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Monday Mentions: Worldbuilding & Psychology Myths

Only have a couple posts to share today, and more of my own words to write, so going to get right to it.

First, a post on How to Worldbuild from Ava Jae. And doing it without info-dumping.

I’ll admit I haven’t thought too much about worldbuilding with my own writing. I mostly write in the “real world”. Of course, I do make up my own cities/towns for my books so there is some building that goes on there. I ground those towns near real places, though. 2 of my series take place in Northwestern PA, grounded near Erie. This is an area I’m familiar with, which actually can have problems of its own. Sometimes I think something’s perfectly clear because I know what to expect in the area, but my CP or beta readers might now see it. While I don’t need to worry about everything on the list she has, some of it is certainly a good thing to keep in mind even if you’re not writing a whole new world.

And from Kassandra Lamb 9 Common Psychology Myths on Jami Gold’s blog. #1 is one I’ve heard a good bit of people get wrong. I actually wrote a group paper about this in college(during my 3 year psych major). Some good things to keep in mind here.

And that’s all I have for today. Have you read any good blog posts recently? Writing related or otherwise.

Writing Wednesday: Three Weeks

Three more weeks of summer vacation left here. Not that I’m counting down the days or anything. That probably makes me sound like a terrible mother. Maybe I am. I know I’m not good at getting down and playing. But, both of my kids have always been pretty independent players. So that makes it easier to not get down and play. I do love my daughter(both my kids actually), but dealing with her can be draining. And I have to keep reminding myself that maybe I did deserve some payback, even if I thought I was the good kid. Because she is just like me, extremely sensitive, very emotional. And very creative. She’s everything my mom had to deal with from me. Of course, even once she starts school, the boy will still be here. But, I’ll still get a bit of a break with just one of them, and have some quiet time after lunch when he takes a nap.

My mom’s taking us to one of the local county fairs today. We’ll eat some crap(and expensive) food, kids can ride some rides, and lots of walking around. The girl’s birthday is Saturday, and I think we have everything for it right now(as long as I don’t screw up the cake like I did last year, so my husband has to run out and get more cake mix at 5 am). Then, we have her Kindergarten orientation a little more than a week later, so we’ll get to see her classroom and meet her teacher, then probably going camping with my dad, a birthday party that next weekend and back to school on Wednesday. Wow, that tired me out just typing it.

  • The Choice(my new idea) – brainstorm characters/plot & start back stories – This has been going well. I don’t think I’ll put as much planning into this one. I did get 2 of the back stories done, and just have one more to do. Then, I’m going to set some scenes up in Scrivener and start playing with the words next week. These characters are already living in my head. And I’ll be doing some research today. At the fair. Since that’s going to be part of the setting(these county fairs are really big things around here).
  • Healing the Heart: Edit through Chapter 8 – 5/8 complete. I only have 6 more scenes to go. Most of what I’ve done this week has been changing little things. Although I did write over 1000 words for a new scene yesterday morning.
  • Read: Finish Eyre House, Read Caught Up in You(Roni Loren) and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer(Michelle Hodkin) before Lauren Garafalo yells at me again(kiddding! kidding!) – Finished Eyre House late Monday afternoon. I’m 29% through Caught Up in You. I was practically in love with the hero before I picked it up just from reading excerpts at the beginning. Although I fall in love with characters rather easily, so that may not be saying much. 😀
  • Knit: Soft Ribs Sweater -body – I have the back finished. I started the front then my needle got pulled out of the stitches, so I ripped out the first 8 rows I’d done. Haven’t cast them back on yet.
  • Crochet: Finish Monster Family and Simple Earflap Hat – I finished the monster family Sunday night but haven’t worked on the hat again yet.

Most of my goals are coming along good. Should have at least the top 3 met by Sunday.

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