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A-Z Challenge: O is for Olivia Stevens


Olivia Stevens stared out the kitchen window at the kids playing in the yard. Her son, Bryson, was kicking a ball against the fence over and over as it came back to him. He was quick to move to intercept it when it didn’t come right back to him. She smiled as she shifted her gaze to her daughter, Lauren. She was playing in the little house Charles had paid to have built for her. None of those plastic constructions for his little girl.

A streak of red raced across the yard, and the smile fell away from her face. Rylan, of course. That boy never slowed down. Or listened. Her kids could play quietly by themselves, but he had to make the most noise, bring the most attention to himself.

She may have raised him since he was only a couple months old, but he’d never be hers. She’d tried. Olivia had comforted herself with that. He was only a few months younger than Bryson. She tried not to think of that. How Charles had married another woman after their night together that had changed her life. Then, not even a year later, Olivia had heard about his divorce and shown up at his door when her son was only a few weeks old.

Their life had been off to a good start. Then, his ex-wife had shown up and shoved her son off on them. They’d never seen from her again. It had nearly wrecked their marriage in its early days. Then, she’d been pregnant again. She liked to think it smoothed the rough edges of their relationship. But, she saw the way he looked at his middle child, and maybe it influenced the way she treated him as well. She didn’t like to think of that, though. She took care of him. That’s what really mattered.

The door slammed open, and she jumped a little. She’d been so lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed Rylan coming toward the door. He ran across the room, skidding to a stop when he saw her. “I was, uh, coming in to…Can we have some juice?”

If she hadn’t been in here, Olivia knew he would have just grabbed the juice boxes from the refrigerator. Which she’d told him he had to ask first. Also, “How many times have I told you not to wear your muddy shoes through the house? I just cleaned the floor.”

Heat flooded his face, and he glanced down at the floor, at those tracks of mud. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “Can we have the juice?”

She let out a long breath. “Fine. Stand on the mat, and I’ll get it for you.”

He retreated the few steps to the door, and the mat there, while she retrieved the juice boxes. When she handed them to him, she said, “Hose off those shoes before you come back in or leave them outside.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said quietly, still not looking up at her.

She had a quick spurt of guilt at the dejection that had fallen over him. But, she wiped it away. The boy needed discipline, that was all. The least she could do was make sure he got it.

Note: Rylan didn’t have the greatest childhood, since neither of the people who raised him seemed to care much for him. One of my current projects is actually his story about 20+ years after this, and he’d still dealing with the feeling of being rejected by everyone who should have cared about him.

Fiction Friday: Ongoing Projects

I’ve recently started a new writing schedule that will allow me to work on several different projects at a time. And still get my editing done. I have 10 different series at least planned. But, only 4 of those are currently in progress. So, I’ve put those, along with my list of standalones into my calendars for the rest of this year and next year. Working on a different one each day. I only have the series titles in the calendar(though I put the book title for the current month) since I don’t know exactly when I’ll finish it.

Anyway, these are the projects I’ve currently got on my schedule*:

Guarding the Heart(BC Security #1)

This was actually my NaNo ’11 novel. Last year I re-outlined it. And started it over from scratch. I started writing it last February, and it’s been pretty much stop and go from there. Hoping I can finally get it finished before this year is over.

He’d promised to protect her life, he didn’t realize it could cost him his heart.

After a failed assignment, retired Marine Casey Brannigan, needs to bring his personal security company back from the brink of shutting down. It would mean another failed career for him, but worse consequences for his partner and employees. When he gets a call from Senator Blaine, he doesn’t want to take the job, but knows he has no other options. Casey battles with his client, or rather his daughter, and hates that he keeps backing down. But, when it comes to her life, he doesn’t care what it costs to protect it. Even if it means his own life, or his heart.

Some Fools Never Learn(Hunter Family #2)

This is a spin-off from my Flames series. I’m including both of these, as well as another spin-off I’m planning all as one series. There will only be 4 books in this series(Jace’s story: Burning Bright, this one, then Kelan’s: Ready When You Are, & Jess’s story – no title yet, but all the others come from song titles, so I’ll probably continue that theme). I haven’t actually started writing this one yet, but it’s on the schedule for next Tuesday.

Tate Hunter is focusing all his attention on his job, and trying to ignore the mess of his personal life. Until he runs into Emilia Stiel at the community center where he’s working. An artist, she’s about as different from him, and his first wife, as possible. Still, she knocks him off balance and intrigues him. Just as they take off, though, his ex-wife returns, sending him around another loop of his personal rollercoaster. Can he get things back on track, or is he only meant for this crazy ride?

Bryan & Leo(Gilbert, CO 4.something)

This is a novella that will take place somewhere after Chasing the Ghost. I’m just not sure if it will come before or after Freeing His Heart. You’ll meet Bryan & Leo in Chasing the Ghost. But, I wanted to tell more of their story. It will be bookended by scenes in the present, but the majority of it will take place when they first meet. I’m still working on their back stories, so no plot summary for this one.

Let It Begin(Kurztown 2.5)

This novella is set about a month after the epilogue in Scars and All(which is on July 4th). It’s the story of Natalie(Brian’s mom) and Patrick(Brian’s boss). I already have about 17k written, and it will probably be at least 30k, maybe a little longer.

Patrick DiSalvo loved Natalie Graves with everything a teenage boy had, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from choosing someone else. Thirty years and two marriages later, he still loves her. Natalie has survived an abusive marriage, but she still doesn’t feel she’s left it behind. She’s finally standing on her own and Patrick is still waiting there for her. But, when someone from his past returns, do they still have a chance together?

By the Gun

This is the standalone western I’m currently working on. It’s actually a story I started working on several years ago. I never actually finished it back then. But, I’ve re-outlined(maybe I should just say outlined, because I don’t think I did even that the last time) and have started it from scratch.

Luke Tierney hung up his life of gunfighter to raise a family, but now its his son who may have to take it back up.

Alejandro Tierney is helping his father move some cattle when he learns something disturbing about the past. When they get back to the ranch, though, they find something even more disturbing. This sends Alejandro on a journey of recovery and reckoning Will this journey destroy him or bring him to an understanding of his father’s choices?

*plot summaries are all rough ideas I came up with during outlining process. Final summary is likely to be different.

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