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Monday Mentions: Ending Series, Said, & Perspective

Sharing a few quick posts this week.

From Cecilia Tan – Top Ten Ways to NOT End a Series. I have a few ongoing series, one of which has spawned a spin-ff, and I’m planning another as well. These are some good tips(I’ve been working on the timeline one).

From Ava Jae: Don’t be afraid of said. I admit, sometimes I worry I use said too much. But, I try not to use any that are too “fancy”. And I may use muttered and murmured more than I should. As Ava says, it’s not something to worry too much about in the first draft. But, there’s really nothing wrong with a simple ‘said’.

And a post from Shan Jeniah, on questioning our perspective on things. It’s something we all should do at times. Especially as writers. Not all our characters are going to look at things the same way we do. And it’s always something to keep in mind.

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