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Monday Mumbles: 2016 TBR List

As 2015 comes to an end, I’m looking forward toward my 2016 goals. This includes my goals for reading. Last year my total goal was 250, and I easily surpassed that. I’m currently over 300 for the year. So, surpassing that will be my challenge for next year.

Also, as I mentioned in my Best of 2015 post a couple weeks ago, I want to branch out more. Particularly in my LGBT reading. Last year, it was mostly G&B. So, I’ll be looking at reading more f/f at least. Everything I read last year was m/m(and one m/m/f).

I already have plenty on my TBR list. I have 13 books sitting on top of my desk right now. wp-1451323180919.jpgAnd I have 5 more books coming in the next couple of weeks. 2 of those should be here tomorrow(although it’s still saying Saturday even though it’s been transferred to USPS in Erie, which means it should be here tomorrow).


And that’s just the physical copies I have. I have 88 in my TBR folder on my kindle. Those are the ones I’ve added to my list and bought(or that I’ve bought when someone posted about it. As long as it wasn’t free). Then, I have 62 in my ‘free’ folder. And I have another 10 from Kindle Unlimited. That folder gets refilled to 10 at the beginning of every month.

Needless to say, I have plenty to read for next year. And more books will likely(I say that like there’s a chance it won’t happen, although we all know better) be added throughout the year. And I still have over $50 on my amazon account from Christmas.

Fiction Friday: Top 2015 Books

Note: These are books I’ve read this year that I’ve enjoyed. That’s really all the criteria there is.

According to Goodreads, I’ve read 300 books so far this year. My goal was 250, so this is pretty good. 63 of those were audiobooks. At least 12 of those ones were novellas, between 2-4ish hours. So, that’s still over 200 actual books I’ve read this year. The majority of those were e-books, though there was likely a number of paperbacks as well. I’ll be sorting them out between audible, ebook, and paperback as well as between genres.

You can click on the title of each to take you to the Amazon page if you’re interested.



Snow Like Ashes(Sara Raasch)

The Winner’s Crime(Marie Rutkoski)

The Mime Order(Samantha Shannon)

Talon(Julie Kagawa)

A Thousand Pieces of You(Claudia Gray)

Graceling(Kristin Cashore)

Rogue(Julie Kagawa)

Paranormal Romance:

Caressed by Ice(Nalini Singh)

Clockwork Princess(Cassandra Clare)

Time’s Divide(Rysa Walker)

The Assassin’s Blade(Sarah J. Maas)


Champion(Marie Lu)

Young Adult(technically category not genre, but still):

*I’ll Give You the Sun(Jandy Nelson)

Only the Good Spy Young(Ally Carter)



Unbridled Magic(Angela Wallace)

Claimed(Lindsay Buroker) – steampunk, not sure it would actually be fantasy, but close enough for me.

Republic(Lindsay Buroker)

Deathmaker(Lindsay Buroker)

Evenlight(Krista Walsh)

Forgotten Ages(Lindsay Buroker)

The Falconer(Elizabeth May)

Six of Crows(Leigh Bardugo)

Crown of Midnight(Sarah J Maas)

The Iron Daughter(Julie Kagawa)

Bloodlore(Krista Walsh)


Prodigy(Marie Lu)


Ill-timed Entanglements(Kassandra Lamb)

Cupid’s Cat(Angela Wallace)


Shadow Spell(Nora Roberts)

Anything but Sweet(Candis Terry)

Back to You(Jessica Scott)

To Get Me to You(Kait Nolan)

Fiancee for Hire(Tawna Fenske)

*Trust the Focus(Megan Erickson)

Nice Girls Don’t Ride(Roni Loren)

*Yours All Along(Roni Loren)

Something Like Normal(Trish Doller)

Make It Count(Megan Erickson)

Sweetest Mistake(Candis Terry)

Break Me Down(Roni Loren)

Dirty Thoughts(Megan Erickson)

Historical Romance:

The Duchess War(Courtney Milan

Paranormal Romance:

This Weakness for You(Wendy Sparrow)


All Good Deeds(Stacy Green)

Young Adult

A Magic Dark & Bright(Jenny Adams Perinovic)



Blood Magick(Nora Roberts)

Animal Attraction(Jill Shalvis)

Easy(Tammara Webber)

Rescue My Heart(Jill Shalvis)

Rumor Has It(Jill Shalvis)

Head Over Heels(Jill Shalvis)

Then Came You(Jill Shalvis)

Historical Romance:

Never Love a Highlander(Maya Banks)

Erotic Romance:

*Nothing Between Us(Roni Loren)

Not Until You(Roni Loren)

Call on Me(Roni Loren)

*could also be categorized under LGBT(or really in the case of the ones I’ve read just GB. Hope to branch out more with that next year). I debated about marking Nothing Between Us(it’s a m/m/f), but Colby is bisexual and open about it, and Keats explores that, so I decided to.

So, if I counted correctly, that’s 56 books on my list(those are all my 5 star ratings on Goodreads). You may notice some trends in the lists. Like a good amount of romance. And a few author names that kept repeating.

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