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Monday Mentions: Language, “Miracle Cure”, and Reverse Outlining

Only three things to share this week. A bit shorter than last week’s.

Up first, is actually a website. I haven’t checked it out too much, but Linguee is supposed to be a better source than google translation. If you’re including dialogue in other languages, you might want to check it out.

Ava Jae posted last week on how the “Miracle Cure” trope can be hurtful. Very good post. I don’t have much else to say on it, as I don’t have personal experience with an invisible illness. I do know how I feel when people think facing my anxiety(except I face some of  it every time I’m around other people) will magically make it go away. It’s definitely something that I’ll make sure to watch for, though.

And a new revision method from Katherine Locke that I’m going to try. Usually I do two read throughs, the first looking for big issues, then again for the smaller stuff. I’ll still be doing that second read through, but I think with this, I might find those bigger issues easier.

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