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Knitting Tuesday: Empty Needles

Almost titled this post “Clean Needles” then thought that just didn’t sound quite right. 🙂

Finished: Everything! For now, anyways.

2×2 Folded Rib Beanie:

I finished this first back on Wednesday. Since I made it in the smallest size, it was pretty quick to knit up. Of course, that also means the only “model” I had was one of my daughter’s dolls. But, at least that is more cooperative than my other “models”(aka, my kids)

2×2 folded rib

A cooperative model

Mickey Mouse Hat:

I actually just finished this one this morning. I had all the knitting done yesterday, but still had to attach the ears and buttons. In total, the hat took me about seven hours to finish. I realize the buttons could be a choking hazard for a really little one, in which case I can always knit up a couple “buttons” instead of the other ones.

Mickey Mouse

my not so cooperative model

got a picture before he yanked it off or ran away from me

Cup Cozy:

I finished this last Wednesday as well. And then I realized I had sewn the buttons onto the wrong side which made buttoning it a bit awkward. So, this morning I took them off and resewed them onto the right side. This was a pretty quick project. Only took me about 4 hours total to finish it(not counting the extra time to redo the buttons).

cup cozy

around a cup

In Progress:

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I have nothing in progress at the moment. That will probably change this afternoon though. Or tonight.

Coming Up:

I am planning on casting on stitches for a new hat pattern I found a while ago on Ravelry.

Also planning to start a garter stitch bib design by Elaine Fitzpatrick. This is the same designer of the cow and monkey bibs, among others, that I’ve done before.

And I’ll be doing another cause hat of course. This one is going to be a rolled rim slouchy toque. The last time I attempted a slouchy toque, it didn’t turn out very slouchy. Hoping this one is better.

If you see anything you like or there is something you’d like me to try, you can send me a message at brownsnovelknits@gmail.com or visit my Facebook page. I also have some ready to ship items listed on my Etsy page. The cozy here is one of them.

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