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Monday Mentions: Outlander, Different Genres, & Doing It All

For anyone, like me, who was looking forward to watching Outlander on Starz but couldn’t, the first half of season 1 is being released on DVD in March.

And another post from Ava Jae on Writing in Multiple Genres. If you’ve followed me for long, you’ve probably seen bits about my different projects. Most of these have been romantic suspense. I also have a contemporary romance series, and I’ve started 2 different Western series. These are all in the adult category, though. I do have one outlined that’s a YA fantasy. As you can see, I don’t box myself into one category, although they do all have romance running through them. I have thought it would be better to narrow my focus. But, I don’t see this happening. My characters tend to rebel if I don’t listen to them, and that includes telling the stories they need me to tell.

And from Tawna Fenske, on the question: How do you do it all? I tend to get a similar question, and while my answers aren’t exactly the same(I haven’t given up TV, but I don’t watch that much), it’s not all that different. Part of it for me,  is the fact that I don’t have a ‘day job’. So, I have more time. Especially since both of my kids are in school now. Going back to the TV thing, I don’t, ever really, just sit and watch. When I do have it on, I’m usually crafting. Or maybe that’s when I’ll work on my plotting or read. But, I can’t just sit and watch. It’s almost physically impossible for me(I’ve tried. I get really jittery with nothing to do). I do set up weekly to-do lists, which I break down into daily ones. And I work my way through them. Sometimes I even get ahead and start working on the next day’s. But, I stop by 5 p.m.(dinnertime in our house). Otherwise I’d just let myself work until bedtime. And that’s when I start to get burned out.

What about you? Have you seen anything interesting this week that deserves mention?

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