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Sunday Summary: Ending & Beginning

2016 ended last night. And I…slept right through it. Actually I fell asleep on the couch before 8, woke up around 10 or so, went to bed and fell back asleep around 11 maybe. Oh well. It’s been quite a few years since I actually stayed up until midnight on New year’s Eve. We don’t go anywhere. After running around and visiting everyone over Christmas, neither of us really feel like being social for new years as well. Add on to that, this stupid cough I’ve been fighting off since before Christmas, and staying home definitely sounded better.

Yesterday, we decided to go up to Erie to put gift cards we got to use(the kids have a bunch to Toys R us, I got one for Home Depot, and we need a new vacuum). We’re halfway there and realize we left all the gift cards at home. Never fails. We still went but just got lunch and groceries before heading home. We may go back up today and hopefully remember to take the gift cards with us this time.

I’ll post my progress for the week and go over how my December and overall 2016 goals went today. And I’ll at least post my 2017 goals here. We’ll see how long the post is before I decide what else I’ll post now and what I’ll save for another post. First, for the weekly progress:

  • Write: 5000 words – 5380/5000 words. Not bad since I wasn’t sure I’d make even 5000 for the week.
    • Defending the Heart – 1216 words – He’d stepped through the doorway before he processed the frisson of tension. Then, his back was slammed against the wall, an arm across his throat. He very nearly neutralized the attack before he looked into those deep brown eyes he knew so well. Something was different about them now, though. They were glassy, like he wasn’t really seeing Piers, like he wasn’t really there.
    • Crash and Burn – 1028 words – “Stefan!” she cried. “You weren’t supposed to be back for a couple weeks. Why didn’t anyone tell me you were home?”
      She knew tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she didn’t even care as her oldest brother’s arms wrapped around her.
    • Not Meant to Be – 1034 words – “I don’t know what you want to hear,” he finally said. “Little Toby was a punk. He got himself into trouble without a thought of who else he might hurt.”
      “I’m sure that’s not true,” she said, and the words squeezed his heart.
      “It is,” he insisted. “I spent half a year in juvie when I was thirteen, Denise. And it wasn’t the first time I’d seen the inside of a cell.”
    • Stay a Little Longer – 1076 words – His mouth twisted up at her ex’s name, and she knew he didn’t have too many pleasant thoughts about the man, either. He tried to pull some petty shit through the court systems, and it riled her lawyer up.
    • In the Moonlight – 1026 words – “Don’t worry,” I said, drawing back. “I get it.” I also felt like I was enclosed in ice suddenly. It was probably the only reason I wasn’t completely falling apart right now. “You said you loved me, but that’s apparently as conditional as it’s always been from my parents. Don’t worry about me. Just go do what you need to. I’ll see you when you get back.”
  • Playing with Fire – This wasn’t on the list on Sunday, but these characters have decided not to leave me alone. I have Jeremiah, Corrin, and Silas’ back stories all finished. I only have 1 more left to do then I can start actually plotting. I also wrote a little piece for them(though only Jeremiah and Silas show up) yesterday for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.
  • Side Projects: Add 2000 words – 904/2000 – as  said Wednesday, I didn’t think I’d meet this goal. I did manage to finish Snow White Twist, though. Of course, I’d hoped to do that by the end of October. But, now I can revise it and maybe submit it this year.
  • Listen: Finish Winter & Stars Above – I finished both of these and also On Her Father’s Grave(Kendra Elliot). Enjoyed them all.
  • Read: Finish Assassin’s Heart(Sarah Ahiers), Kiss Me Like This(Bella Andre), Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(Liliana Hart), Labyrinth Lost(Zoraida Cordova), The Seduction Hypothesis(Delphine Dryden), Cutting Edge(Allison Brennan), He’s So Fine(Jill Shalvis), The Hawk(Monica McCarty), & Law Man(Kristen Ashley) – I ended up setting Assassin’s Heart aside. Finished Kiss Me Like This(really enjoyed), Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(also really enjoyed), Labyrinth Lost(enjoyed), The Seduction Hypothesis(enjoyed), Cutting Edge(liked), and am almost halfway through He’s So Fine.
  • Crochet: Charmed Cloche – finished this wp-1483275981357.jpg
  • A to Z Challenge: Plot – still no more progress on this.

Not a bad week over all. As for how December went:


  • Loving the Devil(new standalone idea) – Outline – I got through the back stories and plot summary
  • Still Burning(Hunter Family#4/Flames#6) – Outline – didn’t even start. Will be working on Playing with Fire(Rileys #1) first
  • Stained Blood – re-plot – still waiting on this


  • Write 12000 words each on: didn’t meet this goal on any of them, though I made it at least halfway on all.
    • Defending the Heart(BC Security #3) – 6623 words
    • Crash and Burn(Flames #5.75) – 8369 words
    • Not Meant to Be(Gilbert, Co #6) – 7268 words
    • Stay a Little Longer(Kurztown #5) – 7580 words
    • In the Moonlight – 6788 words
  • Side Projects:
    • 2000 words each on
      • Midas’ Daughter
      • Dance with the Devil(or finish 1st draft)
      • Snow White Twist(or finish 1st draft)
    • 500 words each on:
      • Patrick & Sarah
      • Tavin & Haiwee
      • Roman
      • Dougal & Shae


  • Guarding the Heart(BC Security #1) – finish polishing – got this done
  • Let It Begin(Kurztown #2.5) – Revisions, maybe polishing(depending on how long revisions take) – did the pre-revisions, then set it aside. Not going to pick it back up until I’ve gotten Law of Choice & Scars and All through the CP stage.


  • Listen: 9 audiobooks – 8/9 audiobooks
  • Read: 31 books – 27/31 books


  • Crochet: Dashes Beanie, Round Coaster, Grumpy Octopus Coffee Cup Cozy, and Charmed Cloche – finished all of these.

Overall, it was a pretty good month. A couple things I didn’t get to, but that’s okay.

As for the year:


  • Protecting the Heart(BC Security #2)
  • Rylan & Kirsten(Gilbert, CO #4.75)
  • Kurztown #4(Break on Me)
  • Defending the Heart(BC Security #3)
  • Carlos & Tereza(Gilbert, CO #5)
  • Chris & Reagen #5(this may get switched with #4)

I plotted out a few others as well, Stay a Little Longer(Kurztown #5 – still not Chris & Reagen’s story, though) and Not Meant to Be(Gilbert, CO #6). I had over 39,000 words in plotting.


  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3)
  • By the Gun(western standalone) I started, but set it aside when it just wasn’t working.
  • Protecting the Heart
  • Ready When You Are(Hunter Family #3)
  • Rylan & Kirsten
  • Kurztown #4
  • Buried Secrets(standalone)never even started this one
  • Defending the Heartup to 25,447 words on this one.
  • Brann’s Story(Flames 5.5)up to 24625 words on this one.
  • Carlos & Tereza
  • Chris & Reagen – this got pushed back

I worked on some other stories that hadn’t made this list. Ended up writing around 694,000 words for the year.


  • Flames of Retribution – I got through this one. it’s on the list to send to CP, but there’s 2 in the series ahead of it on that list.
  • My Way to You – Started these, but set it aside until I catch up to it.
  • Flames of Recompense – set aside until I catch up
  • Freeing His Heart – set aside until I catch up
  • Flames of Restoration – set aside until I catch up
  • Rylan & Kirsten – set aside until I catch up

I also edited Guarding the Heart


  • Stained Snow
  • Healing the Heart
  • Stained by Ashes
  • Stained Blood – pushing this one back.

*This will depend on getting things back, but I’m hoping to get at least these out.


  • Listen: 25 books – 87/25 books
  • Read: 300 books – 293/300 books. Fell a little short on this one.


  • Knitting: 12 projects – 8/12
  • Crochet: 12 projects – 10/12
  • Loom: 12 projects – 3/12

I didn’t get to everything for the year. But, I still made a lot of progress. And this post is already pretty long, so I’m going to save the new goals for tomorrow.

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