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Fiction Friday: “A Ship”

“You make a pretty terrible captain.”

“At least I have a ship. You’re a prince and haven’t got a square foot of land to rule.”

Prince Kyran turned toward the captain, eyes narrowing on him. “You said you didn’t know who I was.”

“I actually never said that,” Arwyn said, leaning against the rail. “I simply didn’t greet you as Your Highness, seeing as you no longer have a throne. What would be the point?”

“Yes, thank you so much for pointing that out once again. It was stolen from me. I have plans to get it back.”

Arwyn snorted. “Plans. Right. Let me know when those work out for you.” And with that, he strode away from Kyran.

Kyran stared after him. He wanted to follow, so they could argue this out some more. But, really, what would be the point of that? The pirate captain was right. He was a ruler with nothing left to rule. And he still wasn’t sure how to make that change.


I have plans in my head for this story, even though I didn’t name these characters until this morning. So, this just has me more excited to start plotting out the story.

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