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Family Friday: Parent-Teacher Conferences

This is the first year both of our kids have been in school. So, it’s the first year we’ve had to go to more than one parent-teacher conference. The boy is only in preschool, so it’s not like there’s a report card or anything to go over. For him, it’s going over his growth and development in different areas, like physical, knowledge & skills, social/emotional, and communication.

He can:

  • pedal a tricycle(although they’ve said he also likes to ride the two-wheelers…with no training wheels)
  • begins to perform self-care tasks(which he mostly does on his own at home)
  • follows basic safety rules with reminders
  • zips own coat

He knows how to:

  • count 1-9(I’ve heard him go to at least 12)
  • participate in measuring activities
  • recognizes some shapes(triangle, star, and circle)

As far as social-emotional:

  • shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner
  • manages transitions


  • follows rules for conversation
  • follows 2-step directions

Comparing that to his sister: who just started pedaling her bike this summer, but could count to 100 before she turned 5, was reading chapter books by the time she turned 6, didn’t carry on conversations until she was 5 or 6, but has always loved learning, although she’s never handled transitions well.

Last night, we went in for her conference. Pretty much the first thing the teacher tells us is that she’s perfect. So, why are we having this meeting again? First she went over her DIBELs testing they did back in September. For Phoneme segmentation(breaking up words), she actually scored low. But, now that the teacher knows her better, she isn’t worried about that. They have 1 minute to sound out as many words as they can. Well, she does pretty much everything slow. The goal is 40, and she got 34. But, then there was the nonsense word fluency test, which there’s correct letter sounds(CLS) & whole word read(WWR). For the CLS, she scored 96/27. For the WWR, she scored 29/1. Yes, they only had to read 1 whole word, and she read 29 in a minute.

For their report cards, the level scale(percentage) is either measured as advanced, proficient, basic, or below basic(satisfactory or unsatisfactory for things like gym, music, art, etc…). She is advanced in Word study(basically spelling) and math, but only scored proficient in reading. Her teacher said it was probably just a test where she missed something. Because this girl can certainly read.

Then, she showed us a story she wrote. She wrote this thing all by herself, with no help spelling or anything. I took pictures to share it here. She is 7. This is the girl who barely spoke until she was almost 4.

IMG_0264 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0267

She takes after me in pretty much every way. She’s quiet in class, the teacher said it’s like she’s there just sucking everything in. She keeps mostly to herself, again a lot like me. She loves to read and write, she’s very smart. Doesn’t get into any trouble. Yeah, this all sounded very familiar. 🙂

Family Friday: Pre-K Update

Hayleigh has been in pre-k for over 8 weeks now. She is still so excited to go every morning. I just hope we’re able to keep up that excitement for the rest of the school year, and really the rest of her school years. When she gets home every day she comes running across the road saying, “Mommy, I back.” And most of the time she tells me what she does in school although sometimes when I ask, I get “nuttin”.

A couple weeks back she brought home a class book. The kids each made a page for it. It had their picture at the top. Then, it said, “Hayleigh, Hayleigh, what do you see? I see a pink bear looking at me.” Except each one had their own name and a different color. They each put pieces of whatever color paper they wanted inside the outline of a bear. Each kid gets to take the book home for a day. When she brought it home, we had to read it probably 4 or 5 times. By the time she took it back, she was able to tell us most of the girls’ names and all of the boys’ names. Not too sure what to think of that!

Last Thursday, we went to the Open House at her school. she was so excited to show us her classroom. That is, until we got there. Then, she just stood there like she wasn’t sure what to do. I don’t know if she wasn’t expecting so many people to be there or what. She did not talk to any of the other kids that were there, but she did go up and talk to her teachers. So, I guess that’s a good thing at least. Her one teacher even said that she mostly plays by herself, but will sometimes play with one other kid at a time. And even then, she’ll pick a quiet activity like putting together a puzzle. Yeah, that sounds exactly like her. I guess I can’t be too upset since she takes after me in just about every way, and that’s not too different than how I was as a kid.

One of the things they have been working on in school is counting to 20(and beyond). Back in August, Hayleigh could count to 12 without a problem. Once she got there, she started skipping numbers. It usually went 11-12-14-17-18-17-18-17-18… In the last week or so, the higher numbers have gotten more consistent. Now, she mostly just skips 13 & 16 and doesn’t repeat any of them. The other day I asked her how high she could count and she told me one hundred. I asked her to count for me, and she went all the way up to 19(except for 13 and 16, not sure why those two are so hard) then skipped all the way to 100. Another day I had the measuring tape I have for my knitting out and she wanted to count the numbers on it. She did a pretty good job on all the 1-9 numbers but had trouble with the multiples of ten. then, just yesterday, she counted up to 29 by herself, leaving out just 2 or 3 numbers. So, she’s definitely figuring it out.


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