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A-Z Challenge: W is for William Boroughs


William Boroughs watched each of the cars as they passed. Did they even still know how to get here? It had been years since his cousins had been up here to their grandparents’ place. And now they were moving here. Well, not here to his grandparents’, but not too far away.

Both of them.  Of course that wasn’t too surprising. Oliver and Emilia had always seemed to do everything together. He’d been fairly close with Oliver when they’d been growing up. At least as close as they could be. But, William’s older sister, Adia, had been even closer to Emilia. Maybe girls had an easier time of keeping in touch even when they weren’t nearby. But, he didn’t know anyone who was as close as the twins were. Not even his mom and Aunt Letizia, Oliver and Emilia’s mom. And they were twins, too.

Finally, he saw a car pull into the driveway and another one right behind it. That had to be them. Sure enough, Oliver stepped out of the first car and grinned at him. “God, Will, you’re a sight for sore eyes.

William glanced over his shoulder than back to Oliver. “Don’t let grandma hear you take the Lord’s name in vain like that. She’s not above boxing our ears.”

Oliver cringed. “It’s been a while since I’ve had to worry about that. Dad always refused to do church, and Mom didn’t fight him about it.”

William bit his tongue, very nearly literally, to keep from saying just what he, and most of the rest of the family, thought about Uncle Roderick. And what Aunt Lettie let him get away with. He’d hear the opinions soon enough. Not all of his relatives were so good at biting their own tongues.

Emilia came up beside her brother and smiled at William. “Let me guess,” she said, “everyone’s waiting for us in the house?”

“You got it,” William told her.

She glanced over at Oliver and squeezed his hand. “You okay?”

He wet his lips and nodded. “Yeah, sure. They can’t handle it any worse than Dad did. And might as well get it over with first.”

Oliver had confided in William years ago, so he understood his nerves. Especially walking in to a house full of Catholics. “Mom knows,” he said. “Your mom told her.”

Oliver froze in mid-step at that. “She did?”

“It wasn’t her place, but apparently your father refused to discuss it, and she needed someone who wouldn’t judge.”

“And she doesn’t?”

William shook his head. “Neither do I. Neither will Uncle Dougal. I can’t assure you of the rest, but you aren’t any less our family because you’re gay. You haven’t spent too much time around the Magaldi clan, but they’re a lot more accepting than your father.”

“Not from the way he’s always talked,” Oliver muttered.

“Well, maybe not of him. But, that’s because-”

“He’s an asshole,” Oliver and Emilia said at the same time.

William laughed. “Not quite what I was going to say. But, yeah, pretty much.”

“It’s okay,” Emilia said. “We know how he is, probably better than anyone else.”

William could see some of the family standing at the door already. “We’d better get inside,” he said, “before they all come out and mob us.” Oliver wiped his hands on his pants, and William patted his shoulder. “It’ll be all right. You’ll see.”

Note: Emilia and Oliver show up in Some Fools Never Learn, the second book in my Hunter Family series, a spin-off from my Flames series. That’s actually Emilia’s story, and I’m working on Oliver’s right now. William hasn’t actually shown up in any of the stories, but I have a family tree to try to keep all these families straight.

Flames A-Z: Oliver Stiel

If you read any snippets I’ve shared from Flames of Retribution, you probably met at least some of the Magaldi family. I established in Flames of Renewal that Adrian had a lot of cousins, the Magaldis among them. Well, the Magaldis also have a lot of cousins. Dougal, Caitie Magaldi’s father, is the youngest of five siblings. His two oldest siblings are twin sisters, Carina and Letizia. Letizia married Roderick Stiel, a corporate lawyer from Pittsburgh, Pa. They had three children; Emilia and Oliver, who were also twins, and another daughter, Adreana.

They haven’t actually shown up yet, but both Emilia and Oliver will get involved with the Hunter family in the Flames spin-off. And since I don’t have any actual words written in a story for Oliver, a little snippet from his back story(written in 1st person, as I always do for back stories):

I don’t want to say I had a normal childhood, although there wasn’t necessarily anything abnormal about it either. I don’t know that normal could describe life with a corporate lawyer father and social worker mother. Dad tried to groom me practically from toddlerhood to join him at his firm. I took a little too much after Mom. I wanted to be a help to others and didn’t see how manipulating deals would do that.
Emilia didn’t really take after either of them. Maybe a bit like Mom. She did have a thing for causes. But, she was more of a free spirit. Dad tried his best to dampen it, despite Mom’s protests. Our younger sister, Adreana, took more after Dad in both looks and temperament. She was the one to follow him into the firm, which he never stops throwing in my face.
At least when he chooses to speak to me. You see, I knew from an early age I wasn’t like him. He’s always considered himself a ladies man. As far as we know, he’s never once actually cheated on Mom, but he’s always had a wandering eye. It seemed like he was always tossing girls my way. Daughters of clients and associates, granddaughters of his partners, even a few relatives of family friends. I was never interested.
Maybe if he’d thrown some of the sons in my path, we could have talked.

So, that’s Oliver. I’m excited to get to his story…eventually.

Flames A-Z: Emilia Stiel

Even those who have followed my snippets from the Flames series, won’t recognize this one. She hasn’t showed up in any of those stories. She will be in the second book in the Hunter Family series(which you may remember me saying is a spin-off of the Flames series). I’ve written out her back story for that one, so I know a little more about her now. Plus I wrote this piece back in May, which may end up being the beginning of her and Tate’s story.

Emilia was born to Roderick and Letizia Stiel in Pittsburgh, Pa on December 30, 1978. Letizia is Dougal Magaldi’s older sister. Dougal is Caitie‘s father. I may have mentioned the Magaldi/Riley bunch is rather large & sometimes complicated. Which is why I started a family tree for them, and it keeps growing on me.

Emilia also has a twin brother, Oliver(may write more about him later), and a younger sister, Adreana. Her father’s a corporate lawyer, and her mother’s a social worker. Emilia, though, is an artist, a sculptor. She never quite understood where she got her slightly wild spirit from(though it likely wouldn’t be a surprise to the wider Magaldi family). She moved North to Erie in her early thirties, and her brother went with her. They never really spent too much time apart. Then, a few years later, she moved to the nearby smaller town of Crystal Glen where her cousin Caitie was now living. Oliver stayed in Erie, but they were still close.

Emilia started teaching an art class at the local community center, and had an idea for a new program she wanted to get started. She’s still trying to get plans for this together when a remodeling project at the center has her running into Tate Hunter. Can’t really say much more about that, as their story isn’t written yet.

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