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Knitting Monday: More Easter

Last week, I posted about a pattern that I had started but had not finished yet. Well, I did finish it Monday night. It turned out pretty well. I think I got the legs on a little crooked, but that would be easy enough to fix.

A little bunny

After I finished that one, I decided to start something a little more in depth, so picked the Triangle Cardigan, another pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. I knew it would take me a bit longer to make than these other projects had but wasn’t figuring on more than a week. Of course, I would be closer to being finished with it if I hadn’t realized Saturday night that I had screwed up. When I picked the stitches back up for the back, after doing the right and left fronts, I started on the wrong side. I did not realize this until I was halfway through the back. So, I had to rip out all those stitches, which had been about three or four hours of work. I spent yesterday trying to get back to where I was when I realized the problem. Pretty much there now, but this is definitely taking me longer than I had figured on. Once I finish it, I’m planning on doing a couple more quick projects.

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