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Family Friday: Growing Up

Nathan turned 19 months at the beginning of April. That is very hard for me to believe. Especially when I was looking through pictures to print out for his scrapbook the other day. Yes, just a few more months until he turns two, and I am just starting to work on the scrapbook. I saw the picture I took of him at three months old, and it was hard to remember when he had been that little. But, I look at him and see how much he has grown.

The day before Easter, he got his first haircut. It wasn’t unmanageably long or anything, just getting rather shaggy around the ears. And Hayleigh and I were both getting ours trimmed at my sister’s after my cousin’s baby shower, so I decided to have her trim his up as well. And I couldn’t believe how much of a difference just a little trim made in how he looks. He no longer looked like a little toddler anymore. Instead he was transformed into a little boy.

The day before his haircut.

Getting his hair cut

Looking all grown up at Easter.

Then, earlier this week, I was getting his breakfast ready. Just a bowl of cheerios, so nothing elaborate. But, as I was pouring them into his bowl, he went over and climbed up into my chair at the table. Just like that. And he sat there the whole time he ate breakfast. I resisted this new change for about a day. Then, switched the extra chair for his high chair. And he’s been sitting in his “big boy chair” since then. Granted there is more playing around at meal times, but he still sits there and eats.

Sitting at the table

I looked back through photos of Hayleigh, and she was still in the high chair at her second birthday, but out of it within the next eight months(the next picture of her at the table is that next Easter). But, he seems to be doing just about everything earlier than she did.

At this rate, before I know it, he will be the one going to Pre-K. Although since his birthday falls just a few days after the school cut-off, I have an extra year for that.

Family Friday: 18 Months Old

Time is flying by so fast that I did not even realize Nathaniel turned 18 months last Saturday until Sunday morning. Sometimes it is hard to believe just how fast they grow up. And he is definitely growing up. We have not had his 18 month check-up yet, but I took him in and weighed him on our scale at home the other day. And according to it, he weighs about 25 pounds. Only about 7 or 8 pounds behind his sister. He also seems to be catching up to her in height, but he’s too much of a squirmer for me to try to get that measurement on my own.

He is starting to figure out the spoon and fork more. Up until recently, he could get food on the fork or put the fork in his mouth. But, getting both at the same time didn’t really happen. Just the other day though, he did seem to figure it out.

He is getting a lot better at following directions too(sometimes I think better than his sister) and will do a good job of putting his toys away at night(if he feels like it, that is). The other night I told him to go pick up his computer and put it in his toy box. And he did it.

His vocabulary is expanding as well. He still doesn’t say much that is understandable by us. But, he uses mama and dada well. And he knows “no” very well(probably since he’s a little monster and hears it so much). He’ll look at something he’s not supposed to touch, point at it, and go “na na na”. He also has names for both of the dogs. Our lab, Lady, is now “la da” and the chow mix, Shadow, is now either “ya sha” or “sha sha”.

The other day we were in the dining room, and he went right over to the bookshelf and pulled Cory’s John Deere book right off the shelf and started carrying it around. He sat on Cory’s lap looking at all the pictures and pointing to each of the tractors. I can see he’s definitely going to be his daddy’s boy.

Carrying the tractor book

Looking at tractor pictures

And here’s a video of them looking at the book:

18 months old

My little goofball

wrestling with his puppy

And in comparison, a picture from a year ago. He was just starting to sit up on his own.

Family Friday: My Little Monkey

I knew from the time he was born(well, really from the time I found out I was pregnant), that my son would be very different from his sister. With her, no morning sickness. With him, nauseous all day, every day during the first trimester. With her, I craved pasta, fruit, & milk(and popsicles in the middle of February). With him, pasta nearly made me sick even after the first trimester. Instead I craved meat and vegetables and just about anything spicy. When we went in for the 20 week ultrasound, my daughter had her legs crossed, so they were just “pretty sure” she was a girl. My son, there was no doubt. My daughter was laid back pretty much from the day she was born(until about 3 or so when she became a total drama queen). As I’m sure you can guess, my son is still the total opposite of his sister.

Even before he could walk, he was climbing on everything he could. We had to move our coffee table to where he couldn’t reach it because he’s use his sister’s set of chairs to climb up on it. He apparently has not gotten the climbing urge out of his system at 16 months old either. We can’t keep him off the couch or coffee table(which we finally moved back into the middle of the living room). And recently he’s learned if he stands on the arm of the couch, he can almost get up onto the back of the couch. Yes, I’ve had a few near heart attacks in the last few days.

We’ve tried redirection. Tell him not to stand on the couch. Set him back on the floor. Move him to his toys. Even got him a little slide so he’d have something he’s allowed to climb on. He doesn’t care. He goes right back to what he’s not supposed to do. Every single time. And there’s only so many times I can move him away before I start to lose my patience(and my mind). Thank goodness for the playpen. Except for the fact that he can pull himself up and hang on the side of it. Has not quite figured out how to get his lower body over the side yet. But, I’m afraid we won’t even have that as an option anymore. And it probably won’t be long after that he’ll figure out he can climb out of his crib as well. Certainly not ready for him to be in a toddler bed yet.

Family Friday: My Little Monkey

So, Nathaniel has been walking for just over a month now and is getting pretty sure on his feet. And even before he started walking, he loved to climb. We used to call him a little mountain goat because he would get up into a set of low chairs and then climb up onto out coffee table. That was one reason we had moved our coffee table back to where he couldn’t get to it. But, back then, he couldn’t get up onto the couch without something in front of it to give him a step up. In the last couple of weeks that has changed though. He is now climbing up onto both of our couches without a problem. And I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but there is no redirection with this child. If you move him away from something he wants, he just goes right back to it. No matter how many times you try to distract him from it. I suppose this could be the reason for my utter exhaustion by 9 at night even more so than the time change.

Climbing up

Getting all the way up

sitting on the couch like a big boy

thinking he can stand on the couch

Family Friday: And He’s Off!

I guess it’s official now. I have a toddler. Nathaniel has been taking a few steps here and there since his birthday. But, it has only been when he feels like it, which is usually when he thinks I’m not watching. As soon as I turn to look at him he’ll sit down and start crawling. Then, on Monday he was on the other side of the living room, and he let go of what he was holding onto and started walking toward me. I had just enough time to take a picture before he sat back down.

Walking over to Mommy

Since then, there hasn’t been any stopping him. I’d say he’s walking at least half the time now and probably starting to do it more than crawling. I was even able to get a video of him walking by bribing him with a teddy graham cookie. He hasn’t needed any incentive since then though. I know this means he will be getting into even more(like he wasn’t all ready into everything), but still I’m happy that he didn’t wait until he was almost 17 months old like his sister. She watched everything and did not even try to walk until she knew she could do it. Pretty much from the time he was born, we knew he would be different. And he hasn’t proven us wrong yet.

Steps to Walking

It’s hard to believe that just a month ago I was worried because Nathan was not quite crawling at almost 9 months. He was going backward but had not figured out how to move forward yet. And it seemed that all the other babies his age were crawling and starting to cruise along furniture. I remember feeling that Hayleigh was so far behind the other kids her age and how stressful that was for me and was determined not to go through that again. Apparently not determined enough though because by the end of May, I was feeling like he was the only nine month old(or almost) that wasn’t crawling.
Then, just before Memorial Day, we were at a friend’s house and he took his first forward crawling “steps”. After that, there was no stopping him. The next day, he was pulling up to his knees and the day after that, he started to occasionally pull to his feet.
When he would get to his feet, he would always get upset. We’re still not sure if it was because he didn’t know how to move or because he forgot how to get back down. But, we don’t have that problem anymore. He is now cruising along furniture, gates, and pretty much anything he can hold on to.
I did not think I would have too much to worry about when he became mobile. After all, when his sister was at that stage, she did not give us too many problems. We just had to tell her no a few times and she learned what not to touch or get into. What I forgot though is that from the time of conception, these two have been just about exact opposites. She was a laid back baby and still is for the most part, except for thinking she’s three going on thirteen(her latest thing is “okay, if you say so”, each syllable full of attitude). He spends most of his day in “baby jail” (aka: his playpen), because he keeps trying to play with things, particularly the cords behind the tv, that I keep removing him from and trying to redirect him. And he just usually laughs at me when I tell him no. I can see I’m going to have my hands full with this one. And I’m sure he’ll be walking(and running) earlier than his sister since she didn’t take her first solo steps until 16.5 months.


The day after he started crawling. Going after his sister’s toolbox because she was not home.


pulling up to his knees on the gate


getting to his feet so he can pester his sister


pulling up to stand in the playpen


getting ready to start cruising


like I said, he’ll pull up on anything even if it’s not too sturdy.

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