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Family Friday: My Little Monkey

I knew from the time he was born(well, really from the time I found out I was pregnant), that my son would be very different from his sister. With her, no morning sickness. With him, nauseous all day, every day during the first trimester. With her, I craved pasta, fruit, & milk(and popsicles in the middle of February). With him, pasta nearly made me sick even after the first trimester. Instead I craved meat and vegetables and just about anything spicy. When we went in for the 20 week ultrasound, my daughter had her legs crossed, so they were just “pretty sure” she was a girl. My son, there was no doubt. My daughter was laid back pretty much from the day she was born(until about 3 or so when she became a total drama queen). As I’m sure you can guess, my son is still the total opposite of his sister.

Even before he could walk, he was climbing on everything he could. We had to move our coffee table to where he couldn’t reach it because he’s use his sister’s set of chairs to climb up on it. He apparently has not gotten the climbing urge out of his system at 16 months old either. We can’t keep him off the couch or coffee table(which we finally moved back into the middle of the living room). And recently he’s learned if he stands on the arm of the couch, he can almost get up onto the back of the couch. Yes, I’ve had a few near heart attacks in the last few days.

We’ve tried redirection. Tell him not to stand on the couch. Set him back on the floor. Move him to his toys. Even got him a little slide so he’d have something he’s allowed to climb on. He doesn’t care. He goes right back to what he’s not supposed to do. Every single time. And there’s only so many times I can move him away before I start to lose my patience(and my mind). Thank goodness for the playpen. Except for the fact that he can pull himself up and hang on the side of it. Has not quite figured out how to get his lower body over the side yet. But, I’m afraid we won’t even have that as an option anymore. And it probably won’t be long after that he’ll figure out he can climb out of his crib as well. Certainly not ready for him to be in a toddler bed yet.

Family Friday: My Little Monkey

So, Nathaniel has been walking for just over a month now and is getting pretty sure on his feet. And even before he started walking, he loved to climb. We used to call him a little mountain goat because he would get up into a set of low chairs and then climb up onto out coffee table. That was one reason we had moved our coffee table back to where he couldn’t get to it. But, back then, he couldn’t get up onto the couch without something in front of it to give him a step up. In the last couple of weeks that has changed though. He is now climbing up onto both of our couches without a problem. And I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but there is no redirection with this child. If you move him away from something he wants, he just goes right back to it. No matter how many times you try to distract him from it. I suppose this could be the reason for my utter exhaustion by 9 at night even more so than the time change.

Climbing up

Getting all the way up

sitting on the couch like a big boy

thinking he can stand on the couch

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