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Just Jot It January: Day 30 – “Blue”

“I think I like the blue one better.”

Kayla smiled at her brother’s girlfriend. “Adrian said you’d say that. We don’t even know what we’re having yet. What if it’s a girl?”

Corrin grinned at her. “Does it really matter? Whoever made the rule girls couldn’t like blue and boys can’t like pink? It’s bullshit. They’re colors.”

Kayla laughed. “I knew I liked you for a reason, Corrin. And I think you’re right. We’ll go with that light blue,” she told the guy behind the paint counter. “Jace told me he already had ideas for how to decorate the room. I think it’s going to be perfect.”


Today is Day 30 of Just Jot It January and the prompt was “blue”. This will likely come after the end of Playing with Fire.


Just Jot It January: Day 13 – “Hospital”

“What do you mean Jer’s in the hospital?” Silas demanded. He kept the phone pressed against his ear even though his whole body felt numb.

“I don’t know that there are too many meanings to that, Silas,” Kayla said, her voice somehow still calm. “He’s fine, though.”

He didn’t see how that could be. Jeremiah had been at work. If he was at the hospital, that probably meant there’d been a fire, and any number of things could have happened. “How bad?”

“I just said he’s fine, Silas.”

“He wouldn’t be there if he was fine. How bad is it?”

“I haven’t seen him yet. I stepped out to wait for our parents to get here and figured you deserved a call, too. But, Jaya insisted it wasn’t that bad.”

He’d met the paramedic before, but her word didn’t mean much when his mind was racing with all the possibilities. “I’ll stop and get Corrin, and we’ll be on our way.”

“You don’t have to rush here-”


“But,” she spoke right over him, “I’m sure he’d be glad to see you. Both of you.”

He almost thought he heard something else in her tone, but no, that couldn’t be. She couldn’t know. “We’ll be there as soon as we can.”


The prompt for day 13 of Just Jot It January was “hospital”. My characters seem to be well acquainted with that location. 😉 And Kayla may know more than Silas thinks.

Flames A-Z: Zachary Brooke

This is the final installment of  my Flames A-Z posts. I may do another one for one of my other series for the official A-Z challenge in April. We’ll see. I’ve stretched this out quite a bit, but it’s been fun.

Zachary Brooke is the younger son of Robert and Carol Brooke. James is his older brother. Zachary is just under a year younger than his brother, and they did pretty much everything together. Both went into the fire service, got married within a year of each other, and Zachary’s daughter was just about a year younger than James’ son.

Zachary was always the more impulsive, reckless of the two. He got into situations that James usually ended up having to drag him out of. Sometimes literally. He was light; blond hair, blue eyes with a very bright, outgoing personality. James was the darker one, almost black hair, green eyes, and a much more serious demeanor.

Zachary married Angela before he even turned twenty. Their daughter, Kayla, was born less than a year later. They were still celebrating that when Zachary carried his nephew out of a burning house. He stood with his brother as he had to bury his family. But, he didn’t know what to do when his brother wanted to hide away their memories as well, as if that would erase all the grief.

Zach and Angela wanted to add to their family, but it was ten years later before their son, Jeremiah, was born. Both of his children showed an interest in following him into the fire service. That worried him a bit, knowing the dangers it held. So, he asked both of them to put in at least two years at a regular college before they decided to join the fire department. He didn’t stop either of them from volunteering with the department once they were old enough, though. In fact, it made him proud they wanted to.

When Kayla joined the department, it quickly became apparent that she took after her father in more than just looks. And that really scared Zachary. But, he still supported her. He realized how rough things must have been on his brother as he tried to make sure she never took the recklessness too far. Then, due to some health concerns, he needed to retire from the fire department. He couldn’t keep that eye on her any longer. But, she was already starting to trail with his brother to become an investigator.

Retirement isn’t going easy for him. But, his daughter is married, his brother has finally found love again and is making a new family. And his son is finishing that second year of college and getting ready to join the fire department as well.

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