Evans) – I finished Strong Signal Monday night(LOVED!), and both Anything More than Now & Better When It Hurts yesterday. About 25% through Fight For Me so far this morning(mostly while eating breakfast). I’m actually a day ahead on my reading, since I didn’t plan to start Fight For Me until tomorrow.

Mostly blue & green! And hoping to turn the red into at least green by Sunday.

Sunday Summary: Mellow Progress

I mentioned on Wednesday that I instituted Mellow Monday. Though I don’t take the day off, I have taken it easy. And…it seems to have helped. Over all, I did write less words during the week, but I didn’t feel like it was such a struggle to get the words. So, I may be continuing with this, at least for now. I’m hoping once our social weekends are over(hopefully after Labor Day), I may be able to stop with this.

As I said, the week went really well. I wrote over 17,000 words. And I’m ahead on my reading for once this month. And finished revisions on one of my side projects. Yesterday we went out to a friend’s for a fire. Had some food and laughed and kids played in the pool for about 3 hours until it was dark, and we practically had to force the girl to get out(she’d probably swim 24/7 if we let her). This morning, we dropped them off at church with their grandma, came home, got on the bike and took off for a meeting with the club we ride with(usually we meet Sunday night, but our usual meeting place is under renovations, so we had it at a member’s house). Home for a few minutes, then we’re off to get groceries & some birthday presents for the girl(she’s going to be 9 in just over 2 weeks!)So, another busy, social weekend.

  • Write 14165 words between 5 projects – 15285/14165 words.
    • Protecting the Heart – 3495 words – “Damn it, Eva,” he muttered as he pulled back into the street. “You should have just trusted me.”
    • Closing Time – 3185 words – Nolan nodded and stepped back. But, he held his hand out as Gio started to step past him. “Give him a chance, Gio. I know he made a bad mistake. I know you don’t want him to hurt you, too. But, give him a chance to prove he won’t.”
    • Shed Some Light – 3996 words – “I can’t do this, Reza. I can’t lose him, too. I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose him, too.””Survive.” She pressed up to him, and he tried to take in the comfort she offered. “it’s what you’ve always done.”
    • Break on Me – 2271 words – He nodded, but his face had fallen. “I get it, Lora. Don’t worry. I won’t pursue you if you don’t want me. I’m a big boy.”
    • In the Moonlight – 2338 words – “Hot,” I said quickly. “If you meant what I think you did. Please don’t ever apologize to me for saying anything dirty. Even if it’s only vaguely dirty.”
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta notes from Chapter 12(and any more I get back during the week) – Got Chapter 12 done. No more chapters received this week.
  • Dance with the Devil – 920 words – 1199 words – Hawk following me to my bed? Yeah, I didn’t see how that had good idea written anywhere remotely near it.
  • Snow White Twist – 995 words – 1021 words – “Please drop the princess. I already told you I do not own that title any longer.”
  • Come Back Down – Revisions – Done. Going to do a search for all my crutch words next weekend
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – 80% – Got to this point
  • Listen: George(Alex Gino) & Wrong Number, Right Guy(Elle Casey) – finished both of these, loved George and really enjoyed Wrong Number, Right Guy. Listened to most of Dead Weight by T.R. Ragan(less than an hour left). Enjoying it.
  • Read: Finish Tough Love(Lori Foster), Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey), Always on My Mind(Jill Shalvis), Thorn Fall(Lindsay Buroker), Into Elurien(Kate Sparkes), Caged in Bone(S.M. Reine), The Everlasting Circle(Juliana Haygert), & Wish Come True(various) – I finished Thorn Fall(enjoyed), Into Elurien(loved!), Caged in Bone(really enjoyed), & The Everlasting Circle(really enjoyed). I finished Wish Come True this morning. It was a collection of LGBT short stories(actually, I think they were all m/m). I read most of the stories, but it’s not unusual for me to skip a few in an anthology.

Love all that blue! Now for next week:

  • Write 14045 words between 5 projects
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta Notes as I receive them back
  • Dance with the Devil – 910 words
  • Snow White Twist – 990 words
  • Come Back Down: Search & Destroy
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – Finish
  • Listen: Dead Weight(TR Ragan) & Nothing Like Love(Abigal Strom)
  • Read: Strong Signal(Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell), Anything More than Now(Rebecca Paula), Better When It Hurts(Skye Warren), Fight For Me(Sharon Page), The Girl at Midnight(Melissa Grey), Down & Dirty(Liliana Hart), & Saddles & Sin(Jessie Evans)

Writing Wednesday: Mellowing

So, I instituted Mellow Monday this week.  I didn’t completely take the day off. I did still wake up early, like usual. And I compiled my beta’s notes for Chapter 12 of Stained by Ashes. Then, I did some writing. I kept with my hour per project. But, instead of forcing myself to focus, I’d write a little bit then read a little bit and back and forth. Obviously my word counts were lower than normal, but I still got 1500 words between 3 of my projects. Then, Tuesday I still felt a little unfocused, but not nearly as much and I managed over 5000 words. Over 1700 of those were on 1 project. Today seems to be falling somewhere between the two. But, forward progress is still being made.

Since today is Wednesday, it’s time to share another snippet. Today, I have 20 sentences from Shed Some Light. It’s the only project I have left to work on today. This is part of what I wrote in that 1700+ word session.

Once Toby had closed the door, Carlos turned on him. “What the hell’s going on? First you drop a bomb on Reza that she’s your sister, now you’re being all cryptic about my own brother. What the hell, Pedera?”

Toby looked past him at Tereza, and she winced. She put a hand on Carlos’ shoulder. “It was more the other way around,” she told him. “I know I was out of sorts last night, but I should have made that more clear. I saw the photo of his mom and recognized her.”

“Our mom,” Toby corrected her.

She would have winced again, but she couldn’t make herself feel guilty for not thinking of her like that. “She abandoned me, not you. I can’t…I just can’t right now. Okay?”

He nodded after a moment. “Okay. But, you should talk to her and listen to her reasons. I did last night.”

Tereza dropped her gaze to the floor. That was the last thing she wanted to think about doing right now.

As for my progress this week:

  • Write 14165 words between 5 projects – 9347 words so far this week.
    • Protecting the Heart – 1980 words
    • Closing Time – 2114 words
    • Shed Some Light – 2406 words
    • Break on Me – 1343 words
    • In the Moonlight – 1504 words
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta notes from Chapter 12(and any more I get back during the week) – Did Chapter 12 on Monday. Waiting on more.
  • Dance with the Devil – 920 words – 912 words. Got so, so close. A lot of those came from one of my Story a Day pieces(It’s Apparent).
  • Snow White Twist – 995 words – Nothing yet this week
  • Come Back Down – Revisions – Nothing yet. Weekend Project
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – 80% – at 65%
  • Listen: George(Alex Gino) & Wrong Number, Right Guy(Elle Casey) – finished George on Monday. Really enjoyed this. Have less than an hour left on Wrong Number, Right Guy. Really enjoying it.
  • Read: Finish Tough Love(Lori Foster), Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey), Always on My Mind(Jill Shalvis), Thorn Fall(Lindsay Buroker), Into Elurien(Kate Sparkes), Caged in Bone(S.M. Reine), The Everlasting Circle(Juliana Haygert), & Wish Come True(various) – I finished Tough Love(enjoyed) and Officer Off Limits(also enjoyed) and Aways on My Mind(Loved). About 19% through Thorn Fall.

Sunday Summary: Another Social Weekend

This could probably be my post title for the rest of the summer(don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be). Friday when my husband got home from work, we went and got dinner then groceries. Saturday, we met my mother-in-law early for breakfast and left the kids with her. Then, we came home, got on the motorcycle and went up to Erie for the First Responders Appreciation Parade. It was a controlled ride around Presque Isle, led by a fire truck. $10 per rider(first responders got to ride for free though) and free food and drink when you got back. It’s part of the BikeFest(hosted by Harley Davidson of Erie), which is running right alongside the Roar on the Shore. It’s the cheapest ride we’ve been on, and the proceeds go toward a monument honoring first responders.

Today we’re going to church(haven’t been in over a month)(back now) and then we have another graduation party to go to this afternoon. At this rate, I may be instituting Mellow Monday(thanks Shan for that title) and not doing much besides reading tomorrow so I can reset.

Even though I had a slow start last Monday, I managed to make good progress during the week. I got over 19000 words between all my projects. And was even finished early enough on Friday I was able to read for a good bit of the day. Even started on Saturday’s goals(in fact, I got through almost all of them before Saturday).

  • Write 14500 words between 5 projects – 16975/14500 words. My method of working on a project for 1 hour a day(30 minutes each for side projects) seems to be working. And once I pass my goal for the week, I take it off the list(unless I’m really inspired to write more for that one). And I work on them in a random order each day, so I don’t fall into a rut there either.
    • Protecting the Heart – 3372 words – His eyes flashed hot. “Then, I’ll kill him.” *Being evil and not giving any context to this one
    • Closing Time – 3482 words -Cam took a step closer to the desk. “Look, I’m sorry,” he said. “I was…I know I was wrong. I was hurting, I was scared, and I let that make me run my mouth. It was wrong, and I’m so sorry for it. But, it was Nolan I hurt, and he’s forgiven me. So, why can’t you? Why can’t you even look at me?” *Honestly, I feel a bit sorry for both these guys.
    • Shed Some Light – 4155 words – “No. It’s not that. It’s…it’s Brent, Carlos. You really need to get down there.” *Oh, poor Carlos. I’m about to destroy him a bit.
    • Break on Me – 3444 words – “He’s fine,” his dad said, his voice rough now. “And he knows we’ll help him however he needs.””And he’s standing right here,” Gabriel said. As hot as he thought it was that she’d pick up the battle ax for him, he didn’t need to be talked about like he wasn’t even there.
    • In the Moonlight – 2502 words – “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, turning back to the picture frame I’d been dusting for at least five minutes. “I’m cleaning.”

      “Sure. that’s a handy excuse to keep you at the wall bordering where Yasmin is speaking to our surprise guest.” **hehe. You’ve been busted, Nola.

  • Stained by Ashes – compile beta notes for chapters 9 &10(more if I get them back during the week) – finished both of these and Chapter 11. Have Chapter 12 waiting for me to get to this week.
  • Dance with the Devil – write 935 words – 1303 words – “Yes,” Jumper said. “Tonight, Devil. For one thing, Medusa will want to look you over, make sure you’re not damaged.” By the slight twitch of his lips, I imagined there was more he left off of that, like more in the head than we thought.
  • Snow White Twist – write 995 words – 1029 words – “I just might be safer with them. I still do not know why you are doing this. You shot an arrow at your own brother after all.”
  • Come Back Down – continue read through(currently through ch 6) – finished reading through all of this story
  • RoW80 Sponsor Post – Submit – got this done
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – get to 55% – got past this point
  • Listen: Fool for Love(Marie Force) – finished this(liked it, going to give next book a chance. Finished The End of Feeling(and enjoyed it for most part.
  • Read: Finish Cress, The Girl From Everywhere(Heidi Heilig), Hearts of Evil(Lauralynn Elliot), Inked(Eric Smith), Love Tussles and Takedowns(Violet Duke), His Trouble in Tallulah(Cathryn Fox), Taking Chances(S.J. Maylee), & Tough Love(Lori Foster) – Enjoyed Ink. Liked Love Tussles and Takedowns, though I had a bit of an issue with the ending(felt a little too “miracle cure” for me. Had similar issue with His Trouble in Tallulah(though it was more the “I probably can’t get pregnant” “oops, I forgot a condom” “Hey, I’m pregnant”). Taking chances was okay, but didn’t really feel connected to the characters. I’m only on page 50 of Tough Love. I’m hoping to get through at least most of it today.

Almost everything is blue! Love when that happens. Now, for next week:

  • Write 14165 words between 5 projects
  • Stained by Ashes – Compile Beta notes from Chapter 12(and any more I get back during the week)
  • Dance with the Devil – 920 words
  • Snow White Twist – 995 words
  • Come Back Down – Revisions
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – 80%
  • Listen: George(Alex Gino) & Wrong Number, Right Guy(Elle Casey)
  • Read: Finish Tough Love(Lori Foster), Officer Off Limits(Tessa Bailey), Always on My Mind(Jill Shalvis), Thorn Fall(Lindsay Buroker), Into Elurien(Kate Sparkes), Caged in Bone(S.M. Reine), The Everlasting Circle(Juliana Haygert), & Wish Come True(various)

Teaser Tuesday: Do Not Abide

Time for another teaser from Stained by Ashes. This is from Chapter 10, the last one I’ve gotten back from my second beta reader.

Leah stepped around Adam, but he held out an arm to keep her back. She shook off his arm and stood at his side. “Louis, what are you even doing here?”

He barely looked over at her. “Saving your reputation, it appears. You think any of your suitors would want you if they knew you had sullied yourself with the likes of him?”

The color fled from her face, and Adam went rigid beside her. His kiss had swept her away, even if she shouldn’t have let it happen. She shouldn’t have come, but she’d wanted to find out what had happened here. She’d been hoping to see Adam out here again, even though that was ridiculous and dangerous.

“First, my reputation doesn’t need saving,” she told her brother. “Second, I don’t care about my suitors. I don’t want any of them. Third, we’ve done nothing. I’m as clean and pure as you and Pa want me.”

She almost thought Adam snorted, but when she glanced at his face, she couldn’t see anything there. He was so hard to read. They hadn’t talked much the last time, other than about Henry, but she’d felt something being around him, and she wanted to feel it again.

She never would have thought they had so much in common, even if only losing their mothers. She heard the pain in his voice when he talked about it. She wondered if he knew there was still a lost little boy in there.

She had kissed him. She hadn’t planned to. She wanted him to know she understood his pain, but there had been something in those dark eyes beside that shared pain. She’d been compelled to move forward.

Everything changed, all because of Louis.

Now, her brother swung down from the horse, and Adam shifted in front of her again. She put a hand on his back, letting him know it was okay, but he didn’t budge. Louis headed toward them, and more than irritation with her flashed in his eyes, a gleeful anger there now. Her stomach twisted, knowing he directed all that at Adam. What was her brother’s problem with him? She’d seen it that day in town too. Like he hoped Adam would give him a fight. Now, three of their men were ranged behind him. If something happened, Adam wouldn’t have a chance.

She stepped around Adam, not letting him stop her this time. He reached out for her but let his hand drop. One of the men drew a rifle from the scabbard on his saddle, and Leah was sure Adam had seen the same thing. “Did you follow me here, Louis?”

“Someone obviously needs to keep an eye on you. Barrett cannot be trusted to. He should have stopped you from even coming here.”

“This has nothing to do with Barrett. I’m allowed to ride on our own land.”

“Then, he is trespassing,” Louis said. “We do not abide by trespassers.”

“Just killers then,” Adam said from behind her.

May not be the best time to be mouthing off, Adam. 😉 But, just what will happen? Hopefully you’ll find out before fall gets here. 😉

Sunday Summary: RoW80 Round 3 Goals

I had a pretty good last week of June. Wrote over 16,000 words. Wednesday was a low day. Only worked on two different stories, didn’t even hit 3k for the day. Other than that, it was a pretty steady week.

Had a pretty good first day of July. Wrote over 4600 words, though I didn’t quite meet my goal for one story. Still made progress.

Yesterday, we went out early and actually made it to Ihop before the crowd(It just opened the end of May, and I think I’ve mentioned our trials of trying to get in). No wait, and I got strawberry and banana pancakes. MMMMM Yum.

Then we went to a hog bash with some people who work with my husband. Then, we headed to his aunt’s for a picnic and to watch fireworks. The kids had gone earlier with his mom. So, the girl got to swim. As usual, the problem was getting her out of the pool.

Today we’re going (we’re back now)to Kinzua dam with some friends. I actually wrote most of this yesterday so it was done. I actually don’t think we have any plans for the fourth. Stopped at Perkins for breakfast. Got a Belgian waffle with strawberries. Yum again(also, do you notice a trend?) We went and saw the old train bridge(a tornado in 2003 knocked down half of it and they made what remained into a ‘skywalk’. Then, we took the trail to the bottom. Keep in mind, it’s about 300 ft from the base to the skywalk. Yeah, there were some steep hills. My knees weren’t too happy about that. Then, we headed to the beach to eat lunch and the kids went in the water for a bit. Then, we went over to the actual dam. They have most of it closed off(unlike the one closer to where I grew up that you can walk across), but you could see where the water comes through to the other side. I took a lot of pictures, so I’ll share some of them later.

  • Write 19,350 words between 5 projects – 19867 words
    • Protecting the Heart – 7917 words – He didn’t even know how long they crouched there. He just knew that every cry ripped out another piece of him.
    • Closing Time – 3156 words – And he begged a god he wasn’t sure he believed in anymore that Nolan wouldn’t come up here to order their drinks.
    • Shed Some Light – 4416 words -“I didn’t kill him. I didn’t leave the restaurant until late, and I went straight home.””I believe you, Carlos. So, tell me exactly what you do know so we can find the one who did.”
    • Break on Me – 2212 words -“Not once I figured it out. Give me some credit here.””Why should I start now?” *oh, brothers 🙂
    • In the Moonlight – 2166 words -“Oh, knock it off,” Yasmin said, taking a step into my room. “I thought we were bonding over our dislike of your older sister. Then, you go back to that formal crap. I don’t care if you hate me too, but at least call me Yasmin.”
  • Finish Outlining Cam & Gio’s story – did this and titled it Closing Time. Not sure if this will stick but works for now.
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 5900 words – only got to 5878 words. –Yeah, it was never a good thing to be alone with Hawk. That was when bad things, that made me feel really good, happened between us.
  • Snow White Twist – get to 3400 words – got to 3009 words. –It was nothing, she told herself. Just a bit of fancy thought. There was no shadow inside him, no shadow that followed or swept through her.
  • Read: Description – 100%; decide on July’s research/craft book – finished ‘Description’, chose Romancing the Beat(Gwen Hayes) for July.
  • Read: A Most Scandalous Proposal, The Admiral’s Bride, Identity:Unknown, Good Girls Don’t(Victoria Dahl), The Marquess Who Loved Me(Sara Ramsey), Hard to Hold On To(Laura Kaye), A Fashionable Indulgence(K.J. Charles), & Star Nomad(Lindsay Buroker) Read through A Fashionable Indulgence. Mentioned my irritation with the brothers in Good Girls Don’t on Wednesday. Got better and main character stood up to them at least. Had some issue with the “hero” in The Marquess Who Loved Me. Sex for revenge is a trope that tends to bother me. Still, looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Really enjoyed Hard to Hold On To & A Fashionable Indulgence. I’m about 30% through Star Nomad(as of Saturday afternoon), and I just love Lindsay’s writing. Today I’ve read more than half of Against the Sky(Kat Martin). Enjoying it and hoping to finish later today.

Now for my goals for the next round:


  • Defending the Heart(BC Security #3)
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family #4)
  • Toby & Denise(Gilbert, CO #6)


  • Protecting the Heart – finish 1st draft
  • Closing Time – finish 1st draft
  • Shed Some Light – finish 1st draft
  • Break on Me – get to 51000 words
  • In the Moonlight – get to 47000 words
  • Brann’s Story(comes right after Closing Time) – 1st draft
  • Defending the Heart – 5000 words
  • Still Burning – 5000 words


  • Stained by Ashes – apply beta edits once I get them all back
  • Healing the Heart – Final CP edits
  • Guarding the Heart – 1st revisions


  • Listen: 10 audiobooks
  • Read: 77 books
  • Read: 3 craft/research books

And for this first week:

  • Write 24850 words between 5 projects
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 6500 words
  • Snow White Twist – get to 3500 words
  • RoW80 Sponsor Post – Draft, Revise, & submit
  • Read: Romancing the Beat – 30%
  • Read: Finish Against the Sky, Serendipity(Carly Phillips), Close Enough to Touch(Victoria Dahl), PS I Still Love You(Jenny Han), Cress(Marissa Meyer), The Girl From Everywhere(Heidi Heilig), and Hearts of Evil(Lauralynn Elliot)

Writing Wednesday: On a Roll

This is turning out to be a pretty good week for the writing. And reading. I started two new WiPs so far and both are off to a good start. I didn’t realize until I was getting ready to start the second that it was going to be written in first person. The last time I attempted this(East of Abilene) it didn’t turn out too well. But, this is the first time I’ll be attempting a dual POV in 1st person. I do that all the time in 3rd, so I’m hoping the switch to 1st won’t be too difficult. I’ve only written the first chapter, which s all from Yasmin’s POV. I’ll be switching to Nola’s when I pick this back up again next week. But, so far I’m really enjoying it. And I should be working on it next Wednesday, which means you’ll get to see a snippet of it then.

Speaking of, it’s time to share a snippet of what I’m working on for WiPPet Wednesday!! WOOHOO!!! And today that would be Protecting the Heart. This is book 2 in my BC Security series, Declan’s story. I actually wrote this as part of today’s Story a Day entry(I’ll include the link to that below so you can read the whole thing if you want), but it was in 1st person(today’s prompt), so I rewrote it to fit in with the rest of the story. 9 paragraphs(5+4) for today.

She heard footsteps on the stairs and took a deep breath, hoping it would help steady her. Or at least let her look like she was steadied. Declan had seen her at her weakest, and she didn’t need him to think of her like that right now. Not if she was going to do this. She turned from the counter and saw him standing in the doorway, studying her.

“Your friend left?” she asked.

“Yeah. What did you need to talk to me about, Eva?”

He took a couple steps toward her with the question, and she felt her nerves dance just under my skin. It had been like that every time he looked at her ever since the other night. What was wrong with her? This attraction had to be all one-sided. There was no way he thought about her like that. But, she wasn’t afraid of him. That wasn’t what these nerves were about.

“I want to do something,” she told him.

“Okay. What? You need to go somewhere? I can take you.”

She shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. I want to do something about Doug, to stop him.”

His whole stance changed at those words. “You don’t need to do that. I told you I’d take care of you. That I would keep you safe.”

“But, I can’t just sit around knowing he’s still out there. I have to do something, Declan. I don’t want to be this damsel in distress. Not again.”

Their story is starting to come together for me now. Hopefully that will continue.

As for my progress for this week:

  • Write/edit 20 hours – 9 hours, 50 minutes. 8824 words so far this week.
    • Break on Me – 3206 words
    • In the Moonlight – 2657 words
    • Protecting the Heart – 2907 words
    • Guarding the Heart – Filled in details through Chapter 16. Added 54 words.
  • Dance with the Devil get to 1250 words – got to 1268 words on Monday.
  • Goin’ Down – get to 1000 words – Got to 957 words yesterday. Should be able to meet this goal today if I get everything else done.
  • Snow White Twist – get to 750 words – haven’t gotten to this one yet this week.
  • Read: Storyworld First – 25% – at 10%. On track for this one.
  • Read: Liberty(Lindsay Buroker), Level Up(Cathy Yardley), Sunset Park(Santino Hassell), This Song is Not for You(Laura Nowlin), Stolen Songbird(Danielle L Jensen), Wreck of the Nebula Dream(Veronica Scott), & The Abyss Surrounds Us(Emily Skrutskie) – Finished Liberty(loved this), Level Up(this was a really fun one), Sunset Park(loved it), and This Song is Not for You(really enjoyed this one too). Just started Stolen Songbird this morning. Have only read the first chapter so far.
  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Gloves – Got the first of these started. Making good progress on it.
  • Story a Day – Write 7 stories – 3/7 stories
    • Broken Promise – This was Sunday’s but including with this week’s because I noticed on Monday that the comment box wasn’t showing up.
    • Every Sunday – this ended up being the beginning of Break on Me
    • Selling – This comes close to the beginning of In the Moonlight
    • Do Something – This became part of Chapter 9 of Protecting the Heart

A lot of blue and green so far this week. Hoping more of the red turn to green and green to blue by the end of the week.

Sunday Summary: New Month

It’s the start of a new month. Which means I’ll be going over the last month’s goals and seeing how much progress I made on them. And coming up with some new ones for this month. Also it’s May, which means Story a Day time again!! I already have the first one up here. If you’ve read Into the Sun(in the 2nd World Unknown Review) or read some of the snippets I’ve posted for Weekend Writing Warriors, you’ll recognize these characters. Speaking of Into the Sun, I started putting it up on Wattpad. The first chapter’s there now, and I’ll be putting one up each week.

Did some shopping yesterday. Went to the used bookstore. Bought 7 new books. So, my physical TBR list is now up to 24 books. Oops. I’ve got 67 on my kindle, not counting the free ones, that I keep in a separate folder on it. And then there’s the almost 300 I have on my amazon wish list to buy. Don’t think I’ll be running out of things to read anytime soon. 🙂


Anyways, as for my progress this week(then I’ll get to the monthly stuff):

  • Plot/write/edit for 20 hours – 16 hours, 20 minutes. Not quite as much as I’d wanted. But, I did write over 13000 words for the week.
    • In the Moonlight – 2341 words in plotting
    • Protecting the Heart – 2537 words
    • Ready When You Are – 1420 words
    • Paint Me a Picture – 3352 words
    • Carlos & Tereza – 2434 words
    • Guarding the Heart – filled in details through Chapter 10. Added about 150 words to it.
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 750 words – got to 899 words
  • Goin’ Down – get to 625 words – got to 837 words
  • Snow White Twist(no official title for this one yet) – get to 300 words – got to 346 words
  • Read: Conflict & Suspense – Finish – finished this
  • Read: Everyday Average Jones(Suzanne Brockman), Beyond the Red(Ava Jae), & Beware the Wild(Natalie C. Parker) – finished all of these(loved Beyond the Red and Beware the Wild was intriguing). Also read: If You Could Be Mine(Sara Farizan), Darkness Watching(Emma L Adams), & Against the Wild(Kat Martin). Right now I’m reading Liberty(Lindsay Buroker). This is the final novella in her Flash Gold series. Can’t wait to see how it ends.
  • Crochet: Twisty Cabled Beanie – finished this last night. Was determined to finish at least one project this month.wp-1462111822759.jpg
  • A-Z Challenge – Revise U,V,W,X,Y,Z – these are all up now!

As for how I’ve done on my goals for this month:


  • Break on Me(Kurztown #4) – got this finished. Also outlined In the Moonlight. Between these two, I got 12245 words of plotting.


  • Paint Me a Picture – get to 36k(or 1st draft) – not even close. 21588 words. Also outlined and wrote 14534 words on Carlos & Tereza’s story
  • Ready When You Are – get to 46k – not close on this one either. 30584 words
  • By the Gun – get to 46k – shelved this one. And outlined In the Moonlight instead.
  • Protecting the Heart – get to 33k – Nope. 17597
  • Come Back Down – finish 1st draft – did finish this. And started the next one.

I did write 44, 210 words on these projects this month.


  • Healing the Heart – finish CP Edits, Polish, and send to beta readers(so if anyone wants to read the follow-up to Duty to Protect, let me know) got through most of the CP edits. But, still waiting to hear back from CP about something before I finish them.
  • Stained by Ashes – apply beta edits once I have them all comments back – still waiting on all comments
  • Stained Blood – CP edits once I have them back – nothing back on this yet


  • Listen to at least 1 audiobook(I have 5 in my audible library) – HAHAHA. 7/1. Actually technically 9. But, two of those(The Winner’s Curse & The Winner’s Crime) were re-listens. Then, I picked up with The Winner’s Kiss right after that.
  • Read: 26 books – 26/26 books.
  • Read: Conflict & Suspense(James Scott Bell) – finished this too.


  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Gloves
  • Crochet: Twisty Cabled Beanie – This turned out bigger than I expected. I didn’t have the right size hook and went up 1 instead of down.
  • Loom: 2 Way Headband


  • A-Z – Draft other 17 posts, Revise & Schedule 24 posts
  • RoW80 – Draft, Revise, & Submit Sponsor Post; post twice a week; keep up with sponsor duties – can’t say the last two are “completed” but I’m staying caught up with them.

Didn’t get to everything. But, I did still get a lot done. Moving crafting projects to the next month. I won’t meet my goal there for the year, but it’s not something I feel like playing catch up with. Now for next month’s goals:


  • Protecting the Heart – get to 29000 words
  • Ready When You Are – get to 42000 words
  • Paint Me a Picture – get to 30000 words
  • Carlos & Tereza – get to 23000 words(also find a title)
  • Break on Me – get to 12000 words
  • In the Moonlight – get to 12000 words
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 2000 words
  • Goin’ Down – get to 1750 words
  • Snow White Twist – get to 1500 words


  • Stained by Ashes – Beta edits once I get them back(may not be this month. Depends)
  • Healing the Heart – CP edits & send to betas once it’s ready(still looking for those if anyone wants to read the follow-up to Duty to Protect)
  • Guarding the Heart – Fill in Details & possibly start 1st round of revisions


  • Story a Day – Write 31 stories. I’ll be using these to get into each day’s writing. Except for on the weekends, then it’s up for grabs what it’ll be about.
  • RoW80 – Post twice a week; keep up with sponsor duties


  • Listen: Already passed this round’s goal, but I have 5 books in my library now(and will get another credit near the end of the month), so I plan to listen to those.
  • Read: 26 books
  • Read: Storyworld First


  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Gloves
  • Crochet: Owl Granny Square
  • Loom: 2 Way Headband

And for this week:

  • Write/edit 20 hours
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 1250 words
  • Goin’ Down – get to 1000 words
  • Snow White Twist – get to 750 words
  • Read: Storyworld First – 25%
  • Read: Liberty(Lindsay Buroker), Level Up(Cathy Yardley), Sunset Park(Santino Hassell), This Song is Not for You(Laura Nowlin), Stolen Songbird(Danielle L Jensen), Wreck of the Nebula Dream(Veronica Scott), & The Abyss Surrounds Us(Emily Skrutskie)
  • Knit: Entwined Fingerless Gloves
  • Story a Day – Write 7 stories

Writing Wednesday: Split Focus

This week has been going fairly well. Making progress on projects, though the last few days I’ve felt unfocused. Or at least my focus wasn’t what it should be on. Yesterday all I wanted to do was get back into reading Beyond the Red(Ava Jae), which I absolutely loved. But, I made myself get everything else done before I picked it back up. Not sure what my problem was today, other than being woken up at 3 a.m. by a whining puppy(this doesn’t happen too often anymore at least). And it’s really cold in the house. Last week I was thinking about getting shorts out. Today I dug out some slippers. I was going to sit under my blanket and watch the second half of season 1 of Outlander(I got it on DVD in December, but never seem to find the time to watch). But all of a sudden, the DVD player doesn’t want to read any DVDs.

It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s WiPPet Time! Woohoo!! I’m working on Ready When You Are(Hunter Family Book 3). This is Kelan and Oliver’s(might remember him from Some Fools Never Learn – he was Emilia’s brother) story, and Kelan’s brother, Nolan(from Flames of Restoration) has just showed up. This is still fairly close to the beginning of the story(pg 15 in my Word document). I have 14 paragraphs(2+7-4+2+1+6) of mostly dialogue

Nolan smiled, but it didn’t quite meet his eyes. Him and Maura couldn’t be having problems already, could they? They’d only been married for three weeks.

“Finn had a birthday party to go to,” Nolan said. “Maura took the girls shopping to spend some of their Christmas money. I have about an hour until I need to pick Finn back up, so I thought I’d see you, maybe swing by Mom and Dad’s if I have time.”

“Oh, okay,” he said, leading Nolan toward the kitchen. It wasn’t too unusual for his brother to stop by, especially if he was nearby. Still, it felt like there was more going on. And he had just seen Nolan the night before. Which made it even odder for him to just come over. “So, what’s up?”

Nolan let out a long breath. “Actually that’s what I was going to ask you.”

That had Kelan stopping where he was. “What does that mean? I’ve been back to school this week. But, you know that since the kids are, too.”

Nolan nodded. “There’s more to you than your work, though. You had a date last week.”

Damn having a close-knit family. He didn’t think that too often, as he loved the way his family was. Most of the time. “He had to cancel on me. Something with work, I guess.” He shrugged a shoulder as if it didn’t even matter. But his hand shook as he reached for the refrigerator door. “You want something to drink?”

“No, Kel. I want you to sit down and talk to me. You seemed upset when you were talking to Emilia last night.”

Kelan grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge for himself then moved over to the table where his brother had already taken a seat. “It’s fine. She explained this is how he gets when he’s working on a case. It wasn’t about me.”

“Kelan,” Nolan said, and something in his voice had Kelan’s head coming up, forcing him to make eye contact. “He may not have meant it like that, but you don’t have to disregard the way it made you feel.”

Kelan let out a strained laugh. “Anyone ever tell you that you should go back and finish your psychology degree.”

Nolan’s laugh was a little looser. “Mark mentions it all the time. Not always as a compliment.”

“When’s he getting married? Coming up soon, isn’t it?”

“Yes, next month. And stop changing the subject,” he said, but with a smile still on his face.

My progress so far this week:

  • Plot/write/edit for 20 hours – 9.5 hours. I might try to get a little more written today. We’ll see.
    • In the Moonlight – 2341 words in plotting. Ready to start writing this
    • Protecting the Heart – 2537 words
    • Ready When You Are – 1420 words
  • Dance with the Devil – get to 750 words – Have played with this(and the other two when I’ve gotten everything else done for the day. – at 619 words right now.
  • Goin’ Down – get to 625 words – 606 words
  • Snow White Twist(no official title for this one yet) – get to 300 words – 314 words
  • Read: Conflict & Suspense – Finish – up to 88% on this
  • Read: Everyday Average Jones(Suzanne Brockman), Beyond the Red(Ava Jae), & Beware the Wild(Natalie C. Parker) – finished Everyday Average Jones(liked it, though  had a couple issues with it) and Beyond the Red(LOVED!! yes, it deserved all caps), and almost halfway through Beware the Wild. Obviously it’s been a reading week.
  • Crochet: Twisty Cabled Beanie – more progress on this. Hoping to finish it this week.
  • A-Z Challenge – Revise U,V,W,X,Y,Z – got these all revised and scheduled on Sunday.

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