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Family Friday: Birthday & Check-Ups

Nathan’s 2nd birthday was this past Monday. We celebrated it a few times over the weekend. On Saturday, we had a party with my side of the family down at a campground where my mom and stepdad were camping.

eating watermelon at the campground

his birthday cupcake

trying to eat all the ice cream in one bite

frosting in his hair

and into his ear

a new puppy

fire coat and boots

construction set

dump truck(or “du tru”) and digger


Then, we had another celebration on Sunday with Cory’s side of the family.

my little firefighter before his party.

Nathan’s dinosaur cake

wearing his boots for his party

more construction equipment

And some clothes

new dishes

John Deere cups

and another tractor

Cars activity mat

blowing out his candles

Then, on Monday we had a little celebration with just us.

traditional picture with his big puppy

opening a present from Mommy and Daddy

a new train

a truck from his sister

checking out this big present

a bike!

and he’s just about big enough for it


And today, both kids had their check-ups. Nathan weighs 27.5 lbs, which is about the 42nd percentile, although he was moving around on the scale, so it might be a little off. And he is almost 35 inches, about 63rd percentile, and his head is 50.5 centimeters(not sure why that’s the only one they don’t give in inches), which is about 90th percentile. So, he’s skinny, tallish with a big head. 🙂 The doctor asked about his speech, and I told her some of the words he’s saying, mostly “du tru” and “tra” and “oh no”. And of course “muk”, his favorite drink. She said we could get him evaluated if I was concerned that he’s not talking enough, but really I’m not. He’s so much more verbal than my daughter was at 2, and he talks all the time, we just can’t always understand a lot of it. She only said maybe half a dozen words at 2, and he is saying more than that now. If he’s still not saying much more in another 6 months or so, I may be more concerned. But, for now, it’s good. He didn’t have to get any shots today, just the nasal flu vaccine.

Hayleigh weighs 37 lbs, 3.2 oz, which is 33rd percentile for her age and is 41 inches, which is 23rd percentile. So she is short and skinny. 🙂 She had her hearing and vision checked and hearing was good and eyesight is 20/40. The doctor said that’s not really unusual for her age, but is borderline, so we could get it checked if we wanted. Since she takes after me in just about every other way, I don’t doubt she’ll need to get glasses at some point too. So, if I ever go in to get mine checked and new glasses(I’ve had these ones 3 years and are so scratched up I can barely see out of them), I’ll probably have hers checked too. She also got three shots, since she wasn’t able to get them at her 4 yr old appt which was 5 days before her birthday, and the nasal flu vaccine. She never even cried, so the nurse told her she could take 2 stickers when we left.


























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