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Knitting Tuesday: Bibs, Cozies, Hats


Like I figured, I finished the bib last Tuesday. I only had the one shoulder and I-cord tie to finish, so I knew it wouldn’t take me long.

Cow bib

In Progress:

I started another cause hat. This one is a beanie with a 2×2 folded rib brim. Since the brim is folded, it is also about the longest section of the hat, and usually it’s the shortest. So, I have just started on the main part of the hat.

beanie with 2×2 folded rib brim

I also started another cup cozy. The pattern is pretty simple, but it’s turning out nice. I just have a few more rows to go until it’s finished and add on a couple of buttons.

Cup Cozy

And I had also started a scarf until I looked at the pattern againand realized how long it was. And was pretty sure I did not have enough yarn to finish it. Thankfully I was only six rows into the pattern. So, I ripped it out and decided to wait until I had the yarn it actually calls for. Instead, I decided to work on another of my original ideas, a Mickey Mouse hat. Making this one to fit my son, but I only have the brim done so far.

Mickey Mouse Hat

Coming Up:

Once I finish these projects, I’m planning on working on another baby hat, a bib, and another of my cause hats. Of course, that is always subject to change.
And, as always, if you see anything you like or if there is something you want me to try to make, you can send me a message at brownsnovelknits@gmail.com or visit my Facebook Page. I also have my Etsy page back up. Right now, I am just listing Ready to Ship items on there, but the more customizable items(mostly for color and size) are on my Facebook page.

Knitting Monday: Open For Business

I haven’t really talked about this on here, but at the beginning of the year I decided to start trying to sell my knitting. I had been thinking about it for a bit and was looking into what all I needed to do to start. So, at the beginning of the year, I bit the bullet and sent everything into the state. I got my sales tax license a week later. I set up my shop on Etsy and started a page on Facebook. Yesterday, Brown’s Novel Knits went live.

I published my Facebook page on Wednesday and had 24 likes before I officially opened for business. And yesterday, I got 26 views on my Etsy shop, but no sales yet. I don’t have a lot of items up yet, just a few hats & bibs. Working on some more things and hoping I can get more of a variety. I’m not expecting to make a lot of money from this, but hopefully enough to supplement our income. Plus, it will give me somewhere to send my projects instead of having them sitting around the house(and my kids can only wear so many hats).

Hoping I make my first sale soon. But, I’m going to try to remain patient(not an easy task for me) and keep the knitting needles moving until I do(well, and after).

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