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Teaser Tuesday/Word a Day: Inspiration

I’m back for a Word a Day post 2 days in a row. Woohoo! Today’s word is inspiration. It’s also Tuesday, when I usually share a little teaser from a MS I’m getting ready to publish. So, I’m going to attempt to combine those into one. So, first a little story.

One Saturday morning, when I was about twelve, I was watching TV with my stepdad. It was an old show on TNT called Hondo. It was a western, and I got caught up in it. Then, one of the times we were watching it, I saw it was based on a book by Louis L’Amour. So, next time I was in the school library(I was in 7th grade at the time), I started looking to see if they had any of his books. They did, in fact, have Hondo, which I read. Then, I came back and got more of his books to read. It didn’t take long to read through everything our school library had(and later the public library). So, I started buying them whenever I could find them.


We also watched pretty much ever western that was on at the times. All reruns on TNT, what was The Family Channel back then(High Chapperal, Big Valley, Bonanza), and TVLand(Gunsmoke, The Rifleman). And I branched out to reading more westerns. But, I’ve always come back to Louis L’Amour.


And that was some of my inspiration that led to me writing Stained Snow. It wasn’t the first western I wrote. That happened back in seventh grade, when I basically did a knock-off(though a lot shorter) of Lonesome Dove. But, I’ve had a love of westerns ever since then.

And now, for a little snippet of Stained Snow, which will be out sometime in March(I will set an official date soon).

It took William nearly two days to reach Rawlins. He made it to South Pass, the easiest way through the Sweetwater Mountains without going all the way around to where the North Platte River cut through. Nobody had seen Thomas in a week.
He went west from there, following the railroad tracks. Every town William stopped in, someone had seen Thomas. Not everyone wanted to talk to him. Some had good things to say about Thomas. Others stated he’d stolen something from them. Even a horse in one of the small towns along the way.
He’d been on the trail for nearly two weeks and had started to give up hope he’d ever find his brother. It seemed every town William came to, there was less time between them.
He pushed on.
He rode into the town of Latham after passing through the mountains. It wasn’t a large town, but the railroad towns had plenty of saloons and houses of pleasure to cater to the rougher elements. William had never been much of a drinker, but the saloon was the best place to listen for news. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to keep up the pretense of drinking while listening for information, so he hoped it wouldn’t take long.
He stepped into the saloon and let his gaze scan the room before he headed over to the bar. In that quick glance, he had taken in who sat at each of the tables. William leaned against the bar and signaled the bartender.
When the other man approached he ordered a beer and put his coins on the bar top. Then, he turned to face the room while he waited for it. Looking out at the other patrons didn’t give him any more information. He didn’t know any of them. Didn’t know if any of them were friends with Thomas, or even friendly with him. He didn’t even know who would be the best to approach for information.
The bartender slid the beer across the bar to him. William caught it but held a hand out to stop the bartender from leaving. “I’m looking for someone,” he said.
“There’s lots of someones here. Why don’t you go pick one of them?”

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