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Family Friday: Parades & Vacation Bible School

Last Saturday, my phone rang at seven in the morning. It was my sister-in-law wanting to know if we wanted to go with them to a parade later that morning. We had plans to go to another that afternoon, but since there were no other plans for the morning, and Cory would not be home anyways, we went. I was looking forward to Nathan’s reaction to the parade, but was not prepared for it. For the first time, Hayleigh did not have a problem with the fire trucks or anything else. She used to get really upset by the sirens. this time she was fine. Nathan on the other hand…And it wasn’t even the fire trucks or sirens that bothered him. It was the one fire department’s mascot, a guy dressed up as a dalmatian. He completely freaked out when the guy started walking toward him. Then, there were the clowns. He did enjoy the fire trucks though and the band. And the cheerleaders(seriously? he’s not even two. But, he watched those cheerleaders very close).


waiting for the parade to start

Watching the band march past

Checking out the ambulance

Later that afternoon, my mother-in-law picked us up and we went to a parade in the town where she works. They were handing out balloons and popcorn. So, Hayleigh helped Grandma with that. Then, we sat and watched the parade. This time Nathan did not like the fire trucks. And that’s pretty much all there was to the parade as it was for the town’s fireman’s carnival. I don’t know if it sounded louder there or what, but he was not happy. At least until afterwards when we went to a local hot dog shop and he got to sit in the chair like a big boy, just like he does at home, and eat his hot dog.

helping hold onto some balloons

Eating some popcorn from a cup

And Sunday night was the start of our church’s vacation bible school(or VBS). This is the first year Hayleigh went, and I’m pretty sure she’ll going back next year. It went from 6-8:30 each night, and she was so excited to go every night. Of course, she didn’t get home until about an hour past her normal bed time, and we dealt with melt downs pretty much every night. But, still she had fun and had a chance to be around some other kids. Last night was the final night and they had a special closing program. The kids all sang songs(they sent a cd home at the beginning of the week so the kids could learn the songs. We listened to it probably 50 times. I could have gotten up there and sang the song with them).
Then, they had a table with crafts the kids hadn’t taken home. And we could not find Hayleigh’s picture frame she had made. Total meltdown. So, we were given some supplies so she could make a new one at home. That made things slightly better at least.

monkey with a rain stick

Her picture frame

And a video of Hayleigh’s group singing their song. She’s right near the edge in a purple shirt.

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