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Writing Wednesday: Sleeping In

I don’t usually have a problem waking up early. Sometimes I do it even without an alarm. Even on weekends I’m usually up before 6. But, Friday I didn’t wake up until 6:30. Since the kids’ bus comes a little after 7, at least they were already up and getting dressed. Monday morning I slept until 5:30. Not too bad, but later than I’d like, since I like getting some writing done before the kids wake up. Tuesday I was up at my usual time, then this morning I woke at 3 but couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I put my phone down and went back to sleep. Until 6. So, that puts my whole schedule behind, but I can work with that.

I’ve decided to once again implement Mellow Monday. I’ve come to the realization that I need to take at least one day off a week. Just throw a middle finger up to my brain that says I’m not doing enough…no matter how much I’m actually getting done. Because usually by Thursday, I’m just…done. So, I figure if I take Monday off from writing(I’ll probably still do my Story a Day first thing this month and then maybe something laid back after that) and use it mainly as a reading day, this will help. Also, since we’re usually running around on weekends, and that also is when we’re most often social, it gives me a chance to recover from that(I am so not a social person). I did that Monday afternoon, after staring at my screen while trying to work on a story where usually the words flow, and I had…nothing. Tuesday was a much more productive day, so I think it helped.

Now, it’s WiPPet Wednesday time!! This blog hop, hosted by the inimitable Emily Wrayburn, is a place to share a snippet of a current work in progress that somehow pertains to the date. Today I’m still sharing from Jonas & Isaac’s story. I have 22 sentences(9+13) from a little later in the scene I shared from last week. Jonas has just come in to hear Isaac say he still loves him while he’s in Konner’s arms.

Konner shifted away, looking past Isaac. “Guess you must be Jonas, then.”

Isaac turned and watched Jonas’ gaze shift from him to Konner. “What gave you the first clue?”

Isaac twisted his head and saw Konner grinning. Of course. Very little kept him from doing that. No matter how rude someone got, Konner just kept grinning away. It had a tendency to disarm people.

“Well, you did basically just announce it,” he said. “And you look a lot like your older brother, so that doesn’t hurt.”

“So, it’s got nothing to do with the leg?” he asked, and Isaac thought he caught a hint of a smile.

“Didn’t get past the face actually.” He looked back at Isaac. “I get it now.”

“Get what?” Jonas asked, all traces of smile gone now. But, Konner kept his gaze on Isaac.

“Why you still haven’t been able to get over him. It bothered me back when we were dating, but I get it now. He’s a fine specimen. And all that emotion simmering under the surface. Yeah, I get it.”

How is Jonas going to react to that? Is Konner right? I should have a little more from this scene next week. You can go check out the other WiPPeteers here.


  • Primary: Green Hills & Smoky Fields: Book 1 – Story Toolkit – got through Major Plot Points, finished 2 protagonist character sheets, started 3rd character sheet 5b/18
  • Secondary: Plan out weekly Story a Day offeringsPlotted 8/25(guessing on this number right now) so far. The others from the second set of prompts aren’t really plottable(write in opposite setting from last time/write opposite your usual method). On target.


  • Primary: Write 45000 words on 5 main projects(one almost complete) – 13326/45000 words Off target
    • Still Burning – 854 words
    • Whatever It Takes –
    • High on Loving You – 287 words
    • By the Gun – 299 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 3412/10000 words Near target
    • Patrick & Sarah – 160 words
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 29 words
    • Roman – 229 words
    • Dougal & Shae –
    • Jacob & Matthew – 188 words
    • Mike & Fadil–57 words
    • Hawk – 103 words
    • Sean & Braeden –
    • Melanie & Garren –
  • Stretch: Write 50 pages on Jonas & Isaac project – 11/50 pages Off target


  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal when I get it back
  • Stretch: Edit Preggers short story – Filled in detail


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 10/30 Fell Off Target
    • Of Dreams and Rust(Sarah Fine) – Started this Monday(9/4) morning. At 14%. Not sure if it’s because it’s been so long since I read the first book or what, but I find myself not really caring. So setting this aside until I finish the other books on this month’s list(or at least for the week). Then, I may try to pick it back up.
    • See No Evil(Allison Brennan) – Started this Saturday afternoon. Finished it Monday afternoon. Really enjoyed it.
    • Edge of Control(Trish Loye) – Started this Monday afternoon. Finished it Monday night. Loved it.
    • Yours to Keep(Shannon Stacey) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday night. Really enjoyed it.
  • Secondary: Listen to 6 books – 1/6 Close to target
    • A Court of Wings and Ruin(Sarah J Maas) – Started this Thursday morning. On Chapter 18/84. Had some reservations about this because of things I heard when it was coming out. But, I still wanted to finish the trilogy.
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – I did read a little more of The Story of the Irish Race for GH & SF.

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post weekly Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday, SOCS, WeWriWa, & Sunday Summary posts –  On target
  • Secondary: Write & Post 25 Story a Day pieces – 11/25 written. 8/25 posted On target
    • Changing History
    • Birth – takes place after the end of Jonas & Isaac’s story
    • Dazzling Sunset – a bit with Ian and Aidan, from my short story, Hang On.
    • Looking Up – a bit of a “meet cute” for 2 new characters.
    • Moving Forward – a bit of ‘after ever after’ for Jonas & Isaac(though it comes before ‘Birth’.
    • Not Twins – continuation to my Preggers story, not posted
    • Motive – More Jonas & Isaac, combined with Stream of Consciousness Saturday
    • Breaking Rules – A quick 100 words of dialogue without quotation marks(prompt was to break some rules).
    • Konner & Derek – Wrote this by hand then dictated to my phone(both methods I don’t typically use).
    • Rapunzel, Rapunzel – a bit of a gender-bent modernized version of Rapunzel, featuring Konner & Derek.
    • A Good Sign – more with Konner & Derek, something that happens off page in Jonas & Isaac’s story.
  • Stretch: Post to Patreon 4x – 2/4 – posted a monthly writing update & posted Chapter 2 of Patrick & Sarah’s story. On target

Story a Day: Day 11 – “A Good Sign”

For today’s story, I used the prompt to “set a story in the opposite setting to what you wrote last time.” Last time, I had the story set out on a ranch. This time, I brought the characters into the city. This takes place sometime during Jonas & Isaac’s story, but will happen off the page then. It actually takes place(probably a year or two) before yesterday’s “Rapunzel, Rapunzel”.


Konner walked across the street with Derek. He wanted to put his hand on their back. Take just that much touch. He gritted his teeth together. No, he couldn’t do even that. Because then he’d only want more and more. And he couldn’t have it.
Five years. Only have years between them, and yet it felt like a larger gulf than it ever had. When they’d met and Konner had been fourteen, it hadn’t even seen that much of a difference. Maybe because Derek had always acted older than they were.
A few more months, and they’d be eighteen, and it wouldn’t matter then.
He could see Derek’s hands tremble. He took one in his and squeezed it briefly. “It’s going to be okay,” he assured them. “He’s been worried about you this weekend. He just wants to talk.”
They nodded, but their teeth were buried in their lip. “How’d he know I was here? Did you tell him?”
Konner kept their fingertips touching. Even that was sending tingles up Konner’s arm. “No. You know we’d never do that. You told Connie you were coming to the shelter, and Isaac let Toby know you were here so no one would think you were a missing person. If you were in danger, no one would have told him.”
Derek nodded. “He’s never hurt me. Not like that. But, his words did. I just couldn’t stay there.”
“I get it. That’s what we’re here for.” A lot of the kids who spent nights at the shelter were afraid of that, though. It’s why Isaac had been so determined to get the shelter started, because he’d never had a place like this.
Konner saw Derek’s father pacing in front of the shelter. “Do you want me to go all the way with you? Or I can stand over here and just come over if you need me.”
Derek’s wide eyes met his, and he felt like there might be a message Derek was trying to convey. It couldn’t be the one Konner wanted to read there, though. “I think I’ll be okay,” they said after a minute of the two of them staring at each other. “If I need you, I’ll tug on my bangs,” he said, giving an experimental tug on the turquoise lock.
Konner smiled. “I’ll come right over.”
It was a battle to hold himself back as Derek took hesitant steps toward his father. Derek hadn’t told him everything his father had said during their fight. But, he knew it had made Derek feel like they’d been a burden, and their parents, who had adopted them almost ten years earlier, felt they were owed something for all they’d done for Derek. Which was bullshit. And Konner really hoped some meaning had been lost in the emotion of it all.
He watched as Kevin, Derek’s father, started speaking. Derek just stood there, their eyes on the ground, until Kevin said something that had their head jerking up. From this distance, he couldn’t hear their words, but he saw the tears rolling down Derek’s cheeks. He started to take a step forward, but Derek didn’t give the signal. So, he held himself back. Then, Derek was in their father’s arms, being held tight.
Konner sighed. That was a good sign. Derek pulled back, said something else, and waved back toward Konner. Then, they were coming back. “I’m going home,” they said.
“I figured. You work everything out?”
“Not everything,” Derek said with a shake of their head. “But, we’re going to talk about it more. And he promised to listen to what I have to say this time. I just have to get my stuff.”
“Are you okay?”
Derek nodded. “Thanks, Konner. For not telling me I was being overdramatic about it. And for just listening.”
“Any time, Derek. I mean it.” He watched Derek walk into the shelter for his stuff, then he forced himself back to the youth center. This was good. So, why did he feel like a hook had been buried in the middle of his chest, slowly pulling everything out as he walked further from Derek?
He shook his head. Now, who was being overdramatic? Not that that was unusual for him.
This was a good thing. Derek would be fine, and eventually Konner would get over whatever this infatuation was. He just had to work a little harder at it.

Story a Day: Day 10 – “Rapunzel, Rapunzel”

It’s Day 10(well, my Day 10, since I’m skipping Sundays), of Story a Day. Today I’m using the prompt to tell a gender swapped version of a previously told story. I used Rapunzel as the spark for this one, though it’s a modern version, and there’s no witch. 😉


“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”
Konner glanced over the edge of the scaffolding to the person who had called up to him. He grinned even before he spotted them, though. He’d know that voice anywhere.
“Dee,” he said, “you can be such a goof sometimes.”
Derek, though they preferred to go by Dee these days, grinned right back up at him. “You love it, and you know it.”
He did. That was the problem. Dee’s hair was growing long again, falling over their eyes, and they’d dyed those bangs a deep purple again. Konner loved the different colors they changed it to, and the unpredictability of it. There wasn’t one thing about Dee he didn’t love, other than their age difference.
That didn’t have to be a problem anymore. But, Konner had held himself back for years, he’d almost felt as trapped in a tower of his own making as the character Dee had just joked about him being. And he wasn’t quite sure how to escape from it now.
Konner glanced back at the roof, unable to look at Dee and not want to go to him. There were a couple men up there, some of the ranch hands. They’d told him to just stay here on the scaffolding and hand them what they needed. He was fine with that. He didn’t mind helping out. Connie had helped him when he hadn’t even realized he needed it. He’d help out her family now that they did need it.
It didn’t look like they needed his help anymore. At least at this moment. So, he turned his attention back toward Dee. But, before he could say anything, he saw the horrified look take over their face, then the scaffolding started to tip. His feet slid out from under him, and he scrabbled to grab onto something. But, his fingers slid right off. Finally he latched onto one of the bars on the side. He could hear shouts all around him. The loudest came from below, though.
“Hang on, Kon. I’m coming.”
His fingers were already starting to slip, but he tried to do as Dee said. He tried not to think about his feet dangling out over the empty air. Or how many of his bones would break if he was to hit the ground from here. Then, there was a clattering against the barn wall behind him. He started to turn his head, but that made his weight shift and his hands slip. He tried to grab for the bar again, but his hand slipped right off.
Then, an arm wrapped around his waist, dragging him away from the scaffolding. For a moment, he was sure they were both going to tumble to the ground. Then, next to his ear, Dee said, “I’ve got you.”
His legs barely worked to help get himself down the ladder, and his knees were shaking too bad once they reached the ground to keep him up. So, he sat down right where he was. Dee knelt right in front of him. “You okay?” they asked, brushing their thumb over Konner’s cheek.
“Think so,” Konner said.
“Good,” Dee said. Then, their lips were pressed to his. Maybe he’d been wrong. Because he was pretty sure he’d died and gone to heaven. Then, Dee pulled back and grinned at him. “I’ve wanted to do that a long time.”
Nope. Heaven didn’t have any place forhim. He was definitely going to be burning in hell. But, he might as well make it worth it. He dragged Dee back for another kiss. Yes, this would definitely be worth it.

SOCS/Story a Day: Day 7 – “Motive”

“What do you think his motive is?”
Isaac glanced over at Konner, arching one eyebrow. “What are we, staring on a cop show now?”
Konner laughed, a little more than the statement probably warranted. He’d been like that a lot lately. Of course, Konner had always been able to find more humor in every day things than Isaac had. And it wasn’t because he’d had an easier life.
He hadn’t. But he apparently had something that was broken in Isaac. He ruthlessly shoved those thoughts—planted there by his father so many years ago, even though he’d thought he’d uprooted them by now—and turned back to the discussion. “Anyway, I thought it was your brother who was the investigator now.”
Konner snorted now. “I could set Maddix on him if you want. A little surveillance, and we’d have some answers.”
Isaac shook his head. “I’m not setting your private investigator brother on my ex-boyfriend. He hasn’t done anything.”
“Last time I saw him, he looked like he wanted to be your current boyfriend once again.”
Something flashed through Konner’s eyes, but he just grinned back at Isaac. “What would I be jealous of? I’m single and loving it, babe.”
Isaac knew when he used that pet name, he was covering up what he really felt. And Konner, single? Yeah, that never lasted long. “You are chronically falling in love, Kon. Single isn’t a state you exist in well.”
“But, it means no one is jealous when I flirt. Well, except that ex of yours. He didn’t look too happy when I flirted with you.”
“You’re being ridiculous. He doesn’t care. He just knows we’re exes, and thinks you might hurt me again.” He paused. “He obviously doesn’t know that you didn’t hurt me the first time.”
Their break-up had been a mutual parting. Konner had seen he still loved Jonas, even when he’d tried to deny it. Like he was still trying to do years later. And Konner had already been falling in love with someone else. As he’d said, it seemed to be a chronic condition for Konner.
“You did say you wanted to know why he keeps coming by, hanging out when you’re not busy. But, he leaves just as that tension starts snapping between you.”
“I don’t need a private investigator for those answers. I don’t need those answers.” Wasn’t sure he wanted them.
“You keep telling yourself that, Isaac. I can see the truth. Hell, everyone around here sees the truth.”
“I will,” Isaac said, ignoring the last two statements. “Thank you very much for your permission.”
Konner snorted again and bumped his shoulder against Isaac’s. Then, he started rambling on about…something. Isaac barely followed the conversation. Because…why did Jonas keep coming by? He shouldn’t care about the answer. But, he did. And he was afraid finding out would destroy him.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use “motive” in any form. Combining it with the Story a Day challenge. Used the prompt to go for emotion(was going for laughs, though may have fallen short there, though Konner always is a riot to write).

Writing Wednesday: One More Week

Actually a little less than a week. That’s when the kids go back to school! (Does it make me a bad mom if I throw a little party?) This hasn’t been the worst summer. The kids may actually be starting to get a long better, or at least handling it better when they get upset with each other. Although the last week or so, there’s been more arguing over little things. Tomorrow the list should be up so we find out who their teachers are. We got the girl everything on the list for what she’ll need for 4th grade. And she’s said she’s ready to go back.

We’re having the boy’s birthday party this weekend. His birthday isn’t for another week after that, but since that’s Labor Day weekend, and people usually have plans, we decided to have it early. Of course, my dad still won’t be there. But, I ranted about that on twitter last week(I think). No need to go into it again. Needless to say, I’m not surprised, and it’s nothing new.

I mentioned on Sunday about working in two hour blocks and writing a “day map” for getting everything done. I’m still doing that this week, and it seems to be going well for me, so I think I’ll keep doing that. Until it becomes more of a pain than a help anyway. This was my map from Monday(I adjust it as needed, but I think I like this basic format):

Now, it’s time for WiPPet Wednesday, the blog hop where we share a snippet that somehow corresponds to the day. Today I have 9 paragraphs(8-2+3) from the next scene of Jonas & Isaac’s story. He took the dinner order back to the youth center where both he and Konner(may remember him from Whatever It Takes snippets) work. They aren’t together anymore, but still good friends.

Konner sat on the desk in front of him. It was a position they’d been in plenty of times during college. There was nothing sexual in it right now, though. There hadn’t been for a few years. “You’re worrying me, Isaac. What’s going on?”
“He’s home,” he said softly.
He didn’t have to say more. Understanding dawned in his eyes. “It’s not the first time. Usually you just avoid him when he has leave. Didn’t Tereza tell you this time?”
Isaac shook his head. It was the only time she even mentioned his name. “It’s not just leave this time. He was hurt.”
“Oh.” Konner leaned forward and pressed his forehead to Isaac’s. “I’m sorry. How bad?”
“I don’t know,” he said, choking slightly on the words as tears welled in his eyes. “I only saw his face, and the scars there.” And one eye hadn’t seemed to track him. “I couldn’t stand it. It shouldn’t hurt. This is why I walked away five years ago. So, it wouldn’t hurt. Why didn’t that work?”
“Because you still love him.” Konner slid off the desk to wrap his arms around Isaac.
“No,” Isaac insisted. “I don’t. I can’t.”
Konner smiled softly at him. “Sometimes I don’t think we have a choice. Now, eat.”

Is Konner right? Will Jonas & Isaac get another chance? Does Konner still love Isaac? While you wait for those answers, why don’t you check out the other WiPPeteers? 😉


  • Primary: Write 50000 words on 5 main projects – 39987/50000 On target
    • Heart of Christmas -1054 words
    • Still Burning – 1180 words
    • Whatever It Takes – 1109 words
    • High on Loving You – 1273 words
    • By the Gun – 1109 words
  • Secondary: Write 10000 words on 10 side projects – 8149/10000 On target here, too. I’ve already met my goal for the week.
    • Patrick & Sarah – 275 words
      • “I’m not worrying,” the boy said, practically hissing the words at him. “I just want you to stay away. Leave my mama alone.”
    • Tavin & Haiwee – 268 words
      • “He does not belong with us, Haiwee. He has his own people.”
    • Roman – 257 words
      • Roman couldn’t understand it. There had to be some redeeming quality to the young man she could see, and he couldn’t. “I did everything I could,” he said again
    • Dougal & Shae – 354 words
      • It was better for all of them if she just forgot all about him. And the way he’d made her feel. Particularly the way he made her feel.
    • Jacob & Matthew – 261 words
      • Jacob put his hands on Matthew’s shoulders, staring hard at him. “You can’t be serious. No one in this town would trust me with that badge. What if I gambled it away?”
    • Mike & Fadil– 250 words
      • His mother turned to look at him, and he hated seeing the tears in her eyes. Yet there was still a slight smile on her face. “When you used to ask me that, it was because you really wanted one for yourself.”
    • Preggers – 359 words
      • Lyndi started to turn back, but Marika kept a hand at her back. “Leave her to her anger,” she said. “Don’t let yourself get sucked into it. You don’t deserve it.”
    • Hawk – 286 words
      • “Are you still worrying?” he asked as he placed another kiss at my wrist.
    • Sean & Braeden – 285 words
      • For a moment, Sean thought he might tell the boy. But, no, he couldn’t make himself vulnerable like that. “It’s nothing,” he said. “I’ll go up to the house. I’m sure Mum is wondering where I am.”
    • Melanie & Garren(Patreon bonus content from Healing the Heart) – 275 words
      • She hadn’t even talked to Jared since they’d finished medical school. She doubted she ever would again. *If you’ve read Healing the Heart, you know why this is sort of prophetic.
  • Stretch: Write 50 pages in composition notebook on Jonas & Isaac’s story – 54/50 pages. Way ahead of schedule here.


  • Primary: Edit Stained Blood as I get chapters back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting
  • Secondary: Edit Flames of Renewal once I get it back – 0/25 chapters. Still waiting.
  • Stretch: Polish In the Moonlight & Staring at the Sun, post Staring at the Sun on Wattpad, Edit Midas’ Daughter, Rename, Fill-In details, read through, revise, & polish Jared’s Stepfather – Filled in details(there were only 2), read through, revised, polished 50/50 items


  • Primary: Read 30 books – 22/30 Almost on target
    • Hot Rain(Kat Martin) – Started this Saturday morning. Finished it Sunday morning
    • Cyborg Legacy(Lindsay Buroker) – Read this Sunday afternoon. Loved it
    • The Saint(Monica McCarty) – Started this Sunday night. Finished it Monday night. Really enjoyed it.
    • Leaps of Faith(A.M. Leibowitz) – Started this Tuesday morning. I read the end of this with tears just streaming down my cheeks. So, you know, LOVED IT. Yes, I’m weird, I know this. But, seriously, it was so good.
  • Secondary: Listen 4 books – 5/4 Target reached. Ahead of target.
    • Need You for Always(Marina Adair) – Started this Thursday morning. Finished it Tuesday afternoon. This one made me cry, too.
    • This Time Around(Tawna Fenske) – Started this Wednesday morning. On Chapter 4/20
  • Stretch: Read 1 craft/research book – 0/1

Social Media:

  • Primary: Post Writing Wednesday, Fiction Friday(Chapter one of Staring at the Sun), SOCS(a playful moment between Jonas & Isaac), WeWriWa(the end of Chapter 1 of Hawk’s story), & Sunday Summary posts each week – 5/5 last week(all linked above except WW). Staying on target
  • Secondary: Post to Patreon at least 1x a week – Didn’t post anything last week. Posted an excerpt of Midas’ Daughter this week. If you were my patron(and you can be for only $1 a month if you click on the link), what would you want to see from me? I feel like I’m talking to a void there since I don’t have any patrons there, but I don’t want to just stop posting content.
  • Stretch: Stay current with blog comments – Current as of Wednesday morning

Writing Wednesday: Sentimental Value

I mentioned in Sunday’s post that we just bought my father-in-law’s old motorcycle. My husband’s stepmom sold it after his dad died. Both she and my husband have connections through their work(in road construction, though stepmom got out of that now) with the guy who bought it. And when he decided to sell after his wife got in a bad accident with her bike, he got in touch and offered it to us. We managed to work something out and instead of having our bike paid off in 2 more months, we’ve got a few years of payments left. We took it out twice this weekend, put about 150 miles on it.

My father-in-law on the bike when he first got it.

This is the bike my father-in-law had when I first met him. An ’03 Harley Davidson Road King. It’s what he rode to the family reunion in Ohio in August of 2006. And offered to give me a ride on around the campground where we had the reunion. And it was what I refused to get on then, still afraid of pretty much everything at that point in my life(really only a slight exaggeration, this was my first time meeting his dad’s extended family, so I was nervous anyway). About a month later, he was dead(he’d been sick, but we didn’t know how  bad it was). I never did take that ride with him, and that’s something I’ve regretted since. Sunday when we were out for Wendy’s ride(an informal support ride for a member of our fire department’s Explorer post who faced a lot of bullying this past school year. We’re planning to turn it into an annual event), that’s all that I could think of. And that I was now finally getting that ride. I don’t know why that didn’t hit me when we were out on Saturday. But, it didn’t until Sunday.

On a friend’s trailer so we could bring it home.

Anyway that’s it for my emotionalness(shut up, wordpress, it’s a word. I said so) about a motorcycle. 😉 It’s WiPPet Wednesday time! Today I’m working on Whatever It Takes, so you get another snippet from that. You haven’t met Jayla yet(unless you read Healing the Heart which released last December, and she was only in 1 scene of that. Konner was in that same scene). You have met the boy Konner’s talking about here, though. 😉 I have 10 paragraphs(1+9 for the day) from a scene I wrote last night(so very unedited).

A body flopped against the counter, and she jerked her head up. “Konner. You ass. Why did you have to scare me like that?”
Her youngest brother laughed. “That’s no way to talk to a patient, is it?” His hair was probably the straightest out of all of theirs. And he wore it a little long, so now he had to push it out of his face.
She worried for a moment, her gaze skating over him, looking for what could be wrong. “What did you do to yourself?” She didn’t see anything.
He sighed dramatically and put a hand over his heart. “I think I have love sickness. I met a boy today.”
She arched an eyebrow at him. And he launched right in, never needing much encouragement. “I guess that’s not true. I’ve seen him. He’s in my Writing 101 class, so I’ve seen him a couple times already. But, I spoke to him today. And he left his sketchbook behind, so you know, I had to go and return it to him.”
“Of course you did,” Jayla said, not able to hide her smile. “Did he thank you?”
His face dimmed slightly, though she thought that might be more concern than upset. “He acted like he thought I was going to hit him. Can you believe that? Like I’ve ever hit anyone in my life.”
“What did you do?”
“I asked him to lunch,” he said, grinning again. There was very little that kept Konner down for long. At one time that had been a coping method for him. Now, it was just a part of who he was. “And he came. And, God, Jayla, I think I’m in love.” He sighed and leaned against the counter as if it was the only thing holding him up.
“You dork,” she said, shoving against his shoulder. “I think you should have gone for a drama major instead of psychology.”

If you want to know who Konner met, I wrote this from the other guy’s perspective. 😉


  • Heart of Christmas – 10000 words – 7658/10000 words, 2118 this week
    • Now, he finally got why Declan was telling him all this. “I don’t plan to leave her,” he told the other man. If anything, she’d figure out he wasn’t good enough, and leave him. And she’d probably be smart to do it.
  • Still Burning – 10000 words – 7727/10000 words, 2506 this week
    • It was probably toxic to live like this, letting her in only to have her push him out again. Over and over, until he was sure he was going to break apart. But, he couldn’t seem to give her up anyway.
  • Whatever It Takes – 10000 words – 6381/10000 words, 1148 this week
  • High on Loving You – 10000 words – 5245/10000 words,
  • By the Gun – 10000 words – 5146/10000 words,
  • Side Projects – 10000 words – 6676/10000 words, 1436 this week
    • Midas’ Daughter – “Sweet dreams, princess,” he murmured. “We’ll figure everything out when you wake.” *This is finished! At least this draft. I’ll revise and find some readers for it then decide what to do.


  • Stained Blood – Beta edits – Chapter 1/26, 0 this month
  • Flames of Renewal – CP edits
  • In the Moonlight – Read Through & Revise – Read through Chapter 19/32.
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Story a Day: Day 14 – “Nightmare”

“I had a nightmare last night. I woke up and started writing…”

Jayla looked up when her youngest brother trailed off. His face looked slightly darker than usual. Like he was embarrassed by his admission. “You still doing that journaling stuff?”

He shrugged one shoulder. “Gail and the therapist both say it’s good for me.”

Jayla tried not to let the resentment surface at the mention of the woman’s name. She understood, really she did, why that woman and her husband hadn’t wanted to take her in along with her younger siblings. They hadn’t tried to block her access to them and had given them a good home. Something Jayla never would have been able to give them. She still couldn’t even if she was in a better place now, but she still needed to get through college and find a job and a house. And by then even the youngest, Alexa, would just about be out of school.

“Then, you should probably keep it up. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She wished someone had given her tools to handle her own nightmares better. Sometimes it didn’t even feel like they went away when she woke up. “Did you want to talk about it?”

He met her eyes for a moment then shook his head. “No, I’m fine now.”

If he wouldn’t talk about it with her, it probably had to do with Mica. And that time in her past she’d rather just forget about. He and Maddix had been old enough to have an idea what was going on, and what their older brother had sacrificed his life for. Alexa had been kept insulated from that as much as she could be. Jayla was thankful for that at least. She didn’t want her baby sister to lose her innocence the way she had. She was nearly the same age Jayla had been when her own nightmare had started.

Jayla would do whatever she could to protect the young girl from ever having to face that. That was a promise she swore to herself she’d never break.

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