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Just Jot It January: Day 29 – “Fantastic”

“This is fantastic, Connor.”

He shook his head at his sister’s words and tossed the paintbrush down on the nearest surface. “It’s shit.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Darcie said, moving closer to him. “It looks wonderful.”

“We must be looking at different paintings,” Connor said. He just wanted to take the canvas off the easel and toss it across the room. It couldn’t make it any worse. “It’s shit. Everything is shit.”

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked, peering closer at him. She was the last person he wanted to look too close. She was already too perceptive. “You never act like this.”

“Sorry I can’t be the laidback brother all the time.”

Darcie laughed. “Are you serious? Of course, you are. You’re always serious. Not laidback. Quiet maybe, but that’s not the same thing. Now, what’s going on?”

Connor sighed and ran his hands through his hair. Darcie batted them down, though. “You’re a mess, little brother. And I mean that literally. Do you even know how much paint you have in your hair and on your skin. Go take a shower, then you can tell me.”

Connor wasn’t sure how well soap and water would clean his mess up, and he didn’t just mean the paint. But, at least it was a reprieve from having to tell her how he’d screwed up everything good in his life. And not even from something he said or did. But something he hadn’t.


Today’s Just Jot It January prompt was “Fantastic” by Jill. This will take place sometime between the wedding scenes and yesterday’s.


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