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ARoWnd Again in 2018

Okay, so it’s not 2018 quite yet. But, less than 24 hours and we’ll be in the new year. And I don’t plan to do a whole lot except try to finish up my December reading, maybe crochet a little. Exciting plans for New Years Eve, right?

So, I worked up my yearly goals this morning, as well as my goals for the first round, January, and this week(which I won’t put on the blog, but they’re basically my month goals pared down). So, why don’t we get started with that so I have something to evaluate at the end of each of these periods.



  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge: Outline
  • Secondary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields 2: Outline
  • Tertiary: James & Tracy’s Story(Gilbert, CO) : Title & Outline
  • Stretch: Take Me to Church(Kurztown) & Heart to Heart: Outlines


  • Primary: Finish 4 in Progress drafts
    • Green Hills & Smoky Fields
    • Whatever It Takes
    • High on Loving You
    • By the Gun
  • Secondary: Draft 5 new novels
    • Flames of Knowledge
    • Green Hills & Smoky Fields2
    • James & Tracy’s Story
    • Take Me to Church(Erik & Jeff’s story)
    • Heart to Heart(stand-alone)
  • Tertiary: Side Projects – finish 10 first drafts
  • Stretch: Jonas & Isaac – 1st draft


  • Primary: Stained Blood – Beta edits
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal – CP edits
  • Tertiary: Law of Choice – send to CP
  • Stretch: Transfer 5 projects from One Note to Scrivener


  • Primary: Stained Blood
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal
  • Tertiary: Law of Choice
  • Stretch: 2 collections of short stories


  • Primary: Read 250 books
  • Secondary: Listen 50 books

Social Media:

  • Primary: Just Jot It January
  • Secondary: A-Z Challenge
  • Tertiary: Story a Day(May & September)
  • Stretch: Patreon – 24 posts


  • Knit: 6 projects
  • Crochet: 6 projects

RoWnd 1


  • Primary: Outline Act 4 of Green Hills & Smoky Fields1, Whatever It Takes, & High on Loving You as I get to them
  • Secondary: Outline Flames of Knowledge
  • Tertiary: Outline Green Hills & Smoky Fields2
  • Stretch: Outline James & Tracy’s Story


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields1, Whatever It Takes, & High on Loving You – 1st drafts
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 15000 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 45 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – Finish Part 2


  • Primary: Flames of Renewal – CP edits once I get them back
  • Secondary: Stained Blood – Beta edits as they come in
  • Tertiary: Transfer Protecting the Heart, Paint Me a Picture, & Shed Some Light to Scrivener
  • Stretch: Law of Choice – Send to CP


  • Primary: Read 60 books
  • Secondary: Listen 15 books

Social Media:

  • Primary: Just Jot It January
  • Secondary: Post 5 regular weekly posts – 55 posts
  • Tertiary: Post to Patreon 6 times


  • Knit: 2 projects
  • Crochet: 2 projects



  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge – Back Stories
  • Secondary: Flames of Knowledge – Plot Summaries
  • Tertiary: Flames of Knowledge – Story Toolkit
  • Stretch: Flames of Knowledge – Outline: Act 1


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields – 1st draft
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 5000 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 15 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – 2500 words(will work on this when I finish Primary goal)


  • Primary: Flames of Renewal – CP edits once I get it back
  • Secondary: Stained Blood – Beta edits as they come in
  • Tertiary: Protecting the Heart – Transfer to Scrivener
  • Stretch: Melanie & Garren – revise & post to Patreon


  • Primary: Read 20 books
  • Secondary: Listen 5 books

Social Media:

  • Primary: Just Jot It January
  • Secondary: Post 5 regular weekly posts
  • Tertiary: Post to Patreon 2x


  • Knit: Honeycomb Dishcloth
  • Crochet: Lap Blanket

Sunday Summary: Ending & Beginning

2016 ended last night. And I…slept right through it. Actually I fell asleep on the couch before 8, woke up around 10 or so, went to bed and fell back asleep around 11 maybe. Oh well. It’s been quite a few years since I actually stayed up until midnight on New year’s Eve. We don’t go anywhere. After running around and visiting everyone over Christmas, neither of us really feel like being social for new years as well. Add on to that, this stupid cough I’ve been fighting off since before Christmas, and staying home definitely sounded better.

Yesterday, we decided to go up to Erie to put gift cards we got to use(the kids have a bunch to Toys R us, I got one for Home Depot, and we need a new vacuum). We’re halfway there and realize we left all the gift cards at home. Never fails. We still went but just got lunch and groceries before heading home. We may go back up today and hopefully remember to take the gift cards with us this time.

I’ll post my progress for the week and go over how my December and overall 2016 goals went today. And I’ll at least post my 2017 goals here. We’ll see how long the post is before I decide what else I’ll post now and what I’ll save for another post. First, for the weekly progress:

  • Write: 5000 words – 5380/5000 words. Not bad since I wasn’t sure I’d make even 5000 for the week.
    • Defending the Heart – 1216 words – He’d stepped through the doorway before he processed the frisson of tension. Then, his back was slammed against the wall, an arm across his throat. He very nearly neutralized the attack before he looked into those deep brown eyes he knew so well. Something was different about them now, though. They were glassy, like he wasn’t really seeing Piers, like he wasn’t really there.
    • Crash and Burn – 1028 words – “Stefan!” she cried. “You weren’t supposed to be back for a couple weeks. Why didn’t anyone tell me you were home?”
      She knew tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she didn’t even care as her oldest brother’s arms wrapped around her.
    • Not Meant to Be – 1034 words – “I don’t know what you want to hear,” he finally said. “Little Toby was a punk. He got himself into trouble without a thought of who else he might hurt.”
      “I’m sure that’s not true,” she said, and the words squeezed his heart.
      “It is,” he insisted. “I spent half a year in juvie when I was thirteen, Denise. And it wasn’t the first time I’d seen the inside of a cell.”
    • Stay a Little Longer – 1076 words – His mouth twisted up at her ex’s name, and she knew he didn’t have too many pleasant thoughts about the man, either. He tried to pull some petty shit through the court systems, and it riled her lawyer up.
    • In the Moonlight – 1026 words – “Don’t worry,” I said, drawing back. “I get it.” I also felt like I was enclosed in ice suddenly. It was probably the only reason I wasn’t completely falling apart right now. “You said you loved me, but that’s apparently as conditional as it’s always been from my parents. Don’t worry about me. Just go do what you need to. I’ll see you when you get back.”
  • Playing with Fire – This wasn’t on the list on Sunday, but these characters have decided not to leave me alone. I have Jeremiah, Corrin, and Silas’ back stories all finished. I only have 1 more left to do then I can start actually plotting. I also wrote a little piece for them(though only Jeremiah and Silas show up) yesterday for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.
  • Side Projects: Add 2000 words – 904/2000 – as  said Wednesday, I didn’t think I’d meet this goal. I did manage to finish Snow White Twist, though. Of course, I’d hoped to do that by the end of October. But, now I can revise it and maybe submit it this year.
  • Listen: Finish Winter & Stars Above – I finished both of these and also On Her Father’s Grave(Kendra Elliot). Enjoyed them all.
  • Read: Finish Assassin’s Heart(Sarah Ahiers), Kiss Me Like This(Bella Andre), Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(Liliana Hart), Labyrinth Lost(Zoraida Cordova), The Seduction Hypothesis(Delphine Dryden), Cutting Edge(Allison Brennan), He’s So Fine(Jill Shalvis), The Hawk(Monica McCarty), & Law Man(Kristen Ashley) – I ended up setting Assassin’s Heart aside. Finished Kiss Me Like This(really enjoyed), Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(also really enjoyed), Labyrinth Lost(enjoyed), The Seduction Hypothesis(enjoyed), Cutting Edge(liked), and am almost halfway through He’s So Fine.
  • Crochet: Charmed Cloche – finished this wp-1483275981357.jpg
  • A to Z Challenge: Plot – still no more progress on this.

Not a bad week over all. As for how December went:


  • Loving the Devil(new standalone idea) – Outline – I got through the back stories and plot summary
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family#4/Flames#6) – Outline – didn’t even start. Will be working on Playing with Fire(Rileys #1) first
  • Stained Blood – re-plot – still waiting on this


  • Write 12000 words each on: didn’t meet this goal on any of them, though I made it at least halfway on all.
    • Defending the Heart(BC Security #3) – 6623 words
    • Crash and Burn(Flames #5.75) – 8369 words
    • Not Meant to Be(Gilbert, Co #6) – 7268 words
    • Stay a Little Longer(Kurztown #5) – 7580 words
    • In the Moonlight – 6788 words
  • Side Projects:
    • 2000 words each on
      • Midas’ Daughter
      • Dance with the Devil(or finish 1st draft)
      • Snow White Twist(or finish 1st draft)
    • 500 words each on:
      • Patrick & Sarah
      • Tavin & Haiwee
      • Roman
      • Dougal & Shae


  • Guarding the Heart(BC Security #1) – finish polishing – got this done
  • Let It Begin(Kurztown #2.5) – Revisions, maybe polishing(depending on how long revisions take) – did the pre-revisions, then set it aside. Not going to pick it back up until I’ve gotten Law of Choice & Scars and All through the CP stage.


  • Listen: 9 audiobooks – 8/9 audiobooks
  • Read: 31 books – 27/31 books


  • Crochet: Dashes Beanie, Round Coaster, Grumpy Octopus Coffee Cup Cozy, and Charmed Cloche – finished all of these.

Overall, it was a pretty good month. A couple things I didn’t get to, but that’s okay.

As for the year:


  • Protecting the Heart(BC Security #2)
  • Rylan & Kirsten(Gilbert, CO #4.75)
  • Kurztown #4(Break on Me)
  • Defending the Heart(BC Security #3)
  • Carlos & Tereza(Gilbert, CO #5)
  • Chris & Reagen #5(this may get switched with #4)

I plotted out a few others as well, Stay a Little Longer(Kurztown #5 – still not Chris & Reagen’s story, though) and Not Meant to Be(Gilbert, CO #6). I had over 39,000 words in plotting.


  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3)
  • By the Gun(western standalone) I started, but set it aside when it just wasn’t working.
  • Protecting the Heart
  • Ready When You Are(Hunter Family #3)
  • Rylan & Kirsten
  • Kurztown #4
  • Buried Secrets(standalone)never even started this one
  • Defending the Heartup to 25,447 words on this one.
  • Brann’s Story(Flames 5.5)up to 24625 words on this one.
  • Carlos & Tereza
  • Chris & Reagen – this got pushed back

I worked on some other stories that hadn’t made this list. Ended up writing around 694,000 words for the year.


  • Flames of Retribution – I got through this one. it’s on the list to send to CP, but there’s 2 in the series ahead of it on that list.
  • My Way to You – Started these, but set it aside until I catch up to it.
  • Flames of Recompense – set aside until I catch up
  • Freeing His Heart – set aside until I catch up
  • Flames of Restoration – set aside until I catch up
  • Rylan & Kirsten – set aside until I catch up

I also edited Guarding the Heart


  • Stained Snow
  • Healing the Heart
  • Stained by Ashes
  • Stained Blood – pushing this one back.

*This will depend on getting things back, but I’m hoping to get at least these out.


  • Listen: 25 books – 87/25 books
  • Read: 300 books – 293/300 books. Fell a little short on this one.


  • Knitting: 12 projects – 8/12
  • Crochet: 12 projects – 10/12
  • Loom: 12 projects – 3/12

I didn’t get to everything for the year. But, I still made a lot of progress. And this post is already pretty long, so I’m going to save the new goals for tomorrow.

Writing Wednesday: Settling Back In

So, I started out this week down at my mom’s. Because I still had to report for jury duty(which I mentioned in Sunday’s posts, but I know some may not have seen). I set up my goals reflecting that instead of being overwhelmed. Let’s just say it was odd sleeping in my childhood bedroom once again. And on an air mattress. And since I was anxious about Monday, having not-quite dreams(I wasn’t actually asleep yet) of all these faces looming in on me. Score 1 for social anxiety and an active imagination. Got through the security at the court house just fine and filled out paperwork. Then, it was waiting and listening through an orientation thing from the judge. And I’m sitting there digging my nails into my hands trying to calm my anxiety(yes, I realize this is not a healthy coping mechanism). By the time they started calling potentials jurors up, the backs of my hands were all red from this. And I was the fourth one called up. I did end up being excused. They may not have liked the way I kept fidgeting and couldn’t sit still. or some other reason. Either way, I’m thankful. But, I had to wait and call in last night because there were some cases that weren’t settled yet. So, last night I called in right at 5, per the instructions, but the message was the same as on Friday evening. It wasn’t until after 6 it finally changed and said all the other cases were settled and the rest of us were excused. So, I came home last night, tucked my kids in(even though the little stinkers said they didn’t even miss me :p), and re-worked my to-do lists for the rest of the week. It was nice to be back in my own bed and to get back to my own routine.

Anyway, now that I’m back, I won’t have any problem sharing another snippet for WiPPet Wednesday!(I probably still would have been able to, it just might have been later at night). Last week I shared a bit from Gio from Closing Time. This week, we’ll have a bit of Cam’s perspective. In case it’s not clear, he was the bartender in last week’s snippet. I have 13 sentences(9+1+4=14/2=7*1+6=13). I got creative with the maths this week(also WordPress says maths isn’t a word, but I’m gonna keep using it anyway ;p). This is actually from the scene just before last week’s, but they’re happening at about the same time.

Gio’s sister, Caitie was in here frequently as well. And both of his older brothers, Cormac and Brann had stopped in a couple times.

Caitie was reserved around Cam, but he wouldn’t be surprised if that was because her fiancé had told her what Cam had done to Nolan, who was apparently the fiancé’s best friend. His mind spun a little at all the connections. And then he realized Gio was still staring at him.

“You sure you’re okay?” his boss asked. “You can clock out early if you need to.”

But, Cam shook his head. If he quit early every time Gio’s nearness shook him up, he might as well not even work.

It was fine. He was fine. Even as Gio’s arm brushed his, he assured himself of that fact. And that nothing could happen between him and his boss.

So, apparently, Cam isn’t quite as disinterested as Gio might think. More that he’s been burned before and is a bit more cautious now.

Now, for how much progress I’ve made so far this week:

  • Shed Some Light – finish first draft – so, so, so close. I think I have 1 more scene to write(I say ‘I think’ because sometimes my characters are meanies 😉 ). – “We’re not your family,” Andrew bit off. “You took one daughter from me. Don’t even think I’m going to let you have a relationship with the others. I don’t care how much you claim you’ve changed. You’re still the punk kid you’ve always been.” *ouch. Carlos’ stepfather really knows how to hit. Also, those other two daughters are both grown adults, so sorry, Andrew, think they can make that decision for themselves. Also, I didn’t put it on the list, but I’ve added to:
    • Closing Time – 1050 words, which I just finished writing(bouncing between writing and working on this post). – Cam slid his fingers into Gio’s hair and tilted his head so it rested against Gio’s. “I don’t think you could mess anything up as much as I’m capable of. But, thanks for saying it.”
    • Defending the Heart – 974 words, all of which were for Story a Day pieces, but they were both able to fight into the WiP, so I’m counting them, even if they aren’t in chronological order. – “Then, you’re both being idiots. Go on and see your folks. I need to finish cleaning up in here then I’m going to call my husband and apologize before I open up. An apology for screwing up works wonders, even three years later, boy.” *Oh, I think I’m going to like Felipe. A nice voice of reason to Xavier.
    • Story a Day – 3 stories so far:
  • Stained by Ashes – format & publish – I got this all moved over to scrivener and broken back up into its chapters. I plan to work on the formatting later today.
  • Toby & Denise – finish Toby’s back story – I did finish this yesterday. Almost 2000 words. Hoping to start Denise’s later today.
  • Side projects – add 500 words each to Dance with the Devil & Snow White Twist – about halfway on both of these.
    • Dance with the Devil – 259 words – I could tell her that it wasn’t a matter of seeing it. I didn’t have to see; I knew it as deep as it could go. But, I just couldn’t go there.
    • Snow White Twist – 236 words – She slid her mouth away from Tarian’s, latching onto the column of her throat. She had to taste more of her. She just had to. She thought she might starve with want if she didn’t.
  • Read: Writing Active Hooks: Book 1 – finish – at 81%
  • Listen: Empire of Storms(probably won’t finish) – haven’t listened to much more this week. Will be once I get started on chores today.
  • Read: Finish Always on My Mind(Bella Andre), Hot Property(Carly Phillips), A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder(Julie Anne Lindsey), Blightlore(Krista Walsh), The Darkest Hour(Maya Banks), Grave Touched(Erin Zarro), The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie(Jennifer Ashley), and More Happy Than Not(Adam Silvera) – Finished Always on My Mind Sunday night(enjoyed), couldn’t really get into Hot Property, and just finished A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder this morning(really enjoyed). Mostly on track with this.

Sunday Summary: Unsettled

At least that’s what my routine is right now. On Thursday, I decided what I’d been doing wasn’t actually working for me. And simply writing/editing/plotting through the morning would work better. And I could get through the rest of the stuff after lunch. I think this will work better, though I have to figure out just how that writing/editing/plotting will fall. I have ideas…They just aren’t going to work for this week. Because I have to report for jury duty. I’ll be leaving tonight to stay at my mom’s, since it’s a lot closer to the courthouse(we only live a few miles from the county line, so are almost in the next county). Which means my husband will have to get the kids up and on the bus in the morning and our neighbor will be watching them after school until he gets home from work. And I won’t have a lot of time for writing. So, my weekly goal list was kind of short. I’m still going to write first thing in the morning, but that will probably be mostly concentrated on my Story a Day pieces, which I’ve been trying to use my current projects for those. And I’m close to finishing the first draft of Shed Some Light. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that this week, too.

AND…I’m trying to get Stained by Ashes published. I put the finishing touches on the cover this morning. I have to import it from word to scrivener(my Surface that I use doesn’t support scrivener, but I still have my laptop, so I have it on there), so I can get it all formatted the way I like. I could probably figure out how to do it in Word, but scrivener practically does all the work for you. So, I’m going to try to get that ready and up on Amazon before I head to my mom’s tonight. We’ll see how much time I have once I get everything else done today. But, here’s a sneak peek at the cover:


Designed by: SelfPubBookCovers.com/SFcovers

I may still make some changes to the wording/font if anyone has any feedback.

Anyway, getting on with my progress for the week so I can get to all that other stuff:

  • Write 15000 words – This didn’t happen this week. The words just weren’t flowing that fast. I’m thinking my new routine will help when I can get to it. I managed 9353/15000 words. And some of those were from my Story a Day pieces, not necessarily the next scenes. I wrote 2 for Closing Time that won’t come until near the end, but I counted them anyway.
    • Shed Some Light -4437 words – There was still that small dark spot in his heart, knowing how close he’d come to losing her, and the worry he was wrong and still could. But, she had woken up, told him to shut up and that she loved him. Everything was going to be all right. It had to be.
    • Closing Time – 4483 words – “I wouldn’t have thought…he comes off as such an alpha asshole.”Gio laughed again and leaned into Cam. “Alpha, yes, until Caitie comes around. Not an asshole, no. A little rough sometimes, but he’s got a good heart.” *they’re talking about Gio’s new brother-in-law here. You might remember Mark from snippets I posted from Flames of Retribution, and yeah, he can come off that way.
  • Story a Day – write 7 stories – 7/7 done I was able to work one of the Shed Some Light into the actual WiP. And the two Closing Time ones, you see the mirrors of Cam & Gio’s families. and Held My Heart is actually pre-In the Moonlight, by about 150 years. But, it ties into the current story a bit, too.
  • Stained by Ashes – Finish proofreading, get cover, & format – proofreading is done, cover is (likely) done, just have to format it and get it up there
  • Toby & Denise – Write Toby’s back story, start Denise’s back story – made a little more progress on Toby’s back story. Still not finished, though.
  • Side Projects – 2000 words – 1429 words/2000. Not so much. I did manage at least 100 words on each of them, though.
    • Dance with the Devil – 829 words – Hawk stared at me for a moment then shook his head. “Sometimes you can be such an idiot, Damon. I’ll go get Medusa.”
    • Snow White Twist – 112 words – But, she’d hold on to this until it slipped through her fingers.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 190 words – But, she’d had a husband. And when he’d died, he’d left her with only grief and two young boys to raise.
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 126 words – She was just a little slip of a girl, about half the size of him. How could she think she could protect him, especially from a fall? *Oh, Tavin, you’ve got a lot to learn.
    • Roman – “I thought you were his lawyer. You’re supposed to be helping him.”“And I can’t do that by lying for him. There are some indisputable facts. He had a gun. There were several bodies on the ground around him. He had blood on him.”
  • Read: Writing Active Hooks: Book 1 – get to 65% – did manage to do this.
  • Listen: Lord John & The Private Matter(Diana Gabaldon) & Empire of Storms(Sarah J. Maas) – finished Lord John & The Private Matter. Almost 8 hours into Empire of Storms(out of 25).
  • Read: Finish Summer Court(SM Reine), Dirty Deeds(Megan Erickson), Fire Inside(Kristen Ashley), Fall Deep(Zoe York), Always on My Mind(Bella Andre), Hot Property(Carly Phillips), A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder(Julie Anne Lindsey) – I finished Summer Court, Dirty Deeds, added in Loving You Easy & finished it in a day, Fire Inside(had quite a few problems with this one, particularly the alpha asshole lead – which may have led to that line in Closing Time), and Fall Deep. I’m about 65% through Always on My Mind. Should finish it today and moving the others to next week.

As for my goals for next week:

  • Shed Some Light – finish first draft
  • Stained by Ashes – format & publish
  • Toby & Denise – finish Toby’s back story
  • Side projects – add 500 words each to Dance with the Devil & Snow White Twist
  • Read: Writing Active Hooks: Book 1 – finish
  • Listen: Empire of Storms(probably won’t finish)
  • Read: Finish Always on My Mind(Bella Andre), Hot Property(Carly Phillips), A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder(Julie Anne Lindsey), Blightlore(Krista Walsh), The Darkest Hour(Maya Banks), Grave Touched(Erin Zarro), The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie(Jennifer Ashley), and Mora Happy Than Not(Adam Silvera)



WeWriWa: “All This Time”

Welcome to another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Into the Sun(which I have news about). This starts directly after last week’s snippet.

   ”Grady.” His name came out in barely more than a whisper.
“Cassie. I wondered if you’d recognize me after all this time.”
She looked from him to me then brought her gaze back to Birdie. I could see her mind working, trying to fit the pieces together. “She’s yours?” she asked, looking back toward Icarus.
“I raised her,” he said softly. “She’ll always be mine, even if she refuses to see that anymore.”

What’s Cassie going to do now that she knows who he is? Are her and Birdie going to get along? I’ll have a little more next week. And probably the week after.

And, as for that news: Into the Sun was chosen as the novella to be included with 9 other short stories in this year’s volume of the World Unknown Review(this is last year’s volume, which I also have a short story in). I had two other submissions in, but neither of them were accepted. I may end up fixing them up and doing something with them down the line. But, I’m excited this one made it in. It should be out around 12/15, so you’ll be able to read the full story then.

I finished the first chapter of the sequel this morning, so that’s going well.



Sunday Summary: RoW80 Round 2

Round 2 of RoW80 doesn’t technically start until tomorrow. But, I have a different post planned for then, so I decided to get my goals up today.

I’ve been playing around with a newsletter and was going to try to add the sign up link to the blog. But, I can’t figure it out. I’m wondering if I have to upgrade the blog. I still have the free account, and I’m wondering if it won’t support the code for that. Or is there someway to do it? I know I should probably upgrade the blog anyway. But, I keep not doing it.

Anyway…goals. I’m going to set up my round goals and break them up into monthly goals, then weekly goals. This seems to work really well for me. For Round 2:

  • Slow Revenge: Publish.
  • Short story: finish. This is based on some back story from Slow Revenge and plan to share either here or through newsletter.
  • Stained Snow: Finish draft & get it revised
  • Flames of Redemption: Revise & hopefully send it to CP(s)
  • East of Abilene: replot & rewrite
  • Guarding the Heart: finish 1st draft
  • The Choice: Revise

I know, it’s quite a few goals. A couple are already close to being finished. I may not get through all of them by the end of the round, but hoping to at least make progress.

  • Read 36 books(my 2nd quarter goal was 39 but I’ve already read 3 this month).
  • Knit: 6 projects
  • Crochet 6 projects

For April, my goals are:


  • Slow Revenge: Publish
  • Stained Snow: Finish rewrite
  • Short Story: Finish
  • Flames of Redemption: Revisions


  • Listen to 1 audio book
  • Read 12 fiction books(have already read 3, so another 9)
  • Read 1 craft/research book


  • Knit 2 projects(Snuggly Chatterbox Hat & Imp Cloth)
  • Crochet 2 projects(Crochet Puppy Hat & Hello Kitty Hat)

And for this week:

  • Slow Revenge: Finalize cover art
  • Stained Snow: Finish rewrite(have 8 more to go)
  • Flames of Redemption: Get revision plan put together
  • Read: Darkly Beings(Claudia Lefeve), Dare to Love(Carly Phillips), & His Risk to Take(Tessa Bailey)
  • Knit: Finish Snuggly Chatterbox Hat
  • Crochet: Puppy Hat

Questions about Newsletters

So, for the last day or so I’ve been thinking about author newsletters. How you make them, what you put in them, how often you send them.

I’m thinking of starting to send one out. But, again, I don’t know how to go about it. I know some of you have one. I’m subscribed to a few different ones. I’m not even sure where to start with it.

I don’t see me sending one out very often. Probably not more than once a month. Maybe when I just have a release or something going on.

And since I had an idea for a short story yesterday that’s part of the backstory in Slow Revenge, I thought about having that as a special bonus for newsletter subscribers. And maybe having other short pieces from different back stories. Or setting up a page on the blog here for that.

What are your thoughts on newsletters and bonus content? Do you subscribe to newsletters? What do you like to see in them? How do you make them?

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