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Story a Day: Day 3 – “Escorted”

It’s Day 3 of Story a Day. I continue with Bree with today’s prompt:

Write a story in 100 words
(Don’t budget too little time for this. Shorter doesn’t always equal faster!)


Bree wasn’t surprised to see security officers when she reached her desk. Leo hadn’t wasted any time. “It won’t take long to gather my personal possessions, gentlemen. I planned on leaving today anyway.”
One guard smiled, just a slight lift of lips, but the other scowled at her. “You should be hauled out in handcuffs for attacking Mr. Colson. After trying to kill—”
A laugh burst out of her. A thrown stapler wasn’t a murder attempt. “Trust me, he deserved worse. I’m ready.”
She lifted the box of her things and started toward the elevators ahead of the security guards.


Story a Day: Day 18 – “Protect You”

Another short one today. Was shooting for 100 words, but went a bit over again. This is a continuation of Day 16’s story, “The Monster“.


“Here!” I grabbed her and pulled her down behind the wall, sheltering her. I could feel her shaking. “It’s going to be okay. I won’t let anything hurt you. I promise.”
“They were right behind us. They’ll catch us.”
I crouched in front of her. “Not if you do as I tell you. I was brought here to protect you. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Okay?”
After a moment, she nodded. I took her hand again. They were closing in. “On three, we’ll run again. Trust me, okay?”
She nodded. I counted to three. I kept her tucked against me as we fled from the monsters masquerading as parents.

Story a Day: Day 16 – “The Monster”

A really short one today. Was shooting for a drabble, but it’s a little over 100 words(125 to be exact).


They were never going to believe me. Not this time. Not again.
Every time they came in to search, they told me it was just my imagination. And to just go to sleep already.
I didn’t imagine that scuffling sound under my bed. Or the hairy arm that came out to pat at my mattress. I stared at it now, and huddled in the corner of my bed, the blanket pulled up to my chin. If I screamed again, would they come before the monster got me?
A second furry arm joined the first and soon a head popped up from under the bed. The scream nearly popped out, until I saw the monster grinning at me. “You ready to have an adventure?” it asked.

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