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Fiction Friday: Midas’ Daughter – “Flip Cares”

I’m back with another scene from Midas’ Daughter. In the last one, we first got to meet James Adair. And he’s a piece of work, isn’t he? Today, we’re back with Flip.

Flip took the reins from Calla, but he didn’t move as he watched Calla head across the yard. He’d seen that rich, entitled prick drive up. Prince Charming, yeah right. But, a part of him worried that’s just what Calla would see when she looked at him. Why wouldn’t she after all? He was everything Calla had been raised to think she was meant to have.
Flip wasn’t any of that.
The horse nickered and nudged his shoulder. He reached up and rubbed her face but still didn’t take his eyes away from the house. Not until he saw Calla duck around the side of the house and head toward the back door. He almost started chuckling. When Dario had called down to the stable to send Calla up there, it had been apparent in his voice that he meant ‘right this instant’. But, Calla was apparently going to make him wait anyway.
And she’d probably get away with it.
He gave a shake of his head as he finally turned and led the mare to her stall. He quickly stripped off the saddle and pad under it then slipped off the bridle. He grabbed a brush from her tack box and started brushing her.
There were times when he had more responsibilities out here. And he should check on the horses that they had at the local racetracks. He just didn’t want to leave Calla here alone. Not, that she really cared for his presence. He shook his head as he finished grooming the mare and dropped the tools back into the box.
He came back and stroked Ariadne’s neck. “I worry about her,” he admitted as he wouldn’t to anyone else. “Her father doesn’t have anything good in mind for her. I’m sure of that. He just doesn’t see how much worth she has. Though I don’t know how he could miss it. I’d give anything-”
Flip sighed and gave Ariadne a final pat then moved over to the stall door. “I’m here, Dad.” He hadn’t even heard his dad pull up. He’d found a small cottage just off the Midas’ property for his father when he’d had to retire. Dario didn’t like his father dropping by now that he wasn’t an employee, but that never seemed to stop him. Flip almost smiled at that.
“Can’t that girl take care of her own horse? Or does she have more important things clouding her mind now.”
“Dad, you know it’s not like that. If her father would let her be, she’d spend almost all her time out here.”
“Then, maybe she should leave and get away from his influence. What’s keeping her here?”
He’d thought the same thing more than once. Still, he felt the need to defend her as he latched Ariadne’s stall behind him. “It’s not as simple as all that. She loves this horse, and he’ll hold that over her head as long as he can. And…well, he still is her father, no matter what else.”
His father let out a long breath. “Yeah, family can twist you up something awful.”
Flip shot a glance at this father, but the older man only smiled. “Not you, my boy. You’ve never done anything but make me proud. Not all family is so easy, though.”
“I have to take a drive out to the track. Want to join me?”
His father looked wistful for a moment. It used to be him asking Flip that same question. “Yeah,” he finally said. “I’d like that.”
Flip cast one glance to the main house as he climbed into his truck after cleaning up. He wished he could make things easier for Calla, but he just didn’t see how.

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