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A to Z Challenge – G is for Gio Magaldi

Name: Giovanni “Gio” Magaldi

Age: 23, almost 24 years old

Description: Gio is somewhat tall, with a lithe body. He has strawberry blond hair, long enough to pull back into a tail and blue eyes.

Short Bio: Gio is the youngest of Dougal and Shaelyn Magaldi’s four children. He has two older brothers, Cormac and Brann, and an older sister, Caitie. The three of them all followed in their mother’s footsteps, to become cops. Gio only ever really wanted to work with his father in the family pub.

He always knew he wasn’t quite like his brothers. He always related more to his sister. Despite their very Catholic upbringing, he never felt a lot of shame for how he was. He just never had a name for what he felt for a long time. Gio didn’t think he was a girl, though some days he felt more like that than fully like a boy. He was in his twenties before he found the term genderfluid and knew it fit him. But, he kept that to himself, not sure how his family would take it.

He was not so cautious about the rest of his identity, that he was attracted to all genders. His parents accepted this pretty well, as did Brann and Caitie. They also accepted his preference to be called by the shortened version of his name. Cormac was the only one in their immediate family who took issue with any of it. This would actually become a trend in their relationship.

Gio went to college for a business degree then started working beside his father in the pub. He was pretty happy with his life, though he wished he could truly be who he was without hiding any of it. He hoped one day he could be.


“But, I don’t want to go out there.”

Caitie laughed and shoved his shoulder. Gio let himself stagger, not that she wasn’t strong enough to make him do it, if she’d put any effort into the shove. Caitie might be small, but she was strong. “Now, you sound like one of Cormac’s brats.”

Even he could hear the affection in her voice, despite the harsh term she gave them. “Come on, Caitie. You know all of our elderly brother’s children are perfectly well-behaved.”

She laughed even harder at that. “I’m not sure which is funnier, Gio. You calling someone only eight years older than you ‘elderly’ or that his children are perfectly behaved.”

The truth was, all four children, ranging from seven down to three, were actually pretty well behaved. Most of the time. But, Gio doubted anyone was ever perfect enough for the saintly Cormac.

Certainly not Gio. He tried not to be bitter about it, but it was hard when he knew the things his oldest brother thought about him. Had heard him say when Gio had dared to bring a boyfriend to a family gathering. Sometimes it seemed easier just to stay single than submit someone he cared about to that.

His other brother and Caitie were both accepting of him and anyone he was in a relationship with. As were their parents. But, Cormac always made him dread these things.

Caitie put an arm around him as if reading his thoughts.  “Come on. I’ll protect you like a good big sister.”

He laughed but stepped away from her. “Too bad you’ve been half a foot shorter than me for several years now.”

She didn’t leave him alone, though. “Come on. Adrian really wants to introduce Kayla to all of us. I think you’ll like her. I do.”

That was enough for him. Sure, Caitie liked pretty much everyone. But, she was also one of the best judges of character he’d ever known. So if she thought their cousin’s new girlfriend was a decent sort, he’d put good money on her being right.

*Note: this is another scene that happens off the page. Though I do mention Adrian taking Kayla to meet his extended family.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “Hair”

“Your boys are here.”

Corrin glanced over at her cousin, Gio, also her boss. His light red hair was pulled back from his face, and his blue eyes twinkled as he grinned at her. Then, she looked in the way he gestured. And saw Jeremiah and Silas sitting at one of the tables. She looked back at her cousin then. “You don’t seem to have a problem with our arrangement,” she said. “You don’t think it’s wrong?”

One corner of his mouth lifted a little higher. “Do you really think I, of all people, would judge?”

“My dad does,” she said softly. It still hurt that her dad couldn’t accept that she was happy.

Gio gave her shoulders a quick squeeze. “He’ll come around. Even Cormac has started to with me and Cam. And you know how easy it is to bring Cormac around to anything not originally his idea.”

Corrin laughed at that. He did have a point. She just wasn’t sure if it was true.

“Go see your boys,” he said, squeezing her shoulders once more before heading back behind the bar.

Corrin headed toward the table and caught Silas’ eye first. His smile spread and he shoved some of his dark hair back from his face. Jeremiah looked over his shoulder, and his grin joined Silas’. “What can I do for you boys?” she asked, trying to smother her own grin.

“Well, now,” Silas said, I could tell you, but I doubt your cousin would like any of those suggestions. Ow!” He reached under the table, likely to rub the leg Jeremiah must have kicked. “I was just teasing.”

Corrin couldn’t help but laugh. “What can I get you to eat or drink?” she rephrased her question.

Silas still waggled his eye brows at her, and she laughed again, but he behaved this time as they orders drinks and dinner. As she turned to leave, she saw Silas lean across the table and kiss Jeremiah. There was no jealousy when she saw the two of them together. Just an eagerness to be able to join them. A couple more hours of work, and she’d be able to do just that.


SOCS badge

This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was “hair”. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to work that in. But, I decided to visit with Corrin and company from Playing with Fire. This will come after the actual story.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – “drink”

Welcome back to another Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Today’s prompt is “drink”. The story I’ve been plotting out is perfect for this one, since most of it will take place in a pub. 🙂

“Can I get you something to drink?”

Cam didn’t like the look of the man leaning against the bar, but he wasn’t visibly intoxicated, so there wasn’t a reason for him to refuse him service. He wished there was. He’d just have to serve him as quick as possible and hopefully he’d go find a table and not be back up.

“Actually I’m here looking for someone.”

“Well, there are a lot of people out there,” Cam said, nodding toward the nearly full dining area. “Most of them already have company, though. I don’t know if they’ll be pleased to have you join them.”

He heard a snort behind him and instantly recognized it as Gio’s. Thankfully his boss didn’t have a problem with his sense of humor. He actually seemed to enjoy it at times. The man in front of him didn’t seem to, though. The corners of his mouth twitched down.

“I meant someone in particular. I need some information on him. Heard he was working here.”

He felt tension crackle out from behind him, and Gio stepped forward. “If you need information on one of my employees, I’d at least like to know who’s asking.”

“I don’t see why that matters. I just need to know if he’s here.”

“Then, I need to know who’s asking. You have ID?”

The man grumbled, but he drew out his wallet and showed his identification to Gio. Cam didn’t catch the name on it, but Gio’s tension didn’t ease, either. “You can buy a drink or you can go, Mr. Boyce,” he said as the man put the wallet back in his pocket.

“His brother’s trying to find him,” the man explained, and it twisted Cam’s stomach. No, this couldn’t be happening. “They’ve been estranged, but it’s important he find him now.”

“Then, maybe he should come himself. I don’t have to give you any information about my employees, though.”

The man looked over at Cam, and he knew. Elliot was looking for him. He apparently hadn’t run far enough. And Elliot hadn’t gotten he hint the last time he’d packed up and left. “Can I take my break now, Gio.”

“Sure thing,” Gio said, not taking his eyes off the man. “I’ll watch the bar for you.”

Cam hurried out from behind the bar and into the back room. He could just go. He didn’t want to leave Gio hanging, and things had been going so well for him here. But, he could let Elliot drag him to the place he’d been before. He didn’t have to go, he reminded himself. He’d been away from his family without contact for more than a dozen years. For good reason.

He wasn’t going to run, he decided. And he didn’t have to let his brother drag him anywhere, to another state or back to that state of mind. And if Elliot did come here, he’d tell him exactly that.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Class

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday theme is ‘class’. I thought maybe I’d write more about Hawk and Devil(or Gavin and Damon as they used to be called), but instead I have something else. I just started plotting out a companion novella to my Flames series yesterday. So, these two are still in my head. Neither are actually firefighters(which the series revolves around). One is the brother of a character from Flames of Retribution. The other was actually an antagonist from Flames of Restoration. He wasn’t really a “bad guy”, but he did a not great thing that could have made things really bad for one of the characters. He knows he screwed up, and now maybe he has a second chance at his own “happy ever after.”


“I guess I missed that class.

Gio threw his head back and laughed. Cam seemed to make him laugh every shift they worked together. It was part of why he made sure he wasn’t in the office whenever Cam was behind the bar. The bartender shot him a look now, coupled with a slightly shy smile. That wasn’t a side he showed very often, certainly not with the customers. At least not the male customers.

“Flirting isn’t that difficult,” Gio said. “You do it all the time.”

With the male customers. But Gio had noticed he was a bit reserved even there. Cam had told Gio when he’d hired the man there had been an issue with a customer where he’d worked before. Though he’d never gone into just what had happened. He was careful not to let any of that go too far, but some mile flirting didn’t cause problems.

“Has someone complained?” Cam asked, suddenly looking tense.

Gio placed his hand over the one Cam had braced against the bar. “No,” he said, his voice soft. “If it was something like that, we’d be having this conversation in my office. And if there was any weight behind the complaint, you’d be taking a hike.”

Gio tended to be soft-spoken, and people usually took that to mean he could be pushed around. But, not when it came to managing his father’s pub. They had a zero tolerance policy for drinking on the job and for sexual harassment. He didn’t mind the mild flirting, but if someone asked them to stop and they didn’t, they’d be gone. A ‘no’ or ‘stop’ meant just that to him.

Cam seemed to relax a bit at that. Then, he turned to take an order from another customer. He didn’t flirt with this man, though. Gio recognized one of the firefighter’s his sister’s fiancé worked with. Did he have something against firefighters? or did he recognize the flirting might not be welcome. Gio knew all about being cautious around different people.

He watched as Cam drew two drafts with a  steady hand, but that same hand shook almost uncontrollably as he reached for a bottle of Rolling Rock in the cooler. Gio grabbed it for him setting it on the bar with the other drinks. “That it for you, Austin?” he asked since Cam had already turned away. What the hell was up with that?

“Yep. Looking forward to Caitie’s wedding.”

Gio smiled at the rookie firefighter. “So am I.”

When the man took the beers away, Gio turned back to Cam. “There a problem?”

Cam shook his head but wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Okay if I take my break now, though?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ve got things handled here for now.” But, he still watched Cam as he slipped out from behind the bar. Then, he turned his gaze to the table Austin had walked to. He knew all those men, particularly Nolan, his future brother-in-law’s best friend. They were all good guys. So, what had made Cam react like that to them?

He tried to push that thought away as he struck up a conversation with the next customer. But, it kept circling in his head for the rest of the night.

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