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Fiction Friday: Under the Bed

Mom kissed me on the forehead and the door clicked behind her. Then, something shifted under the bed. I waited a moment before whispering, “You can come out now.”

The monster under my bed slid out and put their hands on their sides as they stared at my door. “What did the evil one want this time?”

“My mom just wanted to kiss me good night again.”

“That thing is not your mother, and that wasn’t all she wanted. I promise I will not let her get away with harming you.”

“She’s my mother. She wouldn’t.”

“It doesn’t matter what skin she wears, she’s a monster, and she’s up to something. I’ll figure out what it is and keep you safe.”

I didn’t believe them about my mother, but I still felt safer with them in my room. So I snuggled under the blankets and closed my eyes.


The first two lines of this was the prompt for today’s Fiction Friday post. I have a couple other pieces with this theme, and I may try to tie them all together into one story.

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