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Story a Day September: Day 4 – “Looking Up”

I fell a bit behind. I had a bit of an off day and looking at the computer felt like more energy than I had. I spent most of the day reading. All better today, though, so I got another story written. Some new characters here. But, I’m definitely thinking this could lead somewhere interesting.


Bree walked down the beach, watching the water lap a little farther into the shore. It hadn’t reached her feet yet. She wasn’t sure she cared if it did. She’d taken her shoes off, and her capri pants left her lower legs bare.
She could hear the seagulls crying. Or were they laughing?
She shook her head. Even thinking that probably proved she was losing her mind. Just like her boss had accused her of an hour earlier. Former boss, Bree reminded herself. And yeah, throwing that stapler at his face then storming out of the office probably hadn’t been solid proof of her mental stability.
But, he’d had it coming.
Of course now she had no job. She hadn’t been able to bring herself to go back to her apartment either. Considering her roommate was her boss’s sister, she’d already heard his version of what happened. And had probably changed the locks on her. Now, what was she supposed to do?
Her phone buzzed in her pocket, and she drew it out. One new message. Your shit’s on the lawn. Key won’t work. You still owe this month’s rent.
And that was it. One moment of lost temper, and she was unemployed and homeless. “ Great,” she muttered, digging her big toe into the sand. “That’s just fucking dandy.”
“Those two words don’t tend to go together. If they’re sincere, that is.”
Bree turned to see another woman walking toward her. She was smiling, her light brown hair scraped back into a pony tail, glasses slipping down her nose. She wore denim shorts and a tank top and looked like most of the other beach goers. “Oh, I was perfectly sincere,” Bree said, even though her throat had gone slightly dry. “At least when I told my boss where he could shove his indecent proposition. And that sincerity got me escorted out of the office and his sister kicking me out of our apartment. So, as you can see, everything is just fucking dandy.”
The woman winced. “I would have shoved one of those heels you’re carrying up his ass.”
Bree laughed. “Don’t think I didn’t consider it.”
The smile returned to the woman’s face. “Jenny Crocker,” she said, holding a hand out. “I have a small house just about a mile east of the beach. I’ve been looking for a new roommate since the last one moved in with her partner.”
“Bree Calloway,” she said. “And how do you know I’m not some serial killer.”
“Because you didn’t use that heel to punch your asshole boss in the throat. I don’t see how you would have resisted unless you believe murder in general is offensive.”
Bree couldn’t help another laugh. “Well, apparently my former roommate did me the honor of throwing my stuff outside, so it won’t take me long to pack. If you’re sure.”
Jenny smiled at her. “I am. Lead the way, and I’ll help.”
Well, maybe this day was looking up after all.

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