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Monday Meanderings: Hair Cuts & Pennsylvania

A little different post for me this Monday. A couple random things. First, I will share a link. This is one my aunt posted to Facebook. Well, technically, she’s not my aunt anymore. She hasn’t been married to my father’s brother for a long time(she was actually his first wife, he’s on at least his third now. I don’t know. We don’t really talk to him anymore). Anyway, still consider her an aunt.

31 Things People From Pennsylvania Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners. Some of these were so on. At least one(#11) isn’t so much a PA thing, as it is a Pittsburgh thing. We don’t say youse(or yinz) up here in the northwest corner. Might hear a “you all” or “you guys”, though. Of course, I’ve said before, I often say Northwest PA as if it’s a whole different state. Sometimes it feels like it.

But, # 1, 3, 6(we have always had the Monday after Thanksgiving off from school), 16, 19(that’s where we had our wedding reception), & 27(so bad this time of year), so very true.

#25 isn’t quite true. It’s the “Pennsylvania Dutch” who are actually German, not Dutch.

And yesterday, we went down to my sister’s. Both kids and myself needed haircuts. Pretty bad. The kids’ haven’t been done since before Christmas. The girl’s, like mine, has a tendency to get very snarled no matter how much you wash and comb it. Mine hasn’t been cut for almost 18 months, when I decided to take the scissors to it myself. I’ve been getting fed up with it recently, too, so it needed done. I haven’t had a lot of luck, though, with anyone besides my grandma or sister cutting it. But, now, all three of us have shorter hair. I’m very happy with the cuts too.

The boy before & after:

IMG_0486 IMG_0488

The girl:

IMG_0487 IMG_0489

And, finally, me:

IMG_0482 IMG_0490

Feels so good not having all that hair hanging on my shoulders. And the girl’s is a lot easier to take care of now. Don’t think I’ll go so long between hair cuts again(haha. I’ve said that before, though).


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