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Photo Friday: Halloween Time

I’m a little late getting this post out. I realized this morning that I did not have a picture of the girl in her costume, even though I had one of the boy. And, of course, they were both at school at that point. Then, we picked them up from school to go to the funeral home for viewing hours for my husband’s grandpa. After that, we came back for dinner with the family then trick-or-treating. Got a picture of both of them and individually, but that was right before we were heading out the door. So, now it’s almost 8. We’re home and both kids are in bed. The boy didn’t even make it home before he was asleep.

vampire girl!

vampire girl!

My MIL came over last weekend with some pumpkins the kids had helped her pick out. Plus they both brought one home from field trips to a local pumpkin farm. In all, we ended up with 10 pumpkins(3 really small ones that we didn’t carve).

IMG_0244 IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0245

The girl wanted to be Elsa for Halloween and the boy decided he wanted to be Olaf, even though he’s never watched the movie(she’s seen it twice). His costume didn’t come with any pants, and we couldn’t find any plain white sweat pants for boys. So, I bought some white fleece and a pattern and decided to make them myself. Was doing fine until I got to the waistband. I royally screwed that up. But, the rest of his costume hid it well enough at least. The girl’s hair isn’t long enough to do a good braid, so I took some white(off-white really) yarn and made a thick braid out of it and tied it onto one of her hair ties.

IMG_0255 IMG_0253 IMG_0254

Knitting Monday: Fire Hydrant Cap

I finished the hat for Nathaniel’s Halloween costume last week. I may add some ties to the sides(so he doesn’t just rip it right off) and maybe a few other touches, but other than that it’s finished. I think it turned out pretty good for really just winging it. I just made a basic hat with about 1 inch of ribbing for the brim then stockinette stitch(knit every row since I was working in the round). Then, I knit a little piece to sew onto the top to look like the top of a hydrant. And I stuffed it so it would stand up instead of falling over.

Once I get the other pieces finished, I’ll post a picture of the whole thing.

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