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Short Tuesday: An Excerpt

I am going to start to post a short excerpt(less than 500 words) from whatever I’m working on. I will post this on Tuesdays when I don’t have a flash fiction piece to post. I’m thinking these excerpts will only be from drafts that have been finished. I had thought about sharing one from what I’m working on now, but I feel weird about posting it before the first draft is even done. Today would be one of those days with no flash fiction. So, here is an excerpt from from the novel I finished this past January. This is from about the middle(and almost to the end) of the prologue that I may or may not keep.
“He’s not going to appreciate us being here,” Casey said, his gaze skimming the faces in the crowd.

“I know, but we’re just here to pay our respects. We did our job. There was no way to know that homicidal maniac would be able to even find the safe house, let alone get through all the alarms to get to her. And as it is, he should appreciate the fact you could have died trying to protect his daughter.”

Casey shook his head, fingering the spot on his neck where the knife had bit into him not even a week before. Alex was right. He could have died doing his job. But, that did not matter now. “He’s burying his daughter though. What could have happened to me doesn’t matter. Having someone to blame does. Right now, I’m that someone.”

Alex knew what Casey was thinking as he saw the pain in his friend’s eyes as he scanned the names on the gravestones. “Marie was not your fault either, Case. You weren’t even here when she was killed.”

“But, I should have been,” Casey said before stepping away from him.

Casey saw the large man heading for them and braced himself for the attack. He did not have to wait long. “What the hell are you doing here?” Ashton Turlington shouted at him. “You killed my daughter and now you’re here to rub it in my face?”

Casey shook his head. “I did not kill her, Mr. Turlington. The man who did, the man she was married to, is in prison now. I am only here to pay my respects.”

“You can pay your respects by staying out of our lives. Now, get out of here before you bring any more distress on my family.” When Casey stayed where he was, he added, “If you do not leave on your own, I will have you removed.”

It was then that Casey saw the two men behind the oil baron. He recognized them as the muscle Turlington kept around his oil wells to keep any troublemakers away. “We’re not here to cause any trouble. Like I said, we only wanted to pay our respects.”

“You have no right to do that when you’re the reason we’re burying her today. Now, get out. And don’t expect to see any more money from me. You’ve gotten all you’re going to get. And I’ll see to it that no one else has to bury a daughter because of you.”
Any thoughts? I’ve been debating about this prologue since I wrote it(and even before that). Still not sure what I’m going to do with it. Do you want to read more excerpts? I am always willing to hear any feedback(as long as it’s not “this sucks. you should never pick up a pen again” kind of thing. ;)).

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