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Monday Mentions: Insecurities, Character Interviews, & Diversity Resources

Only have a few posts to share today. And as I’m busy scribbling away my own words, going to get right to it.

First, Ava Jae has a post On Writer Insecurities. Oh, this is one I can so relate to. Even after self-publishing two books and having a story that someone else thought was good enough to be included in a collection, I face this. Even after my grandma telling me the book was good(and she’s one of the most critical people I know). Despite her backhanded compliment(“I was really surprised it was so good.” Thanks). Despite all the times my CP has said one of my MSs is good, I’m sure the next one she reads, I’m going to get back, “sorry, but this one really sucked.” Someone’s going to discover I’m really a fraud and can’t even string two sentences together. And when I start thinking those things, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who faces that.

And last week, Kait Nolan did a series on interviewing your characters. She talked about Unstructured Interviews, Semi-Structured Interviews, and Structured Interviews.  Actually, judging by the dates on the posts, they’re older ones that she reposted last week. Still good posts to check out. I don’t really do character interviews. I do write out my character’s back stories. And I usually start it like an unstructured interview. Put down their name, usually age, where they were born, when, their parents…and it just goes from there. It really feels like they are telling me their story. And sometimes leave things out that they really don’t want to talk about. Which, sometimes, can tell you even more about them.

And for those who want to write more diversely and do it well, Dahlia Adler has a post with Resources for Writing Marginalized Perspectives. This is one I’m planning to keep bookmarked in my research folder.


Fiction Friday: Going Forward

I haven’t been posting any more bits of Rick & Leann’s story. I went through and revised and cut it down quite a bit. But, I was thinking about doing something different here. I’m just not sure what.

Character Interviews:

Either interviewing characters in my finished novels. Or in ones I’m working on. Maybe ones that would be coming out soon.


These would be really short stories, or at least posted in installments, featuring characters from my published or soon to be published novel(s). They’d most likely be from an event that happened before the actual story.

I like reading character interviews, but I’m not so sure about doing one myself. Maybe as a promotional thing right before the book comes out. I think I’m leaning more toward the story idea as a regular thing, with maybe an interview thrown in occasionally.

Any thoughts? Do you like reading character interviews? Or would you rather see flashes from a character’s life before the story? Or something else entirely?

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