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Family Friday: 5th Birthday Party

“I love them” She said before opening any of them.

Hayleigh opened her gifts from us Saturday morning. And of course, her favorite was the cheapest one. A counting piggy bank that I got from one of the local Amish bent & dent stores for $2.50.

A set of books for her Tag Reader

putting some coins into her bank

I baked her birthday cake Saturday night. We got a Mickey Mouse cake pan from Cory’s aunt and were going to make some changes to it once baked to make it into a Minnie cake. Well, I forgot to spray the pan before putting the batter in it. And so, when it was done baking, it would not come out of the pan. We finally did get it out and it completely fell apart. Needless to say, I had a bit of a meltdown. We had also made cupcakes, but only 22 so I didn’t think that would be enough for everyone(it may have been close though).

So, Cory went off to Country Fair at 5:15 Sunday morning to get more cake mix, so she could still have a cake. I had no idea how we were going to have time to get everything done before the party though. But, the cupcakes frosted while he was at the store. Got it all mixed up and poured into two round pans this time. And guess what I did? yep, forgot to spray the pans. Thankfully, the cakes still came right out of them, only leaving a little of the top layer of cake in the pan. I frosted one pink with white polka dots. The other one Cory decorated to look like Minnie and we used two cupcakes for the ears. Can’t believe it, but I forgot to take pictures of the cakes before we were ready to eat them. And I finished doing the dishes and getting everything set out, just as people started to arrive.

Ready to blow out her candles on her pink cake.

The Minnie cake – not even touched at the party

some of the leftover cupcakes

Out of the four friends that we invited, only two responded that they were coming. And out of those two, only one of them showed up. But, she still had a good time. So, really that’s all that matters. Not my high stress level, or how the cake turned out, or even how clean the house was.

Ready for her party to start

Digging into her first gift

A new puzzle

A new painting book

Minnie Mouse Birthday Bowtique

More paint

A new pony to play with

Minnie Mouse placemat

A new coloring book

Minnie Mouse Happy Napper

“I love her”

blowing out her candles

Playing pin(or tape) the bow on Minnie.



















Family Friday: Five Years Old

My baby girl is five years old today.

1 day old and already a daddy’s girl.

5 years later.

I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by. She’ll be starting her second year of k-4 in less than 3 weeks. In two days, she’ll be having her first ever “friend birthday.” Well, we invited four of her friends to the regular party, so it won’t just be her friends. And as of right now, only one of them is coming that I know of.

She woke up this morning, just before six, and came running out. “Today is my birthday.” Then, “But, I didn’t get taller.” Yesterday she said she was going to grow more on her birthday. So, I guess she was disappointed when that didn’t happen.

We’re having a low key day today. Tomorrow we’re probably having doughnuts in the morning and she’ll open her presents from us(unless her dad is home from work today before he has to go cook for Bingo at the fire hall tonight). And doing some baking for the party.

On Wednesday, my mom called and asked if we wanted to go to one of the local fairs. We had to wait for Hayleigh to get back from “little school”, the summer program she is in two days a week, once a month. So, we went and Hayleigh had a great time. And I had a good time seeing her have so much fun. Nathan wasn’t quite as impressed, but he also only had a short nap in the morning, and this was during his normal nap time. So, I’m sure that didn’t help.

She was actually laughing during this one.

waiting in line at one of the rides

waiting for the mini ferris wheel to start

up at the top

Not too impressed with the Dragon Wagon

Ready to go on the swing

On the merry go round

This was just before he started crying. Guess he wasn’t so sure Mommy wouldn’t let him fall.

We were waiting in line for the fun slide(the big one you slide down on a sack). Hayleigh was really looking forward to go down the “big slide”, but a storm was coming in, so they shut down the rides until it passed. By that time, we were ready to leave. But, we soothed the disappointment with an ice cream cone.









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