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Teaser Tuesday/JusJoJan: Day 12 – Skulls

It’s day 12 of Just Jot It January. Today’s prompt is “skulls”. And I have nothing for this, really. I do have another teaser for Stained Snow, though. I searched through to see if I used the word skull anywhere in the story. But, nope. Instead here’s a bit about hard-headedness.

“David, you’re not coming.” The sheriff had already started forming a posse. Even if William hadn’t been a deputy, the responsibility to join it would have pulled at him. He would have rather get his family home, but that wasn’t a possibility now.
“I can ride a horse too. Why can’t I go, Pa?”
“Because you’re too young. I said you’re not coming.” Had he ever been so hard-headed? Where else could David have gotten the trait from? “It’s too dangerous.”
“You’re going.”
This boy would be the death of him.

I’m still hoping to have this out in March or April, though it may end up being late April. We’ll have to see. Right now I’m working through Edits as I get chapters back from my beta reader. So, once I have them all back, I’ll have a better idea of a release date.


JusJoJan: Day 7 – Robust

Not feeling robust today. I did not want to get up out of bed this morning. Usually I don’t have too much of a problem with that. Especially when, like last night, I was in bed by about 8:30.

I’m used to only getting 6 (usually less) hours of sleep a night. I usually get that straight through the night, though. I forgot how much more tiring it was to wake up every couple hours. That is one thing I do not miss about having really little babies. Mine stated sleeping through the night pretty early, though.

Now, though, instead of getting up to feed a baby, it’s to take a puppy outside. But with this face: wp-1452197136927.jpg who needs sleep?

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