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Knitting Tuesday: Cabled Hat, Coffee Cozy, & Other Projects

I read a blog post this morning with an interesting layout. It was actually a post about reading, but I thought it would work nice for my knitting posts as well. It had a section for what she had finished reading, what she was currently reading, and what she would be reading next. Like I said, I figured this would be something I could adapt for here. So, with that in mind:

Finished Projects:

Cabled Hat:

I’ve been meaning to attempt this one for a while but just recently got around to it. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn(from Micheal’s) in Kelly Green. It’s a worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn. It took me about 10.5 hours total to finish it. A little longer than it usually takes me to make a hat, but with the cabling, it was a little more work. The pattern itself wasn’t all that difficult, just making sure I went the right way with the cables. I think it turned out really nice though. I made it in the smallest size and it still fit my 2 year old’s 90th percentile head. 🙂

Close up of the cable design

Coffee Cozy:

I was inspired to do this one by a friend on Twitter, Lauren. Took me a little while to find a pattern I really liked, then I found this one which has a mug and sleeve version. I started with the mug version.

Folded and buttoned.

around a mug

Laid out, and you can see the design a little better.

I am planning on starting the sleeve version sometime soon.

In Progress:

Luxury Cowl/Hood:

I found this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn. Once finished, it can either be worn around the neck or pulled up over the head as a hood. It is taking me longer to finish than I had figured though. Started it back on September 14. And have worked on it for almost a total of 14 hours. I think I am at least halfway finished with it, but it will still take me a little while to finish.

From the top

From the side

Fingerless Gloves:

And the other project I’m currently working on. I put on the pair of fingerless gloves I’d made myself last year the other day, and my daughter decided she needed to have a pair as well. So, I found a pattern that had you measure the circumference of your wrist and use that for how long to knit this rectangle. Then, just seam the side, leaving a space for the thumb. I’m almost finished with this one, jsut have about an inch or less left to knit and seam the side then I have to make the other one. But, I should be done with it sometime this week.

doesn’t look like much yet

Coming Up:


I had a message from my sister on Facebook last night wanting to know if I could make slippers for her daughters like the ones our great-grandma used to make. I knew I had made a pair that were similar before, so I went in search of the pattern again. I found a few that were similar, but I compared them to the slippers I have that my grandma made like them. And they weren’t quite the same. But, I’m pretty sure I can adapt these patterns to what I want. I think this is the one I’m going to use: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/my-grandmothers-slippers

I found this pattern in an email from Red Heart and thought it would be cute. I don’t have the yarn it calls for right now, so will have to wait until after I go shopping and can get my hands on some of it.

So, that is what I have been up to lately. As always, if you see something you like, or want to see if there’s something I can make for you, feel free to email me at brownsnovelknits@gmail.com or visit my Facebook Page

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