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Teaser Tuesday: Emelyn

Sharing a snippet from Guarding the Heart again this week. Today we get to meet Emelyn Blaine.

Emelyn Blaine stared at the screen. She knew she should shut it down. This wasn’t getting her anywhere. Instead she went back to her initial search and clicked another link. There had to be something more out there.
This wasn’t even about class any more. The assignment had been to determine why a case hadn’t been solved. Not to try to solve it herself. So, why was she doing just that?
“Because you’re an idiot, Emelyn, that’s why,” she muttered. She needed to just write her paper. She had enough information for that. She moved the mouse and brought the document up. Her opening paragraph, that’s all she had so far. Only a couple more days to finish before the deadline. That’s what she should be worrying about. But, her attention kept going back to her search.
There had to be more answers out there somewhere. She just had to figure out where to find them. She heard the front door slam and winced for a moment. Melissa must have had a bad day. She saved the document and went out to see her best friend.
“Need a glass of wine?” She asked, leaning against the doorframe to the kitchen.
Melissa turned to face her. “If I didn’t have all these papers to grade, I’d take you up on that.”
Emelyn shrugged. “What do you want to do for dinner?”
“Are you cooking or are we doing take-out?”
“Doesn’t matter.” She didn’t admit it to many people, but she actually enjoyed cooking. She rarely followed a recipe, but she enjoyed the process of figuring out what went together to make a good dish.
“Whatever you want to do then. I should get started on these papers.”

What kind of trouble will Emelyn get in with her need to keep digging? Wait around, and you’ll find out.

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