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Writing Wednesday: Final Round 3 Check-In

Hard to believe we’re at the end of yet another round(well, tomorrow, officially). I’ll have to review my initial goals and see how close I came to meeting them. But, even if I didn’t meet all of them, I still feel like I made quite a bit of progress. After all, I do have another first draft finished. And that is an accomplishment in itself. That’s the third one I’ve finished this year. two novels(one actually started last year, but finished it this January) and a novella. As well as several flash fiction pieces. Which I’m sure brings this year’s total word count to over 100,000. And there’s still 3 months left to the year.

  • write every day, plan for an average of at least 1000 words a day

Haven’t written every single day. Saturday we went out to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary(which was on Sunday), so I didn’t write at all over the weekend. But, in the eight days since I started this WiP, I have written six of them. Word counts for the last week are: Thursday -1030, Friday – 1065, Monday – 1213, Tuesday – 738, Wednesday – 1319. That brings the last week’s total up to 5365. Averaging about 1000 words on the days I write so far. Which is still good. My current deadline for this one is December 21. That will have it finished before the Holiday weekend.

  • Finish reading The Last Boyfriend

Finished this last week.

  • Start reading Wrath by Kirkus MacGowan

Read this in two days and have finished one more book, An Act of Deceit by Jennifer L Jennings and have moved on to her third one, An Island of Illusions.
Usually I review my round goals in a separate post, but I’m going to do it all in one this time.

  • Finish the first draft of Slow Revenge by 8/10.

I didn’t finish this by my deadline, but did finish before the end of August.

  • Read 1 chapter a day of Stained Snow to finish by 7/13 and make notes on changes to make.

I did meet this one.

  • Have edits finished by 7/31.

Pretty sure I had them done before the end of the month.

  • Start Guarding the Heart edits on 8/13

Ended up not even looking at this again. I think I’m going to start over on it sometime, do some more planning, flesh out characters more(particulary the antagonist. I knew there were problems with him from the start). It probably won’t be a complete rewrite, as I’ll probably be able to use a lot of what I had written.

  • Finish Guarding the Heart edits by: 9/14

See Above.

  • Decide on next story idea once Slow Revenge is finished

Did this. Decided to work on an idea that’s been simmering for several years. Working Title: Flames of Redemption

  • Plot out idea using snowflake method.

done. and did some additional plotting.

  • Be ready to start writing in September.

Started writing September 12, so not right at the beginning of the month, but still in September.

  • Read 12 novels(or 1 a week)

I have read 17 books during this round. Not all were novels, some were novellas or collections of short stories, but 11 of them were novels, and the others would definitely count as more than one novel together, so I’ll count this one as achieved.

  • Read 1 craft book

Read Jeff Goins’ You Are a Writer(So Start Acting Like One).
Other than working on editing Guarding the Heart and finishing Slow Revenge a few weeks later than planned, I’d say I met each of my goals for this round. And I’ll call that a success.


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