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Flames A-Z: Reese Davis

When I first wrote Reese Davis into Flames of Redemption,  I just thought he was a total asshole.  And he certainly has his moments of that.  But,  like with most people,  there’s more underneath that. And he started telling me he deserved some redemption,  that he had his own story to tell.  So I started writing it. He gave me some troubles, but I did get his story,  Flames of Justice,  finished.  It takes place between books 2&3.

Reese Davis was born to Camden and Daniele Davis.  His father is a lawyer and Reese followed on that path.  He became a criminal defense attorney instead of joining his father’s personal injury firm, as the older man had wanted. Reese worries he takes after his father more than just in their choice of career.

Reese was at one time engaged to Kayla Brooke. He didn’t like the fact that she was a firefighter,  wanted her to quit. Convinced himself he could talk her into it once they were married.  That day never came.

When he heard the news that his best friend’s house was engulfed in flames,  at a time when he knew Kayla was on duty, he rushed there. He was afraid not only for his friend,  but his fiancée as well. When she came out, he relaxed a bit. But,  his friend’s family didn’t survive the fire. The day of their funeral, Reese gave Kayla an ultimatum. It was either the fire department or him. He was overcome with panic every time she was on duty now. He couldn’t handle it.

She chose the fire department.

Reese made quite a name for himself as a bit of a shark in the courtroom. His younger brother, Chad,  it’s one of the few who knows the man behind the reputation,  and that he really does have a heart.

Halfway through Reese’s first glass of Riesling, Chad showed up. His brother studied him for a moment then ordered an Irish Red Ale as soon as the bartender came over. Reese shook his head as Chad slid onto the stool beside him. “Are you sure we’re related at all?”
Chad just grinned. “Pretty sure, brother. I’ve decided to veer from our parents’ example instead of clinging to it.”
Reese’s fingers tightened on stem of the glass for a brief moment. Chad meant their drink choices, but it could fit most of the rest of their lives, too. He had chosen to go into law like their father. Who never understood why his younger son wanted to go into journalism instead. There were times Reese felt as cold and cruel as his father could be. He looked so much like the older man, but he wished he didn’t act like him.
“I was joking, PB. Relax.” He grinned as he used his old nickname for Reese.
“How many times have I told you not to call me that? I’m not fucking peanut butter.” Still, he couldn’t quite fight back a slight smile.
“You’re nothing like him. You know that, right?” Chad asked, serious again.
Reese shook his head. “I am. Too often I am.”

Briana Deakin is another who sees that man.  They worked for the same law firm at one time before each going out on their own.  While Reese has a tendency to take on more high profile cases, Briana is more likely to take on only those she truly believes are innocent. So,  they do not often see eye to eye. But,  there’s always been something between them. And something else that always made each push away.

And now, something that should keep them apart,  is pulling them back together.  But, can they work through the bumps to find that connection,  or will they end up walking away for good? (Hint: If you’ve read any of my stories,  you probably already know the answer to that)


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