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SOCS/Story a Day: Day 5 – “Walk on the Beach”

Today’s Story a Day prompt was:

Have some fun today: Steal something from a favorite published universe

Remember, you can’t sell a derivative work without permission, or a license, but that’s not the point today. Today is all about having fun in a world you know well, or with characters you already love.

I just finished reading another of the books in Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters books, so I stole a couple characters from that. And I’m combining it with the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of using “letter” in some way in the post. I had fun with this one, but it of course won’t end up in an official story.


Isaac slipped his hand into Jonas’ as they headed down to the beach. They’d both needed this trip away. Isaac to try to forget what his father had done, had tried to do. And Jonas to put aside whatever that letter from Santiago’s mother had said. He knew it had been bothering him, but he wouldn’t talk about it.
Jonas’ new leg buckled a bit as they headed into the softer sand, and Isaac stopped. “We can go back. If it would be easier to stay up there.”
Jonas shook his head and tugged on Isaac’s arm. “Come on. I promised you a walk on the beach. So, that’s what we’re going to do.”
They fell into silence again as they walked. He hated seeing Jonas struggle, but he also knew Jonas would hate him bringing it up. They were still trying to figure out where this was leading them, but hopefully this week would help.
Right now he was enjoying just getting to spend time with this man.
He saw two people heading toward them and his shoulders stiffened for a minute. No one had even looked at them strangely while they were here, though. At home it wasn’t so bad, either, but you never knew. After all, Isaac was well aware his father wasn’t the only hateful ass left in this world.
His grip tightened as the couple drew closer, though. “Jonas. Jo, do you know who that is?”
Jonas glanced over at him then toward the two people coming toward them. One man was smaller and lithe, the other a bit taller and broader. That was the one Isaac couldn’t look away from.
“I don’t have a clue, Isaac,” Jonas finally said. “But, it looks like they’re just out for a walk like us. They probably don’t want to get stared at.”
“That’s Robin Chadwick Cassidy,” Isaac said, trying, and not succeeding, at keeping his voice down. “He gets stared at all the time.”
The smaller man was looking right at them now, and he moved slightly in front of Robin, as if he had to protect him from them. “I have no idea who that is,” Jonas said.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Isaac said, looking away from the men finally. “Don’t you watch any movies? He was in American Hero. I know I told you about it. Right after I moved in with Roman and Cristine, we found it on tv at night when I couldn’t sleep.”
The men had moved closer, and the smaller one was still in front of Robin. But, Robin laughed. “You look way too young to have seen that.”
Isaac felt his cheeks heat. “I think it had been out at least ten years at that point. But me and my foster mom watched all your movies after that.” His gaze went to the smaller man. “You’re his husband.”
Robin’s husband was staring at Jonas, though, and Robin rolled his eyes. “Jules is usually more personable. He’s still trying to decide if you’re a threat for me.”
The small man’s lips twitched up a bit at that. “Actually I’m trying to figure out if I know him. What branch?”
“Seriously?” Jonas asked. “I’ve been out for nearly a year. I would have sworn the Army had washed off of me by now.” Jules laughed, and Jonas shook his head. “I don’t think we’ve ever met, sir, but doesn’t everyone know Jules Cassidy, FBI agent extraordinaire. Married to his movie star husband for nearly two decades.”
“That’s pushing it a bit far,” Jules said, but he was grinning. “How long have you had the new pin?”
To Isaac’s surprise, the question didn’t make Jonas bristle as it usually did. There seemed to be genuine concern in it and not the somewhat morbid curiosity of most people. The four of them fell into step together as they continued down the beach.
This trip suddenly seemed like a very good idea.

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