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Flames A-Z: Shae Magaldi

Yes, another member of the Magaldi family.  I have mentioned how large this family (and their cousins,  the Rileys) are,  right?

Shae (or Shaelynn, though she’s almost exclusively referred to as Shae is the second oldest child of Conal and Brenna Riley, and the oldest daughter.  Like her older brother,  Donovan,(and her two younger brothers), she joined the police department.  And she married Dougal Magaldi,  who ran one of his family’s pubs.  They had for children together: Cormac, Brann, Caitie, & Giovanni. The older the all followed their mother into law enforcement, while the youngest took the same path as their father.

Shae hasn’t had a huge part in any of the stories, although she had shown up in: Renewal, Retribution, and Recompense (books 2,3,&4). The next two will be following Brann and Gio, so I imagine she’ll have even more of a part in them.

This is from Flames of Retribution.  Shae isn’t actually in this part,  but she is mentioned. And is a pretty important moment for Mark.

“I was sent in for another cooler of beer,” Dougal said. “I figured you could help me carry it out. I see you’re not drinking the hard stuff.”
“Uh, no, sir. I just got off shift and a few hours sleep. I figured it best to keep a clear head.”
Dougal let out a loud laugh. “The family’s enough to throw you off balance. That’s probably a smart move, son. I remember you from Adrian’s wedding. You danced with my baby girl. And she left with you.”
Mark wiped his now sweaty hand on his pants. “She-”
“I told her that night I could see you were a good man. I’m not one to try to make my kids’ decisions for them. Believe me, if I were, none of them would be cops. They’d all have safe, nine-to-five, working at a desk jobs. Or to tell them what decision to make. I won’t ask you your intentions, son. I remember what it was to be young and in love with a Riley girl. It takes your breath away.”
“I’m not…” He trailed off, his steps freezing as they came to a framed picture on the wall. It almost looked like Caitie but not quite. She looked older, and her eyes weren’t that bright flashing blue. They were closer to a green. But, she had a blue cap over her red curls and her blue uniform jacket looked pressed and stiff. She held a stiff posture, but the smile came through.
“That’s my Shae,” Dougal said, coming back to stand beside him. “She makes a picture, doesn’t she? Our Caitie girl takes after her in a lot of ways.”
“I can see that,” he murmured. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from the picture. “How do you stand it?” he asked. “The fear? It brings me to my knees every time she straps on that gun.”
“She tried staying home with each of the kids. Those were the most miserable years of our life together. She loved them, but she was in her element when she was on the streets. It got easier when she got promoted to Lieutenant. Not on the street as much. I still don’t feel quite right until she’s back at my side. It’s not something you get over. Just something you get used to.”

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