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Writing Wednesday: Feeling Emotional

This probably won’t be a very long post(or it could be because I tend to ramble when I’m emotional or worked up about something). My dog who I have had for twelve years, she’s about 15, has been seriously declining in health over the last several months. Really, for the last couple years. We kept thinking she wouldn’t make it through the next year. And she kept proving us wrong. We knew this decision was going to have to be made soon. And it was pretty much made for us yesterday. I noticed in the morning that she was walking weird, like her hips weren’t working right. And then I noticed that when she would walk, she had her head tilted to the side and she kept staggering when she walked. When I took the dogs out in the afternoon, she fell down theĀ  porch steps to the lower porch. And I had to carry her back inside. She wouldn’t eat anything this morning even when I put her right in front of the bowl. I looked up symptoms in strokes in dogs(since that was my first thought), and hers seem to fit. I called the vet this morning, but he’s not in today(only 1 vet at this office), so it looks we’ll be taking her in tomorrow and most likely saying goodbye. And I’ve felt like I’m just going to start crying any minute this morning. I’ve known this was coming but still, she’s been my companion, my friend for the last twelve years. So, it is hard, even if I know it’s time.


Hasn’t gone incredibly well this week, but not terrible. have 2677 words for the first half of the week. So, I could still make my 5000 word goal for the week if tomorrow and Friday are good days.


This is coming along. I have the novel notebook finished. So, I need to make out my scene cards and figure out the timeline and I can start setting up the scenes in Scrivener.

Social Media:

I’ve commented on at least 1 blog post so far this week. I posted Monday(about my insecurities) and Tuesday(slipper progress). And even though I didn’t comment individually on Monday’s comments, I would like to take the time to thank those that did comment on it. Your words meant a lot to me.


I finished reading S.M. Reine’s book The Darkest Gate and started her novella, The Dark Union. I’m 40% through it right now. I’ve finished 7 books so far this round and 57 this year.


I worked out on Monday & Tuesday. Monday I did a new workout on the Wii and feel like I overextended my arm or pulled something during the boxing because it hurt all day yesterday. Still feels a little sore. Yesterday, because my hip and knee were bothering me(seriously, I’m not even 28, why am I falling apart?) I did a slower walk on the treadmill. I still wanted to do something but didn’t want to push myself too hard. I did good at keeping track of calories Monday until after lunch. And then I started snacking. This always seems to be my problem time. I held off on snack in the afternoon yesterday, well mostly. I ate 1 string cheese and a granola bar. And then we had dinner down at my mom’s and I didn’t put any of that down. Need to try to remember to put everything in even in the afternoon/evening.

How is everyone else doing? Does anyone have words of wisdom for explaining the death of a pet to a 5-year old(who is very sensitive) and 2 year old(who I don’t think will really understand anyway).

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