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WeWriWa: “His Crosshairs”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for any who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Hawk’s story. Today’s snippet is the beginning of the next chapter, which picks up shortly after they leave for their ride.

By the time we got out on the road, the sun was riding high in the sky. It was a beautiful day, but even the full brightness of the sun couldn’t chase away the shadows that hovered over my thoughts. He was out there, my father. It was almost like I could feel his crosshairs in the middle of my back.

From the way Devil kept glancing over at me, he knew where my thoughts were going. Or maybe he had the same premonitory feeling I did.

It had been buzzing along my skin from the moment we rode away from the clubhouse. Something was going to happen today, even with our little babysitter along. I nearly snorted at that thought; Wraith would probably punch me out for thinking of him as little or a babysitter.

He might be able to watch our backs, but he wouldn’t be able to stop a sniper’s bullet.

Is Hawk’s feeling right? Is something going to happen? Will having Wraith around do any good? I should have more next week. 😉

WeWriWa: “Stupid Enough”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop for everyone who loves to write. I’m still sharing from Hawk’s story. This picks up from where last week’s left off and is the end of Chapter 3. May be sharing from something else after this since I’ve set Hawk’s story aside while I finish something else. I do still have 600 words of Chapter 4, so I may be able to keep going for a little bit at least. Anyway, here’s this week’s snippet:

I laughed at that and slid my hand along Devil’s back. “We’ll be right out there then.”

Trace’s face was full of color now, and he turned away. Icarus was still shaking his head. “Take care while you’re out there,” he said. “Having Wraith along will help ease my mind, but I don’t want a call from him telling me we need to bring a cage to transport your bodies back here.”

None of the men liked to drive a vehicle, or cage, if they didn’t have to. I couldn’t blame them, as I hated to as well. It would be even worse, though, if it was because we’d been stupid enough to get ourselves killed.

“We’ll do our best.”

Is something going to happen while they’re out? Will they make it back? What’s going to happen next? If you knew that, what would be the point in coming back to read more? 😉

WeWriWa: “Out of Control”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I skipped the next line of the scene I’ve been sharing from in Hawk’s story. Icarus thought Hawk meant more than he did by the grandchildren comment.

I burst out laughing. “God, your face. No, Icarus, not that I know, not that they confide in me, but I’m pretty sure you’d be one of the first to know if Birdie got knocked up.”

There was a choking sound behind me, and I turned to look back to where Trace had stumbled to a halt, his face white. “Birdie’s pregnant? Why wouldn’t she tell me?”

I dropped my head back and hit it against the wall behind me. Devil was bent over, holding his side. “No one is pregnant; I don’t know a damn thing,” I said. “I made one little comment and it’s rolling out of control now.”

A little relief from the stress they’ve been under. Don’t worry, that will be coming back pretty soon.

WeWriWa: “Walk on Eggshells”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write, and to a new year. I hope it’s been a good start for everyone. It’s freezing here, was 0 this morning, but words have been flowing, so there’s that. And today I have more of Hawk’s story. This continues right after last week’s.

A throat cleared behind us, and I could have sworn I heard a laugh in it. I turned my head and saw Icarus standing there, Trace beside him. It still threw me after more than a year how much the two of them looked alike. Trace still held himself back a little, as if afraid someone might lunge at him at any moment.

Devil coughed slightly and I saw his cheeks start to turn red. I knew he still worried a bit about other people seeing us together. No one here cared about it, though, or not so much they didn’t care, but they accepted without reserve.

Neither of us had been used to that before coming here to the club.

Still, I would have thought by now he’d have come to realize we were safe here; maybe he could never feel safe, though. I wished he would; I hated having to walk on eggshells around him when it came to showing my desire around him, but if it meant holding onto him, I would do just that.

Uh oh, is there trouble ahead in this relationship? We’ll have to wait and see. 😉

WeWriWa: “Sucked Less”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I hope everyone who celeprates had a wonderful Christmas. Just north of us got over 5 feet of snow earlier this week, but that band managed to miss where we live. My husband plows up there, though, so some of our Christmas plans changed. It all worked out, though(except we still have presents for nieces and nephew we haven’t been able to see yet). But, for now, I have a little more with Devil and Hawk. This picks up right after last week’s.

His face colored, but he stepped closer to me, his mouth meeting mine. I slid my hands up into his dark hair, pulling him even closer before nipping at his lip.

He groaned and pressed in closer to me. I wasn’t going to complain about that. I wished we could get even closer than this. Not yet, though, I wanted to check up on Mr. Bentley again. I wouldn’t put it past my father to go after him just to hurt me, but Icarus didn’t want us riding out on our own for the time being. Not even Devil and me together. It sucked needing a babysitter again after all this time. But, it sucked less than being dead would.

Hope everyone has a happy(and safe) New Year. We’ll probably be sticking around the house if at all possible.

WeWriWa: “My Devil”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, a blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m on to the last scene I currently have written for Hawk’s story. I guess I’d better get to writing more of this before I do catch up to myself.

Damon stepped up beside me, his hand slipping under my vest, warm through my shirt. “It’s going to be okay,” he said. “We’ll figure something out.”

I turned toward him. “Who are you and what have you done to my Devil?”

That had one side of Devil’s mouth tipping up. “Guess you’ve been rubbing off on me.”

My own lips curled up at that. “I’d certainly like to do that.”

These two. :-]

I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Christmas. We’ll be busy Sunday-Tuesday, then things should calm down for the rest of the week.

WeWriWa: “Don’t Deny”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I feel kind of like I’ve been up and down and around this week(and I’m really not much of a fan of rollercoasters myself). The kids had Monday off from school, then only a half day Wednesday because of the funeral of a teacher who died the week before. And that all threw me off a bit, but I still made progress. And I’m here with the next bit of Hawk’s story. Wraith was talking to a relative of one of the group that the Riders have been fighting with, though they’ve made a truce recently(that was at the end of Dance with the Devil). He’s relating that to Hawk & Devil here.

From the arch of Wraith’s eyebrow, he’d had the same thought. I didn’t really care right now, though. I needed to know what was going on, but he answered easily enough. “He said his relative told him they were planning to take out at least one of the pretentious vigilante assholes. His words exactly, not mine; I of course don’t think we’re pretentious or assholes.”

I nearly laughed, but it got stuck somewhere in my chest. “You don’t deny the vigilante part, though.”

“Why would I? That’s basically what we do. If the law isn’t going to help, who else will?”

Is this other group really the ones behind this? Will they accomplish what they have planned? I’ll have more next week.

And I got Chapter 9 of Staring at the Sun up on Wattpad this week, so you can check that out if you’ve been following along with Icarus & Cassie’s story.

WeWriWa: “Just a Tease”

Welcome back to another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. Today I’m picking up pretty much where last week’s snippet left off. I cut out two sentences between and got creative with punctuation to get to the end of the scene.

“He’s a wise, old man.”

“Hey,” Mr. Bentley shouted, “I heard that.”

He had to be at least in his seventies, probably closer to eighty, but he’d always hated being called old. Damon chuckled under his breath then leaned forward and pressed his lips lightly to mine. When he started to pull back, I grabbed his head. “You fucker, that’s just a tease,” I said and pulled him back to me.

We kissed until I heard Mr. Bentley say, “Damn boys, you know there’s no fan in here, and this place could go up like a tinderbox if you raise the heat anymore.”

I laughed and pulled back. Damon’s cheeks were still red, but he was grinning, too, and the tension between us, now that he knew Mr. Bentley was okay with us, had eased. We shouldn’t have a problem making it to when we could leave again and retrieve our bikes.

Will they be able to get their bikes? What are they going to do about the danger out there? Are they ok now? I’ll have more next week.

I also got the first chapter of Staring at the Sun up on Wattpad this week, so you can check that out if you’d like.

WeWriWa: Behind Armor

Welcome back for another visit with the Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. We have a much more laidback weekend here than the last one. I’ll savor that for now since the next couple won’t be as much. But, after Labor Day, things usually calm down social-wise. At least until the holidays. But, I’m sure you’re here for more of Hawk’s story. so, here’s the next bit. This follows right after last week’s.

His gaze shot past me to the truck, but Mr. Bentley hadn’t come out yet. He looked back at me. This was something we’d been trying to work past as well. He was mostly okay with the other Riders seeing us being affectionate, but with anyone else around, he reverted to his old state, of trying to pretend we were only friends.

I wish he never had to do that. But, I knew it could be hard to leave behind armor that had always done well protecting you.

So I held myself back from kissing him, even though I wanted to do it more than anything else at the moment. I couldn’t be the one to make the move. Damon just stared into my eyes, though.

Then, from the truck, Mr. Bentley shouted, “Jeez, boy, just kiss him already and put him out of his misery.”

Will Damon kiss Hawk already? Will it get easier to leave behind that armor? What is going to happen next? I should have at least one of those answers for you next week.

Fiction Friday: Dance with the Devil – Chapter 8

I’m here with Chapter 8 of Dance with the Devil. Only two more to go after this one. Here’s the beginning of the chapter.

I started to think I’d never be able to move without some kind of pain. I wasn’t out of bed for more than using the bathroom for two days. Even then, someone had to accompany me in case I fell. It was humiliating. I should be able to at least handle that myself. The guys had to be looking down at me for my weakness. But, none of them acted all that different around me.

Except for Hawk. He’d been avoiding me since I’d first woken up. Sure, I saw him around the clubhouse from time to time, but he hardly spoke to me. I thought back to what Icarus told me. Was I hurting him that much? Didn’t he know he’d be better off without me anyway?

It didn’t matter. I had my arm out of the sling, and Medusa said it was strong enough I didn’t have to do the exercises she’d given me every day anymore. My ribs were all healed up, and I could run up and down the steps with hardly getting winded.

Now we were finally planning to go after the Crows. We’d been trying to avoid it. Even after they’d shot at Trace several months back. Icarus had wanted to hit back at them, but he didn’t want to bring more trouble down on us. We’d been taking things slowly, carefully.

They’d decided enough was enough. I hadn’t been involved with that meeting, since I had still barely been able to make it up and down the stairs without help. It didn’t matter. The vote had been almost unanimous. It was nice when the club came together like that.

I stepped out onto the porch. I could finally walk outside without having to have anyone help me. To not have to ask anyone if they can help me to sit out on the porch. I wasn’t going to take that for granted. It had been the most lowering thing.

At least that’s what I kept telling myself. This hollow feeling inside me didn’t have anything to do with Hawk. I didn’t miss him every day he wasn’t at my side. And whose fault was that anyway?

Mine. It was all mine. I’d pushed him away again and again. Why would I think he’d choose to stick around? He wasn’t some toy I could keep on a string, pulling him back when it suited me. He deserved so much more than that.

I stepped down off the porch, trying not to think too much about that. I had a new bike, and I’d finally be able to ride it. Waiting for Medusa to give me the all clear for that had been worse than anything I’d ever waited for before.

You can find the rest of the chapter here.

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