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Silly Sally

Silly Sally went to town
Waking backwards,
Upside down.

On the way she met a pig,
A silly pig,
They danced a jig.

Silly Sally went to town,
Dancing backwards,
Upside down.
– “Silly Sally” by Audrey Wood

Three year olds and their love of repetition. You gotta love it, right? Or I could just be losing my mind. This is the book we’ve had to read every night at bedtime during this last week. And I very well could be losing my mind since I’ve found myself reciting the words to it during the day. Still on the fence about whether it’s better than reading The Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, or Green Eggs and Ham every night(her other favorites).

For the parents out there, are there any books your kids wanted to read over and over(and over and over and…)? Are you ever able to convince them to read something else or just have to go with the flow? Are there any books you remember wanting to read over and over as a kid?

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