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Family Friday: Pre-K Graduation

Hayleigh’s last day of school was on this past Wednesday. But, the pre-K classes did their graduation on Monday. And even though she will be staying back for another year of pre-k, she was not left out of the celebration. It was a cute ceremony. There was a slideshow playing when we first got there of pictures taken of the kids throughout the year. One of the first ones I saw was of Hayleigh climbing up to one of the slides, and she was looking over her shoulder at the camera. And the look on her face was totally one of her looks. Then, the kids came marching into the room singing a song and wearing caps they had made. They sang a few songs then got their diplomas. And seeing Hayleigh beside all the other kids, I could see just how much smaller she really is than the other kids. Which makes sense considering some of them are almost a full year older than her(since some turned 5 as early as last September).

walking to the front

getting her diploma from her teachers

with the diploma back at her cubby

She’s now on summer vacation. and on the first day of that, she kept asking me when she was going back to school. This girl definitely likes school. Hope that continues for a long time.

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