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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “Reservation”

“When did they let you off the reservation?”

Christopher didn’t bother rolling his eyes or turning to the kid who had come up behind him. He’d been born in a suburb, not even on a reservation. Hadn’t even set foot on one. but, some people thought they were so funny. He’d dealt with it through elementary and high school, but he’d thought college might be different.

The kid said more as he continued to follow Christopher out of the building, but he ignored him. He’d gotten good at blocking things out over the years. If he’d let every taunt lead to him throwing a punch, his mom would’ve…well, he wasn’t even sure. He’ couldn’t even lightly say she’d kill him. There’d been too much death in their family for him to joke about that.

“Seriously, man, just leave him alone. Do you even realize how ignorant those comments make you seem?”

Christopher smiled at the way John thought he need to swoop in to the rescue. The smile fell away at the name the boy called his friend, but John put a hand on his shoulder. “Just leave it. My face is scarred, everyone knows it. It’s not even a good insult because he doesn’t know how I got them. And we’ve got more important things to do. Arlene is waiting for us at the library.”

That brought back his smile. Spending time with those two always managed to do that.


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was to use ‘reservation’ any way you like. Christopher is a side character in Flames of Renewal, which I just sent to my proofreader yesterday. He’s only fifteen in that one, which is when he meets John. There’s a story for them and Arlene forming in my head. I thought it would be the next one in my ‘The Rileys’ series(which is a spin-off from the Flames series, and Arlene is the Riley connection here), but it looks like they’ll wait one more.

Writing Wednesday: Another Showing

We’ve got another showing for our house today. Hoping something will actually come of this one. The last time we were told the people who looked at it were really interested and planned to go to the bank, but then we heard nothing else. Of course, the house we’d been looking at in town sold, so we’ll have to find something else.

We had a busy weekend, went to see a minor league baseball game Saturday night. Didn’t get home until really late. Got up early Sunday morning to help mother-in-law move to a new apartment. Just about killed my knees from all the stairs and jumping down out of the back of a friend’s truck a few times. Then, we had our monthly motorcycle club meeting, which should have been this upcoming Sunday, but it got pushed up because of Father’s Day. By the end of all that, I was wiped out. Good thing I already planned to take a Mellow Monday(although I actually got more writing done Monday than I did Tuesday *shrug*).

Tuesday morning I was combing the girl’s hair out and found a bunch of lice. *shudder* First time we’ve had to deal with this(as parents. I had it when I was 4/5 and had to get my middle of the back length hair cut off). Husband brought home stuff to treat it last night, and I spent 2 hours combing through it to get rid of them. Not sure how successful I was. I’ll comb through it again this morning to see if I can find more.

I feel behind on just about everything this week. I guess that should balanced out last week where I was incredibly ahead. It can just be hard to convince my brain that’s really okay. And I did finish this week’s goal on Flames of Knowledge this morning. So, that’s something.

The people came to look at the house half an hour early. I’d *just* finished cleaning and hadn’t put the dogs away yet. The old dog ran into the younger dog’s crate(they’re the same size but hers is out in the garage because she really hates people coming into our house, even when they’re people we know). So I ended up putting him on the leash and just taking him to the neighbor’s with us. Now, they’re gone, and I’m hoping to finish this post.

Got this last week. Created by: Marianne Nowicki.

It’s WiPPet Wednesday time again!! I was working on Flames of Renewal during my last writing block of time and still have it open, so that’s what I’m sharing from this week. I’m working on polishing this up then sending it to proofreader, so hopefully it will be ready to go out by the end of the month or early July. here James is talking to Teresa’s 15-year-old son. I have 13 paragraphs

He laughed as he left the kitchen and found himself wondering again why being with her brought this playful side out of him. Christopher looked up as he stepped into the living room. “What happened to your hand?”
“I tried to put a dent in a brick wall.”
One of the boy’s eyebrows quirked up, but otherwise there was no change in his expression. “I take it the wall won.”
The smile spread over his face. “Yep.”
He set the guitar down. “This about the phone call Mom got at work today?”
His lips fell. “Yep.”
There was that eyebrow twitch again. He had a quick flash of Teresa doing the exact same thing when she’d been younger. He didn’t take completely after his father apparently. “How is punching a wall supposed to make all this go away?”
“It was supposed to make me feel better.”
“Did that work?”
The boy’s voice was so dry, James couldn’t help but laugh. “No, it didn’t. I never said it was a good idea.”
“Are you going to be sticking around?”
James’ lips turned up again. “Are you asking my intentions, Christopher?”
The boy glanced over at him as he reached for the guitar again. “Someone’s gotta do it.”

Christopher is a sweetheart, but he feels rather protective of his mom. I actually have a story planned(only in my head so far) for him. But, it will take place a few years+ after this.

Color Code

Goal Met


Nothing Done

Set Aside


  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge – Outline Act 4
  • Secondary: Heart to Heart – Brainstorm
  • Tertiary: Heart to Heart – Character Back Stories – Wrote Natalie, Marshall’s & Maia’s back stories.
  • Stretch: Heart to Heart – Plot Summaries – Short & medium summaries done


  • Primary: Flames of Knowledge – 1st draft – 11817/~20000 words
    • This Week: Write 5 scenes – 5/5 scenes
  • Secondary: Side Projects – 850 words – 2804/850 words
  • Tertiary: Jonas & Isaac – 9.5 pages – 9.66/9.5 pages
  • Stretch: By the Gun – 11 scenes – 5/11 scenes
    • This Week: Write 2 scenes


  • Primary: Flames of Renewal – Beta Edits – Through Chapter 24/24
  • Secondary: Flames of Renewal – Polish –14/49 items polished
    • This Week: Finish polishing
  • Tertiary: Stained Blood – Beta Edits
  • Stretch: Short Story Collection – Fleshing out Bree & Jenny


  • Read: 10 books – 9/10 books
    • Hot Pursuit(Suzanne Brockmann) – Started this Monday morning. Finished it Monday night.
    • Getting Worked Up(Erin Nicholas) – Started this Tuesday morning. Finished it Tuesday night.
    • Vanish(Becca J Campbell) – Started this Wednesday morning. At 17%
  • Listen: 10 books – 10/10
    • Night Watch(Suzanne Brockmann) – Started this Friday afternoon. Finished it Monday morning.
    • Run the Risk(Lori Foster) – Started this Wednesday morning. On Chapter 2/24

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  • Post to Patreon 3 times – 2/3 posts
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  • Knit: Dunfallandy Baby Blanket – finish side 4 and finish up
    • This Week: Get through Row 56 – Through Row 56/56

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