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Monday Mentions: Getting It Right & Word Sprints

Just two posts to share today, but they are kind of related.

First, I read this post from Ava Jae on First Drafting. I agree with everything she says here. Sometimes I’ll look up little details  while I’m drafting, particularly if it’s going to affect other aspects of the story. But overall, I just worry about getting the story down. In fact, I tend to have a lot [xx] scattered through my WiPs. That can be anything from a name to a place, or any other detail I know I need to look up later. These are things I try to fill in during my first round of revisions. But, during the first draft, I don’t worry too much about them.

Then, I read this post from L.S. Mooney on The Great Noveling Adventure. Again, agree with all of this. I’m definitely more of a quantity writer when first drafting. Like I said above, I’m more worried about getting the story down in this stage. I participate in a couple different word sprints. The morning @novel_adventure sprints on twitter. On Fridays, there’s the #writeclub sprints, 30 minutes with a 10 minute break between. They run in pretty much all time zones, so you can almost guarantee you’ll find one no matter when you write. And this month, we have #JuNoWriMo. Again, there’s sprints running most of the day.

I don’t really use Write or Die anymore. I’ve found I like ForceDraft better. You can set a time or word count goal, and you have to meet that goal before you can get out of it. And it saves it in one file instead of having several of them. It also saves automatically(I had a few problems with the newer Write or Die not saving). I’ve only had a couple problems with ForceDraft, and that was mostly operator error(meaning to put 900 words, but clicking on minutes instead).

I know this pace of writing doesn’t work for everyone, but if I try to focus too much on getting the right words down, I don’t get any words down. So, this definitely works for me.


Writing Wednesday: Mind Your Business

Only Wednesday morning, and it’s been a productive week already. I got ahead on my writing goals last night, so had today’s finished by 7:30. Hoping that means I can get ahead for the rest of the week as well. I’m not doing a RoW80 check-in today though. Since tomorrow is the last day of the round, I’ll just do the final wrap-up then. But, I do have a WiPPet snippet for you at least. Not far past last week’s bit. For today, I have 31 sentences(6+25). Adam is out checking fences with the foreman when he sees something disturbing.

He drew in a breath and slowly released it, then fell in beside James. But, they hadn’t ridden far when he pulled on the reins. “I can’t do it,” he said. “Tell Patrick I’ll be back before dark.”
“Damn, Adam. Get the hell back here.”
Adam was already urging his horse into a trot then a lope. He didn’t bother responding to the foreman’s words. Something did not feel right. It weighed on him like a heavy blanket. He was afraid it would suffocate him if he didn’t find out what was wrong. He heard another shout behind him, knew James had turned and followed him. He didn’t stop though.
He came to the rise of a hill then yanked on the reins. A cabin had stood in the clearing below. The trees were cut back, leaving enough so that it would have been hidden coming from the other direction. The direction that the Kline ranch lay. But, someone had obviously known about it and had not wanted it here. All that remained besides the stone of a chimney and a few logs of the foundation, was smoking ashes. He saw another pile of ashes to the right of that. What had probably been a lean-to for the homesteaders’ animals.
That heavy blanket still hadn’t lifted from him.
Adam heard the pound of hooves behind him. Probably would have reached for his gun if he hadn’t known James was following him. “Damn,” the older man breathed when he pulled his horse up beside Adam.
“I’m going down there.”
James reached for his reins before he could even urge the horse forward. “It’s still not our land, Adam. Not our business.”
“And what if whoever’s cabin that is is still down there. We can’t just leave them.”

I’m more than halfway through the first draft of Stained by Ashes. I was hoping to have it done this month, but it may spill over into July. That’s all right. It takes as long as it takes. I may just have to adjust my goals for Camp Nanowrimo.

If you want to know how the second RoW80 round went, check back in tomorrow.

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